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The Week Online with DRCNet
(renamed "Drug War Chronicle" effective issue #300, August 2003)

Issue #53, 8/07/98

"Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Drug Prohibition"

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  1. Marijuana Arrests Up For 6th Straight Year in California
  2. Chavez Turns Down Plea Bargain
  3. Arizona Supreme Court Judge Sides with Legislative Council over Prop. 300 Description
  4. DC Appropriations Bill Would Ban Even Local Spending on Needle Exchange
  5. Misusing the Evidence
  6. British Columbia Looks to Harm Reduction Strategy
  7. National Party of Western Australia to Debate Heroin Maintenance
  8. Health of Afghani Women Deteriorating Under Taliban Regime
  9. Citizens Truth Commissions
  10. Fall 1998 Soros Fellowships in Drug Policy Studies
  11. Conferences Coming Up

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