California Medical Marijuana Providers Conference: Groups sign on to principles and guidelines document 11/7/97

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On October 18-19, 1997, over 130 people gathered in Santa Cruz, CA for the first-ever Conference of Medical Marijuana Providers. Robert Randall, a glaucoma patient who is one of eight people receiving legal medical marijuana from the federal government, and perhaps the first true pioneer of the medical marijuana movement, gave the keynote address.

Twenty-eight medical marijuana providers and start-up groups signed the following "Affirmation of Principles and Guidelines," and 17 established groups were provisionally seated as Affirmed Providers on a statewide council.

Affirmation of Principles & Guidelines for Medical Cannabis Providers
Revised in Conference -- October 18-19, 1997

WE, the undersigned, representing California's community-based medical cannabis providers, caregivers, collectives, and cooperatives, do hereby AFFIRM the following "Principles and Guidelines" for the responsible implementation of Proposition 215 and the safe and affordable distribution of medical cannabis to qualified individuals.

We make this Affirmation in the interest of those seriously ill and disabled Californians for whom Proposition 215 was and is intended.

We join in this Affirmation so that transparency might enable progress, that self- regulation might show the way, and that honor and integrity might yet win the day.

To these ends, we RESOLVE TO:

Diligently Verify All Applicants

  • Make every effort to verify the diagnosis and approval of the treating physician, in writing or verbally, with supporting documentation.
  • Provide service to patients of California physicians ONLY.
  • Distribute to qualified, registered individuals ONLY.
  • Develop policy regarding acceptance of other clubs' identification cards (rarely, conditionally, case-by-case, or not-at-all).

Observe Responsible and Accountable Business Practices

  • Organize and register for non-profit or cooperative purposes.
  • Maintain precise and accurate records (purchasing, inventory, disbursements, and cash flow) subject to inspection as provided by law.
  • Observe local zoning and planning restrictions.
  • Pay all fees and/or taxes as appropriate for organizational status.

Cooperate With Local Authorities

  • Seek input and support of community, political, public health leaders.
  • Advise local law enforcement of identification system and tracking procedures.
  • Cooperate with local law enforcement in matters of public safety and any investigation relative to a client's diagnosis and legally exempt status.

Provide Adequate Safety, Security, and Access

  • Protect confidentiality and integrity of patient records.
  • Provide for security of all facilities, records, and products.
  • Maintain a healthful environment and a community-appropriate smoking policy.
  • Develop standards to insure quality and purity in production, storage, and packaging.
  • Develop and inform all members of safe- transport and safe-use guidelines.
  • Insure access to services for the disabled and physically challenged.

Conduct Operations Ethically

  • Maintain lowest possible prices.
  • Maintain charitable distribution programs for indigent clients.
  • Not offer on-site diagnostics or "recommending" physicians.
  • Not offer sign-up incentives or membership promotionals.
  • Refrain from behavior and statements blurring lines between medical and non-medical use of marijuana.

Each medical cannabis provider, caregiver, collective, and/or cooperative signing this Affirmation shall remain a separate and distinct entity. No legal liability amongst or between the signatories shall be created by this document. Notwithstanding, all signatories agree to be morally bound by this Affirmation.

For further information, contact Scott Imler at [email protected].

-- END --
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