Newsbrief: "Indian Hemp" Farmers Shoot It Out With Nigerian Narcs 5/23/03

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The weed wars have reached West Africa. According to reports from the Vanguard (Lagos), drug warriors from Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) shot it out with pot farmers in the Ugbogie woods in Edo state on May 10. In a quaint throwback to the country's legacy as a British colony, newspapers there still refer to marijuana as "Indian hemp," the name British colonial administrators used to describe cannabis when they ran across it in India.

After a "fierce shootout" in which no one was hurt or killed, NDLEA narcs arrested three farmers and seized two guns, 15 bullets, a battle axe, a motorcycle, and about 300 pounds of Nigerian weed.

"The suspects and their gang are notorious Indian hemp farmers in Ugbogie forest who use their arms to guard their farms and their farm produce," NDLEA local commander Harriman Manuwa told the Vanguard. "Information also has it that they kill people who get close to the area where they farm their Indian hemp, believing that they must be spies and also rob timber merchants that go into the forest for their legitimate timber business," he said.

"Those engaged in the nefarious activity of illicit trafficking in drugs in the state need to retrace their steps, otherwise they run the risk of being vigorously pursued until they are apprehended and dealt with according to the due process of law," Manuwa warned.

The Ugbogie bust was not unusual. According to the US State Department's annual report on drugs, "Cannabis is the only illicit drug produced in large quantities in Nigeria. The drug is cultivated in all 36 Nigerian states, and the crop is therefore large." The crop is consumed domestically and exported throughout West Africa and into Europe. And the NDLAE makes frequent raids. Last year, the narcs seized more than 300 metric tons of the weed, but always with the risk of confrontations with growers. As the State Department noted, "For many farmers cultivating cannabis, cannabis represents their sole source of income. The potential for emotional, even armed resistance to eradication campaigns exists. It is therefore difficult for the government to plan and execute eradication and interdiction efforts."

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