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The Week Online with DRCNet
(renamed "Drug War Chronicle" effective issue #300, August 2003)

Issue #47, 6/26/98

"Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Drug Prohibition"

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Dear friends:

As the 2nd quarter of 1998 roles to a close, we at DRCNet need to call out for your help once again. While new paying members have continued to sign up every week, we have not yet matched during this quarter the rate of growth that we had last quarter. We need 43 new paying members by the end of the month, Tuesday, to keep pace. The more of you vote for DRCNet by officially joining, the more our major funders will feel that their financial support is matched by your participation and enthusiasm. We are hopeful that the right level of support will enable us to grow our current 6,000 person subscription list by orders of magnitude, creating a potent political force capable of shifting the political tides in our favor. Will you make a vote today to build DRCNet and the movement?

If you are already a DRCNet supporter, will you consider renewing your support? We need your help too, for the following reason: While we have just about recovered from our fundraising shortfall at the end of last year (partly due to your generous support last quarter), our situation is still tenuous. We have enough money in the bank to last us perhaps another four weeks. This is a tremendous improvement, but still a tight enough situation to make it difficult for us to plan and take advantage of all the opportunities with which we are presented. Don't underestimate how quickly your $10, $20, $50 and $100 and others checks can add up to give the organization a tremendous boost. In the world of reform, your vote for DRCNet counts.

To make a donation online with our encryption-secured web form, visit, and make sure to follow the link to the encrypted version (https at the beginning of the URL). You can also use this form to prepare a printed statement with which to send in a check; this will help us process your information more quickly. Or, send your check or money order, $25 for full membership and $10 for "virtual" e-mail only membership to: DRCNet, 2000 P St., NW, Suite 615, Washington, DC 20036. Please note that contributions to DRCNet are not tax-deductible.

If you're not sure whether you want to donate to DRCNet at this time, maybe the following selection of some of our recent media highlights will help you make up your mind. And then, of course, on to this week's news.

  • January, 1998: The Utne Reader lists DRCNet as a source of information on medical marijuana.
  • March 13, 1998: Adam Smith appears on the CBS National Radio Network, discussing parents talking to kids about drug use.
  • March 28, 1998: Adam Smith quoted in The Economist, discussing the plight of low level crack cocaine offenders and the criminal justice system.
  • April 18, 1998: David Borden's letter to the editor appears in The New York Times, replying to A.M. Rosenthal's attack on the drug policy reform movement.
  • April 20, 1998: NBC's Oklahoma affiliate airs clipping of Adam Smith's speech at the Will Foster rally. Also, Adam is interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a program coming out in September.
  • April 28, 1998: DRCNet web site appears on PBS Frontline's "Busted: America's War on Marijuana." DRCNet pops up three times throughout the one hour show, on computer screens in the homes of at least two different interviewees. Also: Frontline's web site at links to Adam's Reason article on the Foster case.
  • May, 1998: Infinity Press in Oklahoma runs "The Broken Heartland: The Will Foster Story," describing Adam Smith's speech at the Will Foster rally as well as the Foster case itself.
  • Spring, 1998: ACLU Member Newsletter includes DRCNet in a short list of reform web sites.
  • June, 1998: Mike Gray's "Drug Crazy" is released by Random House. David Borden, DRCNet board member Cliff Schaffer, and DRCNet itself are prominently featured on pages 203-204 and throughout the appendix of Internet resources.
  • June/July, 1998: Eye Magazine features DRCNet in its "Fringe Notes" section.
  • June 29, 1998: WAMU 88.5 FM, the largest Washington, DC-area National Public Radio affiliate, to run a 2 1/2 minute commentary by David Borden, supporting heroin maintenance, at 7:06 and 9:06 AM.
  • July, 1998: High Times runs Adam Smith's article, "Activism Online: The Revolution Will Be Wired."

Also coming up: We are planning to release a special new section of our web site next month, that we are hoping will be something of a sensation and get some press -- one notable media outlet has already agreed to cover the story. We can't tell you what it is yet, but let's just say that the other side won't like it. And more exciting web site updates will follow shortly after that.

Thank you for being a part of DRCNet. Together we will change the world.

David Borden
Executive Director


  1. German Police Call for an End to the Drug War
  2. PRIDE Teen Survey
  3. US Pressures Colombia to Spray Dangerous Herbicide in Eradication Efforts
  4. Pastrana Elected President of Colombia
  5. California Legislature to Debate Measure Providing Medical Marijuana Distribution by Local Communities
  6. Professor Julian Heicklen in Jail
  7. FEDS: Drug Lords Attempted to Buy Russian Submarine
  8. First Amendment Rights of Alternative Media Threatened in Austin, Texas
  9. Coincidences at Pain Patient Rally
  10. Editorial: The New L-Word

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