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Worked as an investigator -- civil and criminal, public and private -- for 36 years. Investigated everything from dog bites to homicides. Handled over 3,000 investigations, the majority of which had a medical aspect. Worked with a well-known forensic investigator for 10 of those 36 years. Have read hundreds and hundreds of medical records (also worked for 2 years as a Disability Claims Specialist for a major insurance carrier).
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I've had chronic back pain for 25 years. For over 10 years, I was on and off prescription pain meds; thus, I know perfectly well what works for me and what doesn't. I have spent the better part of the past year in severe pain that made me grunt, howl and often scream if I did anything but sit. However, not only have I been refused effective pain management, one idiot doctor damn near killed me twice -- once by giving me Tramadol when she knew damn right well I was also taking an SSRI (go to and see the lethal and possibly fatal interaction these two drugs have); and a second time by nearly sending me into an MRI incompatible with my stents, which would likely have killed me (the stents would heat up, move, and tear open my cardiac arteries). She was also unaware of the 20-year patent on new medications. She's so incompetent, I'm sure she'll kill somebody someday. Perhaps she already has. I fired that idiot and moved on to a neurosurgeon who slipped me a drug contract without telling me. You know how it goes -- you go to the doctor, they shove a bunch of paperwork at you, and you just sign everything because taking the time to read all the documents would use up your appointment time. And also, one expects one's doctor not to pull a fast one on him. I'm getting a second opinion next week. When doctors who post on this site start blatting about the Hippocratic Oath, they need to specify which Oath they're blatting about -- there's a bunch of them. Is it the Oath of Asaph, the Declaration of Geneva, the Archimedean Oath, the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki...? The list goes on and on, and not one of these oaths begins with the words "First do no harm" (primum nil nocere). Indeed, buried deep in the texts of some of these oaths are merely vague statements about doing no harm. My point is, don't even think about getting into it with me about the ginned-up fake opioid panic. Don't kid the kidder.


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