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I find one consistent result of visiting this site: ANGER.
We are living in a fascist state. The "War on Drugs" is in truth a "War on the American Citizen". Until the populace of our country becomes sufficiently uncomfortable with the actions of the drug police, nothing of any import will be accomplished.
End of Rant.

Juveniles Do Not Have The Right to Remain Silent". By O.P.

In light of the fact that in Floresville TX 78114.(Google) The Floresville Independent School District on page three (3) of their Student Code of Conduct. Denies a student their Constitutional Right To Remain Silent.(Read it for yourself)

Data submitted by FISD in Federal court 2005. Shows that it is mainly Hispanic Children cause "problems" at F.I.S.D. Demographics proved to have no bearing on the results of the data.

"Higher education at this point is dashed against the rocks" for these children.

Fact: FISD School Deputy Brenda Ullevig tesified in a TX state court in 2005, that she manipulates children enrolled at FISD into Drug Informants. By saying she can "Help Them".

I.e. 2005. Paul "Paulie" Guajardo. Whom, according to testimony given by FISD School Deputy Brenda Ullevig. Was "Shot" and "Killed" by Anthony Ramirez as a direct result of "Paulie" Guajardo being a "Snitch" for FISD School Deputy Brenda Ullevig. Her ethical approach achieved (1) Dead Child and (1) Incarcerated for (28 years).

At the time of the alleged murder Brenda Ullevig was a City Police Officer Allowed to operate on FISD campuses. And the same person who currently is still allowed to have contact with children. Despite her testimony given in 2005 TX State court regarding her hand in the death of Paulie Guajardo.

Ref. Wilson County News, Bill O Connel 2005 Floresville TX. Motive in the murder trial of Anthony Ramirez. Judge Stella Saxons Court.

D.A. Rene Pena verified this fact regarding Brenda Ullevigs hand in Paulies death. D.A. Rene Pena has (to date) taken no action against Brenda Ullevig for her part in placing Paulie Guajardo in danger and leading him to his death as she testified to.

Currently as far as record shows. The now School DeputyBrenda Ullevig still utilizes this practice that is allowed by FISD.

Data shows this tactic is mainly utilized on Hispanic children from lower income families and or select students.

During her testimony in 2005 (Floresville, TX State Court, Judge Stella Saxon) Brenda Ullevig admited to utilizing 14 year old Paulie Guajardo for two years before his death at 16 as a drug and crime informant."Non Traditionally" of course. After she allegedly caught "Paulie" breaking into a car.

Allegedly, because Brenda Ullevig kept no documentation or records regarding her contacts with these "Non" "Traditional""Informants".

She does however, make clear that of all the information "Paulie Guajardo" provided her. All of the information turned out to be correct. Which leaves a question that begs to be answered.

"Who were these people convicted on the words of Police Officer Brenda Ullevig" as she admitted to keeping NO records.

Since this is the case and she is currently the F.I.S.D.'s "New School Deputy" 2006. It is certain that there will be large numbers of Hispanic children from Floresville Texas who will suffer due to the fact that Police Officer Brenda Ullevig is allowed by FISD to "Build Case's against Juveniles".

Juveniles who have had their Right to Remain Silent denied to them. This means that the children may or may not have their parents or lawyer contacted prior questioning. The Children should have their rights protected because the context of school discipline involves TX Penal Code, Federal Code, etc.

Thus crushing their dreams of higher education before they even leave high school.

Unless of course they are regarded by select school administrators as "Good Kids that made a bad mistake in judgement".

In "Paulies" case. Higher Education will never be possible as he is dead.

I am writing to urge everyone to support Removing Impediments to Students’ Education (RISE) Act, introduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and more than 50 other members of Congress to restore financial aid eligibility for qualifying students. It is imperative that this repeal of the 1998 amendment to the Higher Education Act, which denies student loans and federal assistance to any person convicted of any drug-related offense be enacted. This provision is poorly designed and causes enormous harm, particularly to poor, middle class and minority students.

Since the law took effect in 2000, more than 160,000 students have been affected. Denying access to education for those who need or want it slows economic growth, increases the propensity to engage in criminal activity, undermines our nation's values, and destroys the principles embedded in our democracy. It unfairly punishes poor and middle-class families that depend on student loans and financial assistance to go to school. Also, because communities of color are disproportionately impacted by drug law enforcement, the HEA restrictions intensify racial disparities on college campuses across the nation.

Access to higher education provides young people with a variety of benefits including increased earning potential and a competitive edge in the job market. Moreover, education provides the incentive needed to help students overcome their drug abuse and lead healthy, productive lives.
The best opportunity to reform the 1998 amendment to the Higher Education Act is now upon us. Repealing the amendment is strongly supported by the ACLU, the NAACP, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, the United States Student Association, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and 180 organizations, colleges and universities across the nation. I urge you to support the full repeal of the 1998 amendment to the Higher Education Act through the RISE Act and give young people a chance at a better future. (sourcce ref. dpalliance2006)

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