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Medical Marijuana Update

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Washington lawmakers vote to kill off the excise tax on medical marijuana, South Dakota patients will now have to ensure that their primary caregivers know they're using medical marijuana, and more. 

New Hampshire
New Hampshire House Approves Medical Marijuana Expansion. The House last Thursday approved a series of bills that expand the state's medical marijuana program—even as lawmakers grapple with broader marijuana legalization. 

House Bill 1278 adds debilitating or terminal conditions to the list of qualifying conditions,  House Bill 1349 adds generalized anxiety disorder to the list of qualifying conditions, House Bill 1350 raises the possession limit for patients from two ounces to four, and House Bill 1581 allows the state's medical marijuana growers to use greenhouses. 

The House has already passed a marijuana legalization bill, as it has done in years past only to see them die in the Senate. That bill has now gone back to the House Finance Committee for tinkering and must pass another House vote before April 11 to be considered in the Senate. 

South Dakota

South Dakota Governor Signs Bill Requiring Medical Practitioners to Inform Primary Caregiver of Patient's Enrollment in Medical Marijuana Program. Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has signed into law Senate Bill 10, which specifies that if a patient receives a medical marijuana recommendation from a medical practitioner who is not that patient's primary caregiver, that practitioner must notify the patient's primary caregiver. 

The bill requires that the practitioner send an electronic communication of the patient's certification to the primary caregiver 

The measure passed both the House and the Senate with overwhelming support. It takes effect July 1. 


Washington State Lawmakers Vote to Kill 37 Percent Medical Marijuana Tax. Both the House and the Senate have approved a bill to eliminate the 37 percent excise tax on medical marijuana products, House Bill 1453. Gov. Jay Inslee (D) is expected to sign the bill into law shortly. 

The state has one of the highest tax rates on medical marijuana products, which are taxed at the same rate as recreational marijuana products. The high taxes have been a burden for patients and providers. Medical marijuana patients are already exempt from general local sales and use taxes, but that 37 percent excise tax makes for steep prices at the dispensary. 

The bill would exempt medical marijuana patients from the excise tax until June 30, 2029, and would have to be renewed after that. 

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