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A Surprise Encounter With Former Drug Czar John Walters

I've wondered a thousand times what I'd do if I ran into John Walters somewhere around D.C. I figured that the odds favored it happening eventually.

Obama Seeks Volunteer Drug War Soldiers

Everybody loves volunteerism, but this is just nuts:

An Awesome Marijuana Debate on the McLaughlin Group

When you're seeing a discussion like this on the McLaughlin Group, you know marijuana reform has gone mainstream:

U.S. Admits Failure, Calls Off Opium Eradication in Afghanistan

This is big news:

Boring Drug War Reporting From the Mainstream Press

Last week, the UN released a major report that, for the first time, acknowledges and

LEAP Confronts The Drug Czar at a Press Conference

United Nations Argues for Decriminalization

Despite opening with an attack on legalization, the UN's new

United Nations Admits that Drug Legalization is Gaining Support

For many years now, drug war supporters have relied on a political strategy of pretending that legalization isn’t a serious option.

You Don't Need Drug Laws to Punish People Who Steal

The idea that our drug policy should prioritize public health over law enforcement is such common sense that even the drug czar is comfortable saying it.

Police Raid Innocent Elderly Couple, Blame it on the Weather

Police in Indianapolis burst into the wrong and terrified an elderly couple, but they have an explanation:

Police Applaud Themselves For Raiding Innocent People and Killing Dogs

Police in Prince George's County, MD have completed their internal investigation of the

Marijuana Debate on CNN

Is DEA Illegally Forcing Agents to Serve in Afghanistan?

Interesting piece from McClatchy:

The Feds Are Giving Themselves New Drug War Powers

You see, the reason the drug war is going so badly is because it needs more power:

Sharks Filled With Cocaine!!!

It was really just a matter of time if you think about it:

How Many Innocent People Are in Jail on Drug Charges?

It's a question I've often pondered and one that anybody with strong opinions about drug policy should consider, regardless of where you stand on the issue.

"Tough on Drugs" Politics Just Aren't as Popular Anymore

The Rolling Stone piece I mentioned earlier also contains an excellent obse

An Embarrassing Interview With the Drug Czar

Rolling Stone's June issue takes an in-depth look at the evolving political climate surrounding drug policy (a portion is

Charlie Lynch Sentenced to Jail for Medical Marijuana

Today, Charlie Lynch was sentenced to one year and one day in jail for operating a medical marijuana c

Rhode Island Senate Votes to Open Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Legal access to medical marijuana could soon be coming to the east coast:

Drugs and Terror on the Daily Show

Wrong Door Drug Raids Are No Laughing Matter

I don't exactly understand what the agenda behind this video is supposed to be, but it kind of gave me the creeps.

Congress Calls on DOJ to Better Explain Medical Marijuana Policy

Via Ben Morris at MPP:

No More $$$ = No More Prisons

Amidst the surging debate over our nation's draconian drug policy and general over-reliance on incarceration, there is one important factor that even the most diehard law & order ideologues ca

Khat is a Harmless Plant. So Why is D.C. Trying to Prohibit it?

As if we don’t already have enough crime problems to worry about here in the Nation's Capital, the D.C. City Council is trying to create one out of thin air.

Holder Renews Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws

In case anyone forgot, the new administration promises to be nicer about medical marijuana:

Drug War Robots Are Not the Answer

Time Magazine reports on the proliferation of flying drones that spy on drug smugglers from the sk

Bad Cops Caught on Camera

Dear Men and Women of Law Enforcement,

Does America Have the Stomach for Legalization?

Earlier this week, NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof used his Facebook page to start a lively conversation about legalizing drugs. This comment in particular caught my eye:

Does Smoked Marijuana Have Medical Value?

Yes, lots. Caren Woodson at Americans For Safe Access takes a look at the research.

Drug Smuggling Scientists are Always Ahead of the Game

The harder we try to stop people from sneaking drugs into the country, the better they get at doing it:

Comments, Bugs, and Spam

In case you haven't noticed, we've got a weird bug in the site right now that's mislabeling comments.

If Pawlenty Wants to Be President, He Should Reconsider His Opposition to Medical Marijuana

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has declined to seek a 3rd term, prompting speculation that he's planning to seek the Rep

Top Anti-Drug Researcher Changes His Mind, Says Legalize Marijuana

For 30 years, Donald Tashkin has studied the effects of marijuana on lung function.

