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Rumors of NYPD Sexually Assaulting a Marijuana Suspect

The New York Post has a horrible story alleging that NYPD officers sodomiz

Random Searches in Our Nation’s Capital

I’ve got a post at Flex Your Rights about a new random search program that will supposedly protect Wa

$5 Million to Catch One Drug Trafficker?

If anything resembling success ever happens in the drug war, this would be it:

Will Mexico's Drug War Violence Come to the U.S.?

A troubling alert from the FBI:

"Economically, our criminal justice policies are cutting our throat"

CJPF President Eric Sterling has a simply fantastic

Smoking Pot Won’t Make You Stupid, But Stupid People Do Smoke Pot

Despite major ballot initiatives pending in Massachusetts and Michigan, these are the two most-reported marijuana stories of the month:

Parents Are Using Drug Dogs on Their Own Children

I suppose it was just a matter of time:

Wow, I almost forgot it was Drug Free Work Week

Fortunately, the drug czar remembered, which makes sense because it’s his third favorite drug war theme-week.

Why Do Prison and Alcohol Lobbies Oppose Drug Treatment?

I’ve been severely remiss in failing thus far to cover the very important Prop. 5 in California.

Giuliani Robocall Attacks Obama on Drug Sentencing

Voters in several swing states are receiving this recorded message from Rudy Giuliani:

The Drug War is Destroying Mexico Right Before Our Eyes

Everywhere you look, it is just so obvious that the drug war is making Mexico’s problems worse, not better:

Could Mexico City Become the Next Amsterdam?

As the failure of the drug war in Mexico becomes increasingly difficult to deny, we’re beginning to see a change in the tone of the drug policy discussion:

The Drug War Sends White People Into Treatment, While Black People Get Felonies

This Cleveland Plain-Dealer story just completely blows the lid off the inherent racism of the war

Drug Czar Tells Cartels to Surrender or Die

If the traffickers don’t surrender soon, drug czar John Walters will kill them with his bare hands:

More Drug War = More Violence

Look how AFP frames the spike in drug trade violence plaguing Mexico:

Further Evidence That the Drug War Doesn't Protect Children

If our drug policy made sense, 6-year-old children wouldn’t be kidnapped in blackmarket business disputes:

DEA Thrills Schoolchildren With Awesome Drug War Parade

Sometimes, with all the innocent people being killed, it’s easy to forget how much fun the drug war

Officer Cleared After Shooting Unarmed Mother and Her Baby

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a situation in which police could be held accountable for recklessly killing someone in a drug raid:

Study: Drug Czar’s Billion Dollar Anti-Drug Ad Campaign is a Failure

The drug czar likes to claim that we criticize his ad campaign because we want more kids to use marijuana. Will he say the same about researchers hired by Congress?

Another Complete Failure from the Drug Czar

John Tierney at the New York Times points to a new report showing that the drug czar’s offic

Legalizing Marijuana Would Stop Growers From Destroying Our Forests

The annual marijuana harvest season each fall brings increased discussion of the hopeless process of eradicating outdoor marijuana crops on public land.

Drug Cop Admits His Career Was Built Around Lies and Wrongful Convictions

Even if you support arresting people for drugs, do you trust the people who are paid to fight the drug war?

Police Steal Money from Elderly Medical Marijuana Patients

It is not at all uncommon for the war on drugs to target the very last people among us who ought to be treated as criminals:

Laser-Guided Missiles Aren’t the Answer

I was just chatting with a gentleman outside our office who was interested (as most are) to learn what exactly it is that we work on up here. I’m not sure he quite understood, however.

Travel Alert: Mexico Unsafe Thanks to War on Drugs

The drug war in Mexico is going so horribly wrong that the State Department is wa

If Terrorists and Drug Traffickers Collaborate, It’s the Drug War’s Fault

Has drug war destabilization in South America become a threat to our national security?

Heroin Trafficking in Afghanistan is a Really Big Deal, Unless the President’s Brother Does It

Rumors that the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai may be involved in drug trafficking have not been investigated. Why?

Canadian Police Hire Researchers to Attack Harm Reduction

The battle over harm reduction in Vancouver just gets uglier all the time:

Further Evidence That Drug War Politics Are Changing

As public attitudes surrounding the war on drugs continue to evolve, we’ll begin to see more of this type of thing:

The Amazing Gigantic Missing Heroin Stash

Here’s another completely odd phenomenon discovered in the laboratory of drug prohibition:

The World’s Smallest Bag of Marijuana

Try reading this unhinged Boston Globe editori

Obama's Mixed Messages on the Drug War

A couple weeks ago, I noted the contradiction between Obama's

Mexican President Proposes Decriminalizing Drug Use

We covered this in The Drug War Chronicle, but I think it needs more discussion:

FDA Embraces Harm Reduction…Sort of

Check out this interesting logic from the FDA:

How Come "Joe Sixpack" is an American Hero, While "Joe Stoner" Gets Arrested?

