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Matt Fogg is Awesome

Back in April, the Metropolitan Police Dept. here in D.C. announced plans to go door-to-door asking to search homes in high-crime neighborhoods.

Ryan Frederick Trial

Radley Balko has been covering

CNBC’s Marijuana, Inc: Propaganda, Pot Porn, or Both?

They might as well have displayed a link to across the screen for an hour.

DEA’s Medical Marijuana Raids Continue Under Obama Administration

Uh-oh. Looks like Obama has yet to deliver on his promise to end the medical marijuana raids:

Drug Smuggling Robots are the Future

I told you we’d be seeing more of this kind of thing:

Marijuana, Inc. Tonight on CNBC

This looks interesting. Tonight at 9 ET on CNBC.

Drug Policy at

President Obama’s new site has several drug policy related items worth noting:

Barack Obama is the President

We’ve talked a lot here about Obama’s reluctance to openly discuss drug policy.

Another Chance to Pressure Obama for Drug Policy Reform

Obama’s website has created yet another feature for soliciting ideas from the public.

If You Think Alcohol Should be Legal, You’re an Alcoholic

Amidst the hysteria surrounding this week’s events in El Paso, I neglected to mentio

Cop Fired for Supporting Marijuana Decriminalization, Wins $815,000 Settlement

Which amendment was it again that says you can talk about stuff and have opinions on things?

Supreme Court Strikes Another Small Blow Against Exclusionary Rule

The Supreme Court handed down yet another bad 4th Amendment ruling today.

El Paso City Council Threatened With Funding Cuts for Proposing Drug Legalization Debate

Merely discussing alternatives to drug prohibition is enough to incite

Ducking Drug War Questions at

Obama’s transition team responded to the second round of questions on Friday, proving yet

Bush Appoints Interim Drug Czar

Speculation about Obama’s as yet unknown choice for drug czar just got a little more interesting.

DEA Blatantly Blocks Medical Marijuana Research

After stalling for two years, the DEA has conveniently chosen the final days of the Bush Administration to act on the Craker petition:

What are the Weakest Arguments Against Legalizing Drugs?

Pete Guither lists a couple of the worst arguments we hear from our opponents.

Drug War Debate Continues in El Paso

I wrote yesterday about El Paso Mayor John Cook’s veto of a city council resolution calling for a de

If the Drug War is so Great, How Come You Don’t Wanna Talk About it?

Total chaos has erupted in El Paso, TX following a city council resolution

The Drug War is Basically an Employment Program for Criminals

One of the least impressive arguments you’ll ever here from drug war supporters is that we have to keep drugs illegal otherwise all the drug offenders will move on to other more horrible types of crim

Metro Threatens Flex Your Rights with Legal Action, ACLU Defends

Flex Your Rights' opposition to random searches on D.C. public transportation has finally pushed Metro officials over the edge.

Obama’s Surgeon General Hates Marijuana (But Sort of Supports Medical Use)

Barack Obama is looking at CNN correspondent Dr.

High Times Should Give Me a Job

So, I’m checking out High Times' Top 10 News Articles of 2008 (the stories that got the most traffic on their site) a

The Drug Cartels are Becoming More Powerful Than the Government

They’re even doing their own diplomacy:

The Drug War Only Causes Violence. It Can't Create Peace.

Someone help me understand what Mexico’s U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza is thinking:

Another Botched Drug Raid: Officers Shot, Mistaken for Burglars, No Drugs Found

Over and over again, it just keeps happening:

Fixing Our Criminal Justice System Isn’t Political Suicide. Stop Saying That.

Washington Post has a whole story on Virginia Senator Jim

Arizona’s Attorney General Talks Marijuana Legalization

While prosecutors in Massachusetts still can’t figure out what "decriminalization&

An Easy Way to Ask Obama About Drug Policy Reform

President-elect Obama’s website has opened a new round of questions, providing us yet another opportu

Merry(juana) Christmas! (Colbert/Willie Nelson video)

Bush Endorses Harm Reduction Group…Sort Of

President Bush did a photo-op today in which he delivered used coats at the headqua

Am I a Hippie Who Doesn’t Understand Politics?

Check out this blog post calling me a hippie

The Profit Motive for Arresting Marijuana Users

Here’s a fun article interviewing college students in Massachusetts about their opin

Shooting Down Innocent People in Airplanes Won’t Win the Drug War

When the average person forms an opinion regarding the efficacy of our drug policy, are they taking into account the totality of brutal unforeseen disasters that regularly occur in the course of our i

When it Comes to Marijuana Laws, Obama’s Website Should be Called

Did anyone notice how the marijuana legalization question was ranked #1 on Obama’s site, but

High School Seniors Are Using Lots of LSD This Year

Jacob Sullum pokes numerous holes in the drug czar’s recent claims of dramatic drug war progress.