Rogue Philly Drug Cops Add Molestation to Their List of Crimes

Via The Agitator, it looks like the out-of-control narcotics unit in Philly that I keep

If There's No "War on Drugs" Anymore, Then What's the Helicopter For?

If the new drug czar wants us to stop thinking of our drug policy as a "war on drugs" maybe he shou

Yes, The Case Against Marc Emery is Political

In case anyone forgot, the U.S. Dept. of Justice is still trying to extradite famous Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery for selling marijuana seeds to American customers.

LAPD Raids Its Own Officer in Weird Botched Investigation

LA Times has the strange story of an LAPD officer raided by his own department.

Legalizing Drugs is an Idea That Speaks For Itself

Opponents of reforming drug laws have often tried to dismiss our argument as some sort of carefully crafted conspiracy by "well-funded", "pro-drug" organizations seeking to manipul

New Drug Czar Doesn't Care About Medical Marijuana

In an interview with National Journal, Gil Kerlikowske didn't have much to say about medical

If Pure THC Pills are FDA-Approved, What's the Big Deal About Marijuana Potency?

NY Daily News reports that incoming CDC Chief Thomas Freidman is

Research Proves Marijuana is Not a "Gateway Drug"

The surging debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana has brought with it the resurrection of the "gateway theory," which alleges that experimenting with marijuana leads to the use of

Drunk Reporter Debates Marijuana Legalization in a Bar

Ok, maybe she's just a little tipsy, but this is surreal either way:

Christian Science Monitor Advocates Teaching Kids to Support the Drug War

Pete Guither patiently sifted through all the nonsense in this epic anti-marijuana-legalization rant at Christia

The Worst Argument Against Medical Marijuana

NYT's Freakonomics Blog has a pro-con piece on marijuana decriminalization that includes this bizarre arg

New Drug Czar Doesn’t Even Know What Legalization is

What better way to blow off the debate over legalization than to pretend there's no such thing?

Tom Tancredo Calls for Legalization

Former congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is the latest prominent republican to come out in favor of ending the drug war:

Marijuana is Illegal, But it Doesn’t Have to be

The Amethyst Initiative is a coalition of college presidents who believe we should consider lowering the drinking age to help address the harms of underground drinking.

Mexican Jailbreak Proves the Cartels Can Do Whatever They Want

Prohibition has made the drug lords so powerful that the jails won't hold them:

What's So Funny About Trying to Legalize Marijuana?

Slightly less annoying than those who refuse to even debate marijuana policies are those who vaguely support our position, but still mock and insult us for caring about this.

Illinois Sheriff Caught Selling Lots of Marijuana

Wow, you don't hear a story like this everyday. Oh wait, actually you do. Thanks to the drug war, dramatic incidents of gratuitous police misconduct have become painfully typical:

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty Wants to Send Dying Cancer Patients to Jail

We knew Gov. Pawlenty was likely to veto medical marijuana legislation due to pressure from law enforcement, but then the bill was changed so that only terminally ill patients would qualify.

U.S. Supreme Court Kills Effort to Overturn State Medical Marijuana Laws

Good news! Something bad could have happened, but didn't:

Michael Phelps and Marijuana Legalization

Phelps resumed competition this weekend, prompting Jim Caple at ESPN to call for a debate on legalizing mari

Wall Street Journal Thinks Americans Still Love the Drug War

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal interview with new drug czar Gil Kerlikowske is generating discussion

New Drug Czar Says "War on Drugs" Mentality is Over

In his first interview since taking office, newly appointed drug czar Gil Kerlikowske had some very interesting things to say:

CNBC Attacks Schwarzenegger For Endorsing Marijuana Legalization Debate

Watch CNBC's Larry Kudlow go ballistic over Gov. Schwarzenegger's recent statement in favor of debating marijuana legalization:

DEA Agent Indicted for Framing 17 Innocent People

Over and over, the very foundations of the war on drugs are revealed to be utterly fraudulent and corrupt.

Who Put Stephen Baldwin in Charge of Opposing Marijuana Legalization?

