Breaking News:Dangerous Delays: What Washington State (Re)Teaches Us About Cash and Cannabis Store Robberies [REPORT]



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Rest in Peace, John W. Perry

Radley Balko reminds us that John W. Perry lost his life 5 years ago today.

Karen Tandy Speaks the Truth...But Doesn't Mean it

USA Today's coverage of DEA's new pain medicine regulations (also blogged

DEA Feeling the Pain

The DEA’s war on pain doctors got a facelift today as explained in their ironically titled press-release “Working Together:

Crafty Smuggler for Hire

What do you do when you’ve been out of the workforce for quite awhile and potential employers won’t stop asking about your massive felony convictions?

Karen Tandy Retaliates Against DEA Whistle-blower

This ugly story provides a frightening example of the sordid relatio

It Can't be Stopped

As police departments around the country struggle to eradicate outdoor marijuana crops

Baking and Entering

Delightfully smug sex columnist Dan Savage got stoned and walked into Seattle’s City Hall with a fake gun and bag full of pot cookies. For all the right reasons.

Dammit Bobby, You're a Prosecutor Not a Scientist!

For a quick laugh check out “Report Shows Marijuana Users Growing Older” from the Salem News in

ONDCP Ads Condemned by GAO; Souder Responds by Setting World Record for Unintelligent Talking

Our friends at SSDP report that the ONDCP has been slammed by the GAO again.

Hemp: The Anti-Drug

In discussing the bill to legalize industrial hemp cultivation in California, the New York Times hits the nail on

Harvest Season Hijinks

Every year in August, we see a flurry of marijuana eradication stories in local papers, as police target outdoor plants ripening for the fall harvest.

Grave Injustice from the Eighth Circuit

This week’s most depressing story is that of Emiliano Gonzolez, an immigrant who consented to a police search only to have his life savings confiscated.

Drug War Grandstanding: A Bridge to Nowhere

Another prohibitionist politician has been ousted by voters:

Intern at ONDCP

The Office of National Drug Control Policy looking for interns for the spring semester.

Don't Go to Indiana

From the Tribune-Star in Terre Haute, Indiana:
The Vigo County prosecutor’s office

New "Meth Gun" Not as Cool as it Sounds

Courtesy of Pete Guither at DrugWarRant comes this terrifying story.

Mother Nature Implicated in Massive Marijuana Grow-Op

Your tax dollars at work:

You Can Put Your Weed in it

I’ve seen these before, but never in the news:

Prickly Progressives Impede Pot Progress

Progress Now, a Colorado-based advocacy group issued a statement condemning Focus on the Family President

To Snitch or Not to Snitch


Free Advertising for Drug Dealers

Stupid drug war ideas are a usually a dime a dozen, but I’d pay a quarter for this one.

Don't Worry, Orrin Hatch Will Save You

When renowned R&B producer Dallas Austin was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in a Dubai prison for cocaine possession, he found

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