More on the Ryan Frederick Case

Radley Balko has new details in the case of Ryan Frederick, the Virginia man who was charged with murder f

The Real Reason Obama Won’t Support Marijuana Legalization

Much has been made of the fact that a marijuana legalization question was ranked #1 when P

Asserting Your Rights Doesn't Mean You're Getting Away With Something

Last week I posted Don't Consent to Police Searches or Answer Incriminating Questions in response to

You Can Help Encourage Obama to Answer Questions About Our Marijuana Policy

President-elect Obama has created a web page to accept policy questions from the public.

DEA Says it Has a Policy of Not Arresting Medical Marijuana Patients

Months ago, Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers (D-MI) sent a pointed inquiry

Southeast Asia Plans to be Drug-Free by 2015

The plan is to get all the kids to stop smoking and drinking, which will result in the elimination of all drug use within 6 years:

Don’t Consent to Police Searches or Answer Incriminating Questions

Here’s the perfect illustration of how not to handle an encounter with police:

America’s Meanest Prosecutor Refuses to Resign

When a new president takes office, it is typical for all U.S. attorneys to submit their resignations.

Elderly People Who Grow Pot in Albania

Apparently, Albania is Europe’s 2nd ranked marijuana producer, due in small part to the desperation of elderly Albanians

Can Both Sides of the Drug War Debate be Completely Wrong?

Drug policy academic Mark Kleiman is back with another simultaneous assault

The Discovery of 2,700-Year-Old Marijuana is Pretty Cool

I haven’t yet discussed last week’s news that a major head stash of marijuana was found in the tomb of an ancient Chine

Are Cocaine Users Killing the Rainforest?

The argument that cocaine users are destroying the environment is rapidly leading its proponents into a spiraling abyss of irony and incoherence:

D.C. Pays Dearly After Letting a Medical Marijuana Patient Die in Jail

As a toddler, Jonathan Magbie was struck by a drunk driver. He survived for 23 years, paralyzed from the neck down, until one day he was arrested for using medical marijuana to treat his pain.

Not Arresting Marijuana Users is Too Confusing For Police

Voters in Massachusetts have overwhelmingly voted to stop small-time marijuana arrests, but the law-enforcement community doesn’t understand what that means:

Medical Marijuana Debate: MPP vs. ONDCP

This evening, Georgetown Law School’s chapter of SSDP hosted a debate on medical marijuana between

LEAP Celebrates the Repeal of Alcohol Prohibition

Our friends at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition have launched a

Tainted Cocaine is a Consequence of Drug Prohibition

I don’t particularly mind the drug czar pointing out that cocaine can kill you.

Random Drug Testing Won’t Save the Children From Heroin

Here’s drug czar John Walters shamelessly using a young woman’s death as an opportunity to plug student drug testing:

Swiss Voters Approve Heroin Prescriptions, But Reject Marijuana Decriminalization

I don’t know quite what to make of this news from Switzerland:

Police Use Newspaper Ads to Recruit Snitches

Apparently, there aren’t enough unsolved crimes to keep Albuquerque police busy:

Don’t Complain About Police Corruption if You Support the Drug War

Time provides a vivid description of the extent of police corruption in the Mexican drug war:

Hey Barack Obama, Drug Eradication Doesn’t Work

Here’s an excellent column in The Washington Post calling on Obama to cut f

Police Steal Xbox From Innocent Marijuana Suspect

This is exactly the sort of daily injustice that comes to mind when drug war proponents insist that no one goes to jail for marijuana. It’s false, but also completely beside the point.

Drug Czar Suddenly Starts Telling the Truth

With drug czar John Walters’ term coming to an end shortly, we’re beginning to see some really strange stuff coming from his office.

SSDP Conference

Pete Guither is live-blogging the conference right now. Check it out. He's already got several good posts up and more to come.

Washington Times Attacks Flex Your Rights

FYR's response to the new random search program on public transportation in DC is continuing to generate media hits, includ

Another Cop Killed in a Drug Raid

This has the makings of another potential paramilitary drug raid legal drama:

Will Banning Blunts Reduce Marijuana Use?