CBS News has a pro/con feature today on marijuana legalization with a great piece from Ethan

Former Mexican President Calls For Drug Legalization Debate

As Mexican President Felipe Calderon continues to escalate the Mexican drug war to previously unthinkable levels of death and destruction, his predecessor is saying we should think about ending prohib

Obama Claims to Support Needle Exchange, While Telling Congress to Ban it

Can someone please explain to me what this means?

The States Don't Need Federal Permission to Legalize Marijuana

I'm not sure I understand what Mark Kleiman means by this:

How Much Money is Marijuana Legalization Worth?

I enjoyed this dizzying attempt by Mark Kleiman to quantify the actual potential

Obama No Longer Supports Needle Exchange Programs That Reduce AIDS

On the campaign trail, Obama made clear statements in support of needle exchange as a proven means of r

Gil Kerlikowske is the New Drug Czar

It's official:

The Drug Czar's Office Doesn’t Know What to Say about Marijuana Legalization

I've previously noted the reluctance of the current administration to actually debate marijuana legaliza

Will Legalization Actually Reduce the Black Market? Of Course.

Opponents of taxing/regulating marijuana and other drugs frequently maintain that there's just no way we can really cripple the black market.

Another Medical Marijuana Raid in California

This is interesting/disturbing:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls for Marijuana Legalization Debate

Considering that he vetoed a hemp bill in 2006, this is about as good a statement as I would expect from him:

Ethan Nadelmann vs. Steve Colbert, Round 3

Ethan's really getting the hang of this. I thought this face-off with Colbert was his best yet:

Support for Marijuana Legalization is Huge in Canada

Duh. Still, I was intrigued by the way they framed the question:

Support for Marijuana Legalization Continues to Grow in America

A new ABC poll shows that 46% of Americans favor legalizing personal use of marijuana.

In Case You Haven't Heard Enough Cops Talk About Legalizing Drugs This Year…

Here's Nick Gillespie interviewing Jerry Cameron from LEAP:

Obama Goes to War Against Afghan Opium

In a renewed effort to stamp out the Taliban by cutting off their cash flow, Obama is sending 20,000 troops into opium producing regions of Afghanistan. It's going to be a disaster.

Seriously, Don't Try to Eat Your Marijuana if You're Pulled Over

We've seen this before and it just keeps happening:

Mexican Senate Votes to Decriminalize Drug Possession

Good news from Mexico:

Obama Supports Ending the Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

Good news from Washington, D.C.:

Rhode Island Senate Votes to Create Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Good news from Rhode Island:

New Hampshire Senate Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Good news from New Hampshire:

CONCORD, N.H.—The state Senate has joined the House in endorsing medicinal marijuana use by residents with crippling ailments.

Minnesota Senate Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Good news from Minnesota:

Rep. Engel Introduces Bill to Create Independent Drug Policy Commission

This looks promising:

The Federal Government Grows Some of the Worst Marijuana in America

This story from FOX Memphis provides a rare glimpse into the federal government's

Even Cowboys Want to Legalize Drugs

Jim Webb Says Marijuana Legalization is "On the table"

I didn't get a chance to mention this on Thursday and I didn’t want any of you to miss it:

Sentencing Postponed in the Charlie Lynch Trial

I spent all afternoon getting geared up to go ballistic over this, only to learn that nothing happened:
The sentencing of Morro Bay, California medical marijuana dispensary owner Char

Opposing Medical Marijuana is Politically Risky

This new poll from New Hampshire casts further doubt on the rapidly unraveling notion that politicians must support harsh marijuana policies to get votes:

Poking Around in a Teenager's Panties is a Sick Crime (Unless It's a Drug Search)

At age 13, Savana Redding was strip-searched by school officials who suspected her of possessing prescription Ibuprofen.

Wow, These 4/20 Celebrations Are Surprisingly Safe

Actually, I'm not very surprised.

If You Think the Drug War Protects Young People, Read This

CNN has a story on teenage drug smuggling that pretty much murders the notion that drug

Obama's Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws

The legal plight of medical marijuana provider Charlie Lynch has provided a useful instrument with which to measure the new ad

Supreme Court Restricts Warrantless Vehicle Searches

The Supreme Court's decision in Arizona v. Gant today was a pleasant surprise.

The Mainstream Media Wishes You a Happy 4/20

NYT celebrates the annual marijuana holiday with a cheerful piece about how everyone loves marijuan

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