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"10 Rules for Dealing with Police," a 40-minute educational drama, is the most sophisticated and entertaining film of its kind. Click the image for more information.
"Busted: The Citizens Guide for Surviving Police Encounters," is the classic know your rights training film, watched by more than two million people.
"Prohibition Doesn't Work" is our t-shirt that visually makes the point about the analogy between alcohol prohibition last century and drug prohibition now. The top of the shirt shows a famous alcohol "speakeasy" scene (a well-known Jesuit leader flaunting the prohibition laws), while the bottom depicts a shady drug deal.
"Consequences of Prohibition" is our t-shirt that lists a host of social ills fueled by the drug prohibition laws -- prison, drug trade violence, overuse of SWAT raids, many more. Our stop sign motif with this list of problems embedded in it makes for a striking graphic.
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