No, of course not, but let me introduce you to some people who actually believe it will:

Eric Holder and Drug Policy

Obama’s selection of federal prosecutor Eric Holder to serve as attorney general has provoked

New Study: Marijuana Might be Good for Your Memory

It’s hard to overstate the extent to which marijuana does the opposite of what the government says it does:

San Francisco Chronicle Catches Drug Czar in a Crazy Lie

The drug czar's recent claim that there are more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks stores in

People Who Punish Other People for Using Marijuana

Here’s a substance abuse counselor describing a new diversion program for marijuana offenders:

Mexican Gangs Threaten School Children

Every day, the stories coming from Mexico get worse. Nothing surprises me at this point. Not even this:

We’ve Cut Cigarette Smoking in Half Without Arresting Anyone

NORML’s Paul Armentano has a

Another Drug Czar Rumor

Pete Guither has the details.

Ironic: Canada Seeks Extradition of American Gun Dealer

The U.S. is a major source country for guns:

Police Should Enforce Laws, Not Complain About Them

On Monday, I wrote about angry cop Jim Carnell, who

Obama’s Chief of Staff is a Crazy Drug Warrior

President-elect Obama’s selection of Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff is hardly a good sign for reformers.

Mexican Drug War Violence Has Begun Spilling Into the U.S.

The harder we push back against Mexican drug cartels, the more violence we’ll begin see within our own borders. Just look what’s happening in Pheonix:

The Economist Calls Medical Marijuana Patients “Stoners”

Why can’t The Economist acknowledge the political progress of marijuana policy reform without

Mexican Drug War Scaring Off Investors

Further evidence that the Mexican drug war is making progress…in the exact wrong direction:

Will Bush’s DEA Launch a Final Assault on Medical Marijuana Before January?

President-elect Obama has pledged to end the federal government’s war on medical marijuana, but he doesn’t take office for several weeks.

Bye Bye Bertha

Bertha Madras has apparently left her position as deputy director for demand reduction at ONDCP, as evidenced by a missi

Drug Czar Sets New Standard for Stoner Stereotyping

Just when you thought anti-marijuana propaganda couldn't get any more frivolous and shallow, the drug czar

Angry Cop Insults Voters for Supporting Marijuana Reform

Jim Carnell of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association has come completely unhinged in the aftermath of the decisive victory for marijuana decrim in Massachusetts.

MSNBC Notices Popular Support for Marijuana Reform

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow gave a nod to the smashing success of marijuana reform initiatives in Tuesday’s election, observing on her show tonight that "smoking weed is getting more respect from o

Will Obama End the Medical Marijuana Raids?

When Barack Obama enters the White House in January, will he make good on his promise to end federal interference with state medical marijuana laws?

Drug Czar Appointment Watch: William Bratton Says 'No Thanks'

I’ve noted speculation that LA Police Chief William Bratton could be the next drug czar, but it looks like th

A Mandate For Marijuana Reform

Bruce Mirken at MPP points out that marijuana reform initiatives in Massachusetts and Michigan pulled higher percentages than Obama.

Medical Marijuana Wins in Michigan

Michigan voters have approved Prop. 1 to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest.

Mark Souder Re-elected in Indiana

Drug war hall-of-famer Mark Souder (R-IN) will be with us for another two years at le

Huge Win for Marijuana Decriminalization in Massachusetts

Question 2 has passed, currently polling at 65% to 35%.

Drug Czar Mixes Cannabis, Caffeine, and Cartography With Catastrophic Results

The Drug Czar claimed today that San Francisco has more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbu

Could the Next Drug Czar be William Bratton?

The Politico looks at rumored cabinet selections if Obama is elected and identifies Los Angeles Pol

Mexico’s Top Drug Cop Resigns Amidst Corruption Controversy

For the hundredth time, why the hell are we giving these people hundreds of millions in U.S. tax dollars to fight the war on drugs? To say they cannot be trusted is an epic understatement:

If You’re in California, Support Treatment-Not-Incarceration for Drug Offenses

This is a final reminder for folks in California. Vote Yes on Prop. 5 tomorrow to provide treatment instead of incarceration for drug offenders.

If You’re in Michigan, Support Medical Marijuana

This is a final reminder for folks in Michigan. Vote Yes on Prop.

If You’re in Massachusetts, Support Marijuana Decriminalization

This is a final reminder for folks in Massachusetts.

Flex Your Rights Protests Random Searches in D.C.

{Cross-posted from Flex Your Rights}

Telemarketers Refuse to Make "Soft on Crime" Attacks Against Obama

Further evidence that "soft on crime" attacks are becoming politically toxic:

The Drug Czar Can’t Stop Panicking About Medical Marijuana

Here we go again:

The Perfect Argument for Medical Marijuana in Michigan

Wow. The drug czar likes to complain about the deep pockets of the "pot lobby," and he's lucky it's a lie.

Corruption at the Top Levels of the Mexican Drug War

This is the kind of crap we’re subsidizing with our massive financial support of Mexico’s war on drugs:

Drug War Issues

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