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CU-Boulder Reminds Students to Have a Massive Pot Party on 4/20

If you don't want 10,000 people to smoke pot on your campus on 4/20, the last thing you should do is send the

Obama Declares War on American Drug Users

Speaking in Mexico today, President Obama embraced the exact hard-line drug war philosophy he rejected on the campaign trail:

Obama Creates New "Border Czar" Position, Cartel Leaders Laugh in Unison

In case America's fixation with "czars" hadn't already become enough of a national embarrassment:

We'll Pay You $14 billion to Legalize Marijuana

Our friends at NORML paid a visit to the Treasury Department today:

In the Future, Opposing Legalization Will be Political Suicide

Check out this sweet attack ad Pete Guither came up with:

Mexican Ambassador Says Marijuana Legalization Should be Seriously Discussed

Here's Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan on CBS' Face the Nation:

FOX News Says Marijuana Activists are "Internet Trolls"

Recent months have brought an unprecedented level of positive mainstream discussion about reforming our marijuana laws.

Is the Obama Administration Planning a Federal Marijuana Crackdown?

In discussing strategies to reduce drug war violence in Mexico, Attorney General Eric Holder made this troubling remark:

Cheye Calvo Comments on the Passage of SWAT Monitoring Legislation in Maryland

Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo sent us his terrific statement in response to the new SWAT reporting law p

Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo Responds to the Passage of SWAT Reporting Legislation in Maryland

For immediate release:                                For more information:

Even Cops Are Getting Screwed by Inaccurate Drug Tests

Via Radley Balko, this one is hard to believe:

Another Reason the Marijuana Debate is Moving Forward

Nate Silver at the very cool polling blog FiveThirtyEight has another angle on th

Breaking News: Massachusetts Has Not Been Taken Over by Drug Maniacs

I visited Boston this weekend for the Northeast Regional SSDP Conference and was curious to observe that no one was smoking marijuana on the sidewalks

Idiotic Drug Policy Reporting Remains a Problem

This post from Pete Guither made me laugh twice.

Flex Your Rights

I've posted a couple new items in the Flex Your Rights blog recently that are worth checking out.

Honoring Good Cops Doesn’t Mean Ignoring Bad Ones

I recently mentioned the controversy surrounding some drug cops in Philadelphia who've been stealing cas

Decriminalization is a Huge Success in Portugal

On Friday, I had the opportunity to hear Glenn Greenwald speak at the Cato Institute regarding his Cato-sponsored report, Drug Decriminalizati

Why Does Everyone Think Marijuana Legalization is Politically Risky?

Over and over again, you hear that same justification, "Well, politicians can't publicly support legalizing marijuana or they'll get voted out of office." It's the first thing ca

The Media's Approach to Marijuana Coverage Has Changed Dramatically

This CNBC appearance by MPP's Rob Kampia is an exhibit in the rapid evolution of marijuana policy coverage in the mainstream press:

"So how's this war on drugs going?"

Jack Cafferty at CNN punches the drug war in the face:

The Drug Czar's Office Doesn't Know What to Say About Marijuana

Ever since Obama's awful attempt to duck the marijuana legalization debate last week, it's becoming increasingly clear to me that the issue of marijuana reform is a major challenge for the new

Obama Doesn't Know What to Say About Marijuana

Pete Guither points to yet another prominent example of the Obama administration's glaring inability to explain t

Obama Compares Drug War to Alcohol Prohibition

Via NORML's Russ Belville, CB

Joe Biden's Daughter Allegedly Caught on Video Snorting Cocaine

The New York Post dropped a bombshell over the weeken

Maryland House Passes Bill to Monitor Use of SWAT Teams

Cheye Calvo's efforts to bring transparency to the use of aggressive SWAT raids in Maryland are moving forward:

There are Many Different Kinds of Marijuana, But They're All Illegal

Mark Kleiman, who we've often criticized for generally supporting drug prohibition, deserves credit for his

Obama Won't Say Why He Opposes Marijuana Legalization

The overwhelming popularity of marijuana questions on the president's website has repeatedly forced him to address the issue, yet his answers are utterly lacking in substance.

Obama Insults Online Community for Supporting Marijuana Legalization

At his Online Town Hall meeting this morning, President Obama joked about the overwhelming popularity of marijuana legalization questions on

Uh-Oh! Medical Marijuana Raid in San Francisco

Very unsettling:

Federal drug agents raided a medical marijuana facility in San Francisco Wednesday night.

Yet Another Chance to Ask Obama About Marijuana Laws

So far, Obama's favorite thing about being president is getting to read all the marijuana-related questions on his website.

Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in Massachusetts

Paul Armentano at NORML has the details.

If You Hate Gun Control, You Can Thank the Drug War for Causing it

Escalating drug war violence in Mexico has brought recent attention to the fact that the cartels are often armed with American guns.

