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New Mexico Set To Become 12th Medical Marijuana State

First it passed the Senate and died in the House. Then, at the urging of Gov.

Ed Rosenthal Vindicated From Vindictive Charges

We all knew Ed Rosenthal was being vindictively prosecuted, but it's nice to a hear a federal judge say it.

Drug Czar Contracts Liar's-block

Via DrugWarRant, John Walters had a tough time answering questions from the

Why Aren't Police Videotaping SWAT Raids? has an impressive pi

Great 4th Amendment Ruling in Utah

The Utah Supreme Court just issued a surprisingly rational decision. From The Salt Lake Tribune:

Cory Maye Catastrophe Copied in Canada

Basile Parasiris is the latest seemingly innocent person to fire on police who he mistook for burglars during a drug raid on his home.

Drug War: The Ride

While Karen Tandy touts triumphs against traffickers, taxi drivers are treating drug-trade terrorism like a tourist attract

Obligatory Comment on the Toddlers-Smoking-Pot Video

I'd just as soon not touch this with a 10-foot pole, but I fear that ignoring it could make us

ONDCP Gloats Over Ken Gorman's Death

The New York Times reports on the death of Ken Gorman, a Colorado medical marijuana pro

Treating Drug Addiction With Addictive Drugs

Jacob Sullum at Reason is incredulous over a new Vancouver

Vermont Mayor Says Execute Drug Dealers, Legalize Marijuana

The increasingly obvious failure of the drug war is spawning some odd discussions this year.

"Billion Dollar Bong" Becomes Buzzkill For Pfizer

Leave it to a major pharmaceutical company to completely forget about the drug war.

NIDA To MMJ Patients: Shove It Up Your Ass

The Clarion-Ledger reports that scientists at NIDA's marijuana research facili

Drug War Irrationality Watch: Banning Things That Are Already Illegal

One of the fun things about being a drug warrior is that you can always propose crazy new drug laws, even when they overlap with existing legislation.

Bringing Home The Troops

As blowhards like Lou Dobbs call for escalation in the war on drugs, even the White House is singing a different tune.

Don't Talk To The Kids About Drugs

Seriously, just don't. Because if you mention drugs to children for any purpose other than to terrify them, you'll make national news for being a bastard.

Mexico Proposes Decriminalization…Again

Filipe Calderon is so totally not getting a Christmas card from the White House this year.

"Never Get Busted Again" Video Says Consent To Searches

Barry Cooper's new video Never Get Busted Again Vol. 1: Traffic Stops recommends consenting to searches, even when you have marijuana in your car.

Tom Riley Narcs On Ryan Grim

It all started when The Politico's Ryan Grim called ONDCP's Tom Riley for a quote to include in this stor

Another Outrage: 13-Year Sentence for Medical Marijuana Grower

Dustin Costa, whose case we've discussed here and

Former DEA Agent: We'll Win If We Just Arrest Every Drug User

Most people who notice that the drug war has failed eventually come to understand that we must stop wasting billions of dollars harming people who've used drugs.

They Only Have One Argument Against Hemp…And Its Wrong

The Columbia Tribune reports on the ongoing challenges faced by North Dakota farmers seeking to grow indu

Parents Say The Darndest Things

Here's ONDCP's Bertha Madras from an online debate over student drug testing:

Winning at Whack-A-Mole

Here's Robert J.

The War on Neighbors of Drug Dealers Continues

81-year-old Isaac Singletary was gunned down in his yard by police who were investigating someone else.

Open Source Becomes Open Sore For NIDA

Wikipedia has accused the National Institute on Drug Abuse of "vandalism" following repeated attempts by NI

Pee For Recreation, Not For Education

ONDCP's abhorrent traveling drug testing show made its first stop of the year in Charleston, SC this week.

Georgia Police Chief: We're Gonna Stop Shooting So Many People

DeKalb County Georgia, which borders Atlanta, endured 12 fatal police shootings last year. Now their new Police Chief Terrell Bolton is promising to do something.

Things We Shouldn't Even Be Debating

Via The Houston Chronicle, here's what happens when the wrong people notice that the drug war is faili

If You Smoke Pot, An Alien Could Steal Your Girlfriend

That's the central message of this new Above The Influence ad.

Instead Of Drug Offender Registries Try Legalizing Drugs

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is the latest to propose giving drug dealers free advertising. From the Las Cruces Sun-News:

Huge News: Dennis Kucinich To Chair Subcommittee Overseeing ONDCP

It ain't Ethan Nadelmann as Drug Czar, but I'll take it.

Hemp: A Coming Epidemic

MSNBC reports on the alarming surge of hemp-laced foods being sold openly in our neighborhoods.

The Fine Line Between Forfeiture And Extortion

Via Rogier van Bakel, here's another example of gratuitous malfeasance courtesy of the war on d

DEA Treasurer: "There Will Be Less Drug Enforcement Going On"

It might be time for all you hippies to stop worrying and learn to love the War in Iraq.

Drug War Corruption Forces Disarmament of Entire Tijuana Police Force

A new day, a new extreme as the dark swarm of drug war-corrupted cops continues to swell.

Spare Us From Asparagus Tariffs (Or The Lack Thereof)

Eradication efforts in South America continue to find news ways of being counterproductive and unsuccessful.

