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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Virginia drug-fighter gets caught selling drugs, so does a retired NYPD officer, and yet another jail guard goes down. Also this week, an interesting update on Operation Lively Green, the FBI sting that nailed dozens of military and Arizona law enforcement personnel for protecting the drug trade. Let's get to it:

In Portsmouth, Virginia, a Portsmouth police lieutenant was arrested Tuesday on cocaine distribution charges. Lt. Brian Keith Muhammed Abdul Ali, a 21-year veteran of the force who heads the department's drug-fighting unit, was arrested along with his nephew, a civilian. Both face charges of felony conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Ali was in jail with no bond set as of Wednesday.

In New York City, a retired NYPD officer was one of nine men arrested on charges they peddled drugs at a city-owned Manhattan marina. The arrests last week at the Dyckman Street Marina were the culmination of a six-month investigation in which undercover officers purchased heroin, crack, ecstasy, and marijuana on at least 48 occasions. Jeremy O'Rourke, 42, who quit the department in the late 1980s, is accused of brokering deals between large-scale dealers and the buyers who turned out to be narcs. He faces multiple counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and conspiracy. His bail is set at $500,000.

In Albany, New York, two Montgomery County Jail guards have been arrested for selling marijuana to inmates. Luis Morales Jr., 26, was arrested last week, while Alvin Hoyt Jr., 20, was arrested earlier this year. Hoyt's arrest during the summer for promoting contraband led to an investigation that has now also netted Morales. Morales was arraigned December 13 on federal charges of marijuana possession with intent to distribute, but the charges against Hoyt were reduced and the judge has sealed his case. I wonder which one cut a deal to testify?

In Tucson, the Arizona Daily Star dug into the Operation Lively Green corruption scandal and found that a dozen US military recruiters were allowed to stay on the job, sometimes for years, after the FBI knew they were involved in drug-running. Operation Lively Green was the two-year FBI sting that has so far netted guilty pleas or verdicts from 60 members of the military and Arizona law enforcement agencies who took bribes from undercover agents to traffic cocaine. The ten recruiters who so far have pleaded guilty netted $180,000 between them.

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Tucson's Lively Green Corruption meets Operation Deadwood

We knew it would eventually come out- that Lively Green was "stalled " by the FBI- basically because, as local citizens have been openly accusing, and this weeks Government Report confirmed- "agent after agent, official after official, there was no end to it (corruption)" The trail of 'dead end investigations' leads right back into the FBI and DEA's own offices. Operation Deadwood is revealing just where the logjams have been, and where we need to clean house- inside the corrupt and failed "drug war apparatchuk"! ...if not to dismantle the entire border zone "gunbelt" mess!

tucson's lively green meets operation deadwood

Where can I read this story(Government Report)?


That sounded pretty good until you included "...or harm persons in order to raise money for drugs". Guaranteed dealbreaker there. Our arguement has consistently been that the effects of our use begin and end with ourselves. Your proposition includes people who robbed, beat, and/or killed innocent people for drug money. There is NO chance such an inclusion will ever be adopted by the pro-legalization community, let alone the "straights".

plant initiative

Yes, thanks, that should be edited out. Let's get these circulated and signed! Pete

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