Paul Armentano at NORML points to Sarah Palin's glorific

Mark Souder vs. The New Drug War Politics

Drug war hall-of-famer Rep.

Calvina Fay vs. The New Drug War Politics

The Drug Free America Foundation’s perpetually panic-stricken director Calvina Fay gave a speech at the World Forum Against Drugs that was so over-

New Poll: Democrats and Republicans Agree That the Drug War is a Failure

New Zogby data shows a bipartisan consensus that the drug war is a losing battle:

Police Discover World’s Largest Marijuana Plants

Drug enforcement officers never tire of their overpowering compulsion to exaggerate marijuana seizures to the point of absurdity.

The Drug War Bailout

The last time our country faced a major economic crisis, we ended alcohol prohibition. Think about that.

Police Defend the Right to Choke Marijuana Suspects

Watch this video of Mount Juliet, TN police officer Bill Cosby choking a marijuana suspect into unconsciousness during a traffic stop.

SWAT Raids Often Target Innocent People

In addition to killing an unarmed mother of six and shooting a baby, it turns out that the SWAT team in Lima,

Nasal Congestion Sufferer Arrested for Buying Too Much Cold Medicine

The drug war’s mindless persecution of sick people goes beyond medical marijuana:

When Police Mistake Chocolate For Hash… has the unbelievable story of a Canadian couple who run a small chocolate company.

Poll Shows Strong Support in Mexico for Drug Legalization

A BBC World Service poll released Monday found Mexicans evenly divided on the question of whether drug legalization should

Rachel Hoffman Fallout: One Officer Fired, Others Reprimanded

At long last, we’re seeing some accountability for the officers who got Rachel Hoffman killed after coercing her into working as an informant in the mindbending

Police Kill Really Small Dog, Claim it Threatened Them

This is getting really out of hand. What kind of cop is scared of a Jack Russell terrier?

New Developments in the Ryan Frederick Case

Ever since Ryan Frederick was charged with murder for killing a police officer who he mistook for a burglar during a botched drug raid, the case against him has become increasingly difficult to believ

Idiot Proposes Lengthy Prison Sentence for George Michael

George Michael’s latest drug arrest has reduced Ross Clark at The Times Online to a sputtering mess.

Cop Fired For Choking Marijuana Suspect

See!? There really is accountability in the war on drugs. All you have to do is get video of a cop nearly killing a guy over a petty misdemeanor.

Salvia is Potent, But is it Dangerous?

The Washington Post has a trainwreck of an editorial calling for preliminar

Obama's Contradictory Position on the Drug War

At a campaign appearance in Jacksonville, FL, Barack Obama proposed federal drug war funding as a solution to the city’s problems with violent crime:

Another Sign That Medical Marijuana Laws Are Working

Regulating medical marijuana under state law makes it possible for police to protect private property:

Anti-Marijuana Crusaders Caught Violating Campaign Laws

We already know marijuana prohibition is a fraud, so it should come as no surprise that the people fighting to protect prohibition cannot be trusted to obey the law themselves.

Don't Worry, It's Just a Grenade Attack in Your Neighborhood

Frightening headlines documenting Mexico’s surging drug trade violence can be found on a daily basis, and they tell the true story of drug prohibition about as succinctly as anyone could ask for:

Study: Decriminalizing Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Use

Bruce Mirken at the Marijuana Policy Project Blog points to some revealing data from the National Research Council:

Happy Constitution Day!

In honor of Constitution Day, Pete Guither has some sarcastic observations regarding how tragically far removed we ar

Drug Czar Embarrassed By Marijuana Arrest Rates

New FBI data showing that 872,721 Americans were arrested for marijuana last year must

A New Record for U.S. Marijuana Arrests

Every year, more Americans are arrested for the pettiest crime on earth:

Mark Kleiman vs. "Drug Policy Reform"

Cato Unbound has posted two more essays in its online series debat

Cheye Calvo Speaks Out Against the Police Tactics That Killed His Dogs

I had the opportunity to see drug war victim Cheye Calvo speak this afternoon at the Cato Institute, discussing the heavily-publici

Jonathan Caulkins vs. The Boring Drug War Debate

Yesterday I noted Cato Unbound’s online discussion series surrounding the terrific article

If Salvia Isn’t Toxic or Addictive, What’s the Argument for Banning it?

The New York Times has a fascinating piece on t

How to Use Drugs Without Ruining Our Lives

Cato Unbound has a wonderful piece, Towards a Culture of Responsibl

Jurors Fight Back Against the War on Medical Marijuana

Further proof that railroading medical marijuana defendants in federal court has consequences:

Smoke a Joint, Get Your Boss Fired

Yikes, it looks like marijuana hysteria in Japan has nearly ruined the sport of sumo wrestling:

If the Drug War Makes Sense to You, Nothing Else Will

Terrorism blogger Douglas Farah doesn’t understand why South American nations aren’t

Victim’s Rights in the War on Drugs

Pete Guither pointed out the other day that the Republican platform contains this vague statement on victim’s rights

Palin Pick Makes Medical Marijuana a Problem Issue For McCain

We know she used marijuana when it was legal in Alaska.