The Fine Line Between Drug Raids and Armed Robberies

It seems Philadelphia's drug cops have adopted a nasty habit of raiding corner st

Sentencing Postponed in Charlie Lynch's Medical Marijuana Trial

This is a potentially big development:

Obama to Reconsider Federal Blockade Against Medical Marijuana Research

Wow, it's almost hard to keep up. Here's yet another potentially major breakthrough on the medical marijuana front:

Attorney General Holder Says Feds Will Respect State Medical Marijuana Laws

At a press conference yesterday:

Former Drug Czar Doesn't Care if you Grow Marijuana

From our friends at SSDP, here's video of former drug czar Barry McCaffrey sounding strangely agnostic about the marijuana debate:

Behind Bars in the Land of the Free

The Cato Institute is hosting an online debate/discussion on incarceration, featuring posts from e

The Debate Over Medical Marijuana Should Have Ended a Decade Ago

NORML's Paul Armentano has a piece at reason marking the 10th anniversary of the gover

Is it Even Intellectually Possible to "Oppose" Medical Marijuana?

I was taking this online poll at The Chicago Tribune about medical

Police Dispatcher Fired for Giving Medical Marijuana to Sick Relative

Via MPP, another example of the daily idiocy that will continue until medical marijuana use is protected throughout the country:

Ron Paul Murders Stephen Baldwin in Marijuana Legalization Debate

Whether you love Ron Paul, hate Stephen Baldwin, or just like to watch videos on the internet, this is for you:

Police Lobby for Harsh Marijuana Laws

Pete Guither points out that police don't just enforce harsh drug laws.

Pennsylvania Liquor Store Employees Will Now be Nicer to You

Via Radley Balko, the irony is truly staggering:

Police Shoot Unarmed Marijuana Suspect

As long as the war on marijuana continues, police will continue shooting harmless people:

New Drug Czar Appointed, Makes Ridiculous Remark

At his nomination announcement yesterday, drug czar appointee Gil Kerlikowske got his first chance to practice saying stuff that makes no sense:

Ten Years Later, the United Nations Anti-Drug Efforts Have Accomplished Nothing

…nothing, that is, except filling prisons around the world, spreading disease, empowering a worldwide network of organized crime, and killing lots and lots of people:

NBC Insults Marijuana Users

Once again, we find the press struggling to cover drug policy reform without resorting to derogatory epithets:

Propaganda Alert: Marijuana Makes You Bad at Video Games

If we thought the departure of drug czar John Walters would mean the end of wildly preposterous anti-pot propaganda, we were wrong as hell.

Are Republicans Turning Against the Drug War?

Everyone knows Republicans love the drug war and Democrats are hippies who want to legalize pot. Right? Not necessarily.

Federal Prosecutors Seem Confused About Obama's Medical Marijuana Policy

I'm hearing a lot of discussion about this odd story from the LA Times:

Why Are Democrats Barking About Rush Limbaugh's Drug Use?

National Review Online has a good point here.

If Obama Supports Medical Marijuana, What About Hemp?

On the heels of Obama's hugely popular decision to end the DEA's raids on medical marijuana providers, it's worth looking into some of the other absurd federal drug policies that interfere

Field Tests for Identifying Drugs Are Proven Wildly Inaccurate

This is simply jawdropping:

SWAT Raids on Innocent People are Bad

The Baltimore Sun reports on Cheye Calvo's attempt to bring transp

How Come the Dutch Smoke Less Marijuana Than Americans?

You don't have to look very hard to find drug war zealots insisting vociferously that Dutch

California DMV Agrees to Let Medical Marijuana Patients Drive

Everywhere you look, the irrational persecution of medical marijuana patients is going out of style:

Maybe a Quirky Folk Song Will Lead to Marijuana Legalization...

Mexican President Surprised to Learn That the Drug War is Super Violent

Does Felipe Calderon even know what he's doing?

Man Uses Fake Money to Buy Fake Drugs

Former Drug Warrior Now Lives With his Parents

The power shift in Washington isn’t looking favorably on the folks who ran Bush's drug war. Oh, the irony:

Medical Marijuana Raids are Officially Over

In a press conference intended to celebrate a series of DEA raids on Mexican cartels operating in the U.S., Attorney General Eric Holder was asked about the medical marijuana raids.

NJ Senate President Embarrasses Himself With Bad Pot Joke

The New Jersey Senate passed a medical marijuana bill on Monday, prompting State Senate President Richard J. Codey to utter one of the worst pot jokes I've ever heard:

Colombia Threatens Obama With Cocaine Crisis if he Doesn't Give Them Money

Dear President Obama,

Please give us lots of money or we will bury you in cocaine.

