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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Ho-hum, the banality of drug war-related law enforcement corruption. More crooked cops trying to rip-off drug dealers, another one trying to rip-off his own department, and, of course, yet another prison guard trying to earn a few bucks on the side. Also notable this week is an overview of corruption along the US-Mexico border in the Los Angeles Times. It's well worth checking out, too.

In Chicago, two Chicago police officers trying to rip off what they thought was a drug dealer's cash stash went down in a sting operation Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. Officers Richard Doroniuk, 30, and Mahmoud "Mike" Shamah, 27, used information from a co-defendant to obtain search warrants to search self-storage lockers. In two raids, they stole $31,100 in what they thought was drug money, reporting no cash seizure in the first raid and only reporting part of the cash in the second, but the money had actually been placed in the lockers by the FBI and Chicago police internal affairs investigators. Doroniuk, Shamah, and their co-conspirator have now been charged with conspiring to steal government funds.

In Columbia, South Carolina, the Associated Press reported October 19 that a former York County deputy has been busted for ripping-off $1,200 in cash that was supposed to be used in undercover drug deals. William Graham, 37, worked in the county's special drug unit and was in charge of keeping track of those funds. Instead he pocketed them. Now, he has confessed and repaid the money, but still faces charges of embezzlement of public funds and misconduct in office.

In Inez, Kentucky, a federal prison guard was indicted for taking $3,000 for smuggling drugs to a prison inmate, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. Guard Alice Marie Stapleton, 30, now faces seven counts of drug possession and conspiracy to smuggle contraband into the prison. According to the indictment, a prisoner's mother delivered heroin and marijuana to Stapleton at a local motel and Stapleton smuggled them into the prison. The prisoner in question has already pleaded guilty to being part of the conspiracy, and his mother and her driver are preparing to do the same, so it looks like the state will have the witnesses it needs to convict Stapleton.

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corrupt cops?

if you really want to find corrupt cops - go to Michigan. The Michigan Prison system is 'Big Business" in Michigan, and marijuana drug convictions keep the $$$ supporting that business.

Surprised?Not me!

Unlimited power and no accountability is the perfect recipe for abuse.

corrupt cops

They exist I would say due to the trickle down theory,see east chicago ,In (type in corruption east chicago,In or type in corruption lake county,In)it all starts here in the USA.

Qualified Immunity = Corruption

Today and on any other day. Police enjoy Qualified Immunity. This Law is a Bitch to defeat incourt and the corrupt police that abuse this law, know this.Testilying comes next. No oversite leads to corruption. Our Civil Liberties are being violated and as a people we are going along with this fact, by not taking action. If you do not exercise your right to vote then do not bitch when the police kick-in your door or when they take a sneak and peak into your home, when you are not there.

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