Police Raid Wrong Address, Hit Innocent Man With the Butt of a Shotgun

Also from Radley Balko, another horrific botched drug raid.

Prosecutor Getting Nervous in the Ryan Frederick Case

…as well he should since Ryan Frederick is innocent and the whole thing is a colossal travesty.

Republicans Promise to Continue the Drug War

Pete Guither points out that the Republican Party’s newly released

BREAKING: People Smoke Pot at Outdoor Concerts

In a daring undercover investigation, anti-marijuana activist Lisa Silverman has exposed the seedy criminal underworld that lurks along the lawn at a Ziggy Marley show:

$20,000 Bond for One Ecstasy Pill

As I read through my Google News alerts each day, I usually just ignore the multitudes of petty drug arrests that made headlines for no reason. But this one jumped out at me:

How Much More Public Support Does Medical Marijuana Really Need?

CNN hosted an interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday which featured democratically elected questions courtesy of the popular website Digg.

New Medical Marijuana Regulations Are a Good Thing

Bruce Mirken at the MPP Blog points out this observation from the

Police Cannot Identify Good Marijuana

Via DrugWarRant, here’s another typical case of police wildly exaggerating the value of a marijuana seizure:

"Extremely Small Amount" of Marijuana Causes Panic Throughout Massachusetts

It all started when an "extremely small" package of marijuana fell from the pocket of 19-year-old Sean LaCroix at his grandparents’ house, where he lived.

California Attorney General Tells Police to Uphold Medical Marijuana Laws

Ten years after the passage of Proposition 215, California Attorney General Jerry Brown has finally clarified that law-enforcement must respect the state’s medical marijuana law:

Biden is a "Moderate" on Crime Issues?

The Chicago Tribune on Biden:

Joe Biden's Awful Record on Drug Policy

Among the likely choices for Obama's running mate, Joe Biden was not the person reformers were hoping to see on the democratic ticket.

Panel Calls For No Marijuana Enforcement During Democratic National Convention

Police in Denver must be so sick of Mason Tvert.

Excellent Video: The Human Cost of Marijuana Prohibition

The Marijuana Policy Project has put together an absolute must-see video telling the stories of real people who were unfairly targeted by the war on dr

College Presidents Call for Debate on Lowering the Drinking Age

It's encouraging to see prominent educators take a stand for more sensible drug policies:

Pet Mountain Lion Gets Man Arrested for Marijuana

Ok, if you're growing marijuana, don't harbor an illegal pet mountain lion:

Stephen Colbert's Top 7 Drug Moments

In a shameless, yet brilliant, ploy to generate web traffic, comedy Central has compiled a list of their favorite drug-themed Stephen Colbert clips. It worked on me.

If You Oppose Marijuana Laws, But Support Other Drug Laws, Read This

Pete Guither has an excellent breakdown of why our policy towards the most dangerous drugs is just as flawed as our

Canadian Health Minister Attacks Doctors for Supporting Safe Injection Sites

The latest outrage in Canada's heated harm reduction debate came at the hands of Health Minister Tony Clement who went off the rails by questioning the ethics of doctors who practice harm reductio

If the Drug War Works, Why Did Teen Access to Marijuana Increase This Year?

Today, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) released a

The War on Drugs in 100 Seconds

Another Top Drug War Official Calls for Legalization

Julian Critchley was director of the British Cabinet's anti-drug office, where he worked with the British drug tsar to coordinate the nation's drug policy.

Bob Barr Condemns Violent, Dog-Murdering Drug Raid

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr is the first presidential hopeful to speak out regarding the brutal drug raid in Berwyn Heights, MD that resulted in the death of the mayor's two dogs:<

Mexican Cartels Have Begun Kidnapping Americans

The more "progress" Mexico makes in its U.S.-funded war on drugs, the more of this sort of thing we can look forward to:

Mayor Calvo Says Botched Drug Raids Are Commonplace

Radley Balko points out this remark from B

TV Networks Refuse to Allow Discussion of Marijuana Laws

One of the few remaining tactics for effectively defending our marijuana laws is to prevent them from even being discussed:

An Excellent Column on Marijuana Prohibition From Reuters

Fairness requires that I call attention to Reuters columnist Bernd Debusmann's excellent piece,

Florida Prosecutor Stands Up For Rachel Hoffman, Refuses to Work With DEA

The fallout following Rachel Hoffman's murder is becoming intense.

After Killing His Dogs, Police Admit Mayor Calvo Was Probably Innocent

The botched drug raid fiasco in Berwyn Heights, MD grows more embarrassing for Prince George's County police everyday.

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