CALIFORNIA: Assembly Appropriations Committee Voting on Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License May 10th 5/5/00

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This Wednesday, May 10, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee is scheduled to vote on Gov. Davis' "Smoke a Joint Lose Your License" bill, AB 2295. THIS EXPENSIVE, HARMFUL BILL CAN BE STOPPED IN COMMITTEE IF ENOUGH LEGISLATORS HEAR FROM THEIR CONSTITUENTS.

Please contact your legislators through our California web site at if you haven't already; please write down your assemblymember's number when our system presents it, and call him or her on the phone to express your opposition to Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License. And please call or fax the members of the Appropriations Committee, especially if you are a constituent of one of them. They are listed here, all numbers from area code 916:

Committee Chair: Carole Migden, D-SF, 319-2013, fax 319-2113
Bakersfield: Roy Ashburn (R) 319-2032/FAX 319-2132
Davis/Vacaville: Helen Thomson(D) 319-2008, fax 319-2118
Los Angeles: Gil Cedillo (D) 319-2046, fax 319-2146
Los Angeles: Bob Hertzberg(D-Van Nuys) 319-2040, fax 319-2140
Los Angeles: Gloria Romero (D) 319-2049, fax 319-2149
Los Angeles: Herb Wesson (D-Culver City) 319-2048, fax 319-2147
Los Angeles: Roderick Wright (D-S Central) 319-2048, fax 319-2148
Orange Cnty: Bill Campbell (R-Villa Park) 319-2071, fax 319-2171
Orange Cnty: Dick Ackerman (R-Fullerton) 319-2072, fax 319-2172
Orange Cnty: Marilyn Brewer(R-Irvine) 319-2070, fax 319-2170
Palmdale: George Runner (R) 319-2036, fax 319-2136
Sacramento: Darrell Steinberg (D) 319-2009, fax 319-2119
San Diego: Susan Davis (D) 319-2076, fax 319-2176
San Diego Cnty: Charlene Zettel (R-Poway) 319-2075, fax 319-2175
San Francisco: Kevin Shelley(D) 319-2012, fax 319-2112
San Mateo: Lou Papan (D-Millbrae) 319-2019, fax 319-2119
Santa Maria: Abel Maldanado (R) 319-2033, fax 319-2133
Santa Monica: Sheila Kuehl (D) 319-2041, fax 319-2141
Sonoma/Napa: Pat Wiggins (D) 319-2007, fax 319-2107

Following is further background information. Please note that we had incorrectly identified the bill number as AB 2595 in our alert of two days ago. The correct number is AB 2295. Please accept our apologies for the error.

In an unexpected development, the State Assembly Public Safety Committee, under pressure from Gov. Gray Davis, has approved AB 2295, a bill to mandate an automatic six month driver's license suspension for any drug offense. Federal law requires California to pass such a law or pass a law specifically opting out of it, or lose $100 million in federal highway funds. Gov. Davis has made known that he intends to veto any opt-out bill, to force legislators to impose "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License" in order to keep the highway funds.

AB 2295 is opposed by California NORML, who provided the information for this alert, and by the ACLU, California AFL-CIO, the Teamsters, the California School Employees Association, the Service Employees International Union and other labor groups. 32 states, including every state west of Texas, have passed "opt-out" legislation, and a California poll by David Binder found that voters oppose "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License" by 2-1.

Please call or fax Gov. Davis to express your opposition to his support for Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License, and please visit to tell your legislators to "just say no" to this expensive, thoughtless law. Call the governor at (916) 445-2841, (213) 897-0322 or (415) 703-2218, or fax (916)445-4633 or (213)897-0319. And please use our "tell a friend" from at to spread the word at this crucial time for California's drug policy.

Visit California NORML at Visit and for ongoing legislative information. And please visit today to let your state legislators know your views!

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