Yours truly,


Kellogg's Stock Takes Big Hit After Phelps Bong Controversy

I'm no expert on the stock market, but this doesn’t look good for Kellogg's:

Cops Going to Prison for Botched Drug Raid That Killed Elderly Woman

Justice was finally served in the case of Kathryn Johnston, as three officers were sentenced to prison today for their role

Disabled Iraq Vet Loses Home Because of Marijuana Arrest

Scott West lost his legs fighting in the Iraq War and now he's lost his home thanks to the war on drugs:

Is a "Grow Your Own" Marijuana Policy Better Than Legalization?

Mark Kleiman has an interesting post observing the rapidly evolving

Study: Marijuana Users Less Likely to Get Injured Than Non-Users

A new study from Switzerland looked at substance use among people admitted to the hospital with injuries.

Police Raid Innocent Couple Because Their Son Had a Misdemeanor Marijuana Charge

Radley Balko has the details of yet another ridiculously e

Maryland Legislation Seeks to Address Out-of-Control SWAT Raids

Following the botched drug raid death of his two dogs, Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo has gone from drug war victim to hero of justice.

Drug War Protestors Block Traffic Along Mexican Border

Sandwiched between violent cartels and a brutal military occupation force, the Mexican people are understandably running out of patience:

Legalizing Marijuana Doesn’t Mean We Have to Legalize Horrible Crimes

Calls for legalization in the aftermath of the Michael Phelps media frenzy haven’t met with much backlash, probably because the gold-medal winning bong-monger kinda breaks the mold as far as stoner st

Drug War Logic 101

Sheriff Lott Gives up on Charging Michael Phelps


A Failed Drug Strategy Isn’t the Only Way DEA Wastes our Money

Looks like someone forgot to tell DEA about the economic crisis:

Police are Trying Very Hard to Bust Michael Phelps for Smoking a Bong

Yesterday, we learned that eight people have been arrested in the aftermath of the Michael Phelps bong photo and the infam

USA Swimming Deserves Condemnation for Suspending Michael Phelps

Amidst the massive backlash against Kellogg’s for dropping Michael Phelps, we’ve neglected to target USA Swimming, which suspended him even though they didn’t have to.

There are so Many People in Jail, They Literally Don’t fit

The criminal justice system in California is rapidly approaching a breaking point:

Has Obama Made a Good Choice for Drug Czar?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske will likel

Marijuana Probably Won’t Give You Cancer in Your Testicles

Everybody’s talking about t

Crazed Sheriff Arrests 8 in Phelps Bong Investigation

There is just no limit to the stupidity that ensues when drug warriors develop a craving for attention:

Call Kellogg's Today: Here's the Number


Call now. They appreciate our feedback. At least that's what the operator told me when I called.

SNL Slams Kellogg’s for Dissing Marijuana Users

And the winner for best response to the Phelps story goes to…

Boycott Kellogg’s! Fight Corporate Demonization of Marijuana

The Kellogg Corporation's decision to drop Michael Phelps in the aftermath of the infamous bong hit photo i

The Drug Czar’s Blog Should be Used for Good Instead of Evil

I noted last week that the drug czar’s blog deleted all of its old posts, essentially destroying the single b

White House Says Medical Marijuana Raids Will End

Friends, this is a moment we’ve been anticipating for a long time:

Michael Phelps Faces Possible Prosecution for Bong Hit

I swear, if you give these drug war idiots enough rope…

Ryan Frederick Found Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter

Well, it could have been a lot worse:

The Killing of Cheye Calvo’s Dogs is a Story That Won’t Go Away

Washington Post has a

Ryan Frederick Trial Goes to the Jury

We should be seeing a verdict soon in the case of Ryan Frederick, the Virginia man who was charged with murder for killing a

Medical Marijuana Raids Continue, Time for Action from Obama

Looks like DEA is trying to force a showdown with the new administration:

Support for Marijuana Legalization is Growing in America

A new CBS/NYT poll finds that 41% of Americans agree that marijuana use should be legalized.

The Bong Hit Heard Around the World

In case you missed it, Olympic badass Michael Phelps got photographed taking bong hits at a party and nothing will ever be the same.

What Happened to the Drug Czar’s Blog?

I was delighted to notice this evening that the drug czar’s blog, seems to have removed every post written p

How Not to Legalize Marijuana

Via reason, I’d like to introduce you to Antoine Blalock, who may be the worst activist in the history of drug policy reform:<

Obama Appoints Temporary Drug Czar

Amidst the inauguration fanfare, we failed to notice that Obama immediately appointed ONDCP’s general counsel Ed Jurith to serve as acting director, i.e. drug czar.

Mexican Drug Cartels Dissolve Corpses in Vats of Acid

Lately, the drug war is sounding less and less like an actual government policy and more like a distopian future from a science fiction movie:

The World's Smallest Marijuana Joint

Police don’t just get the facts wrong about the dangers of marijuana and the impact of commonsense reforms like decriminalization.

Norm Stamper is Awesome

Here's another old LEAP video that's been making the rounds this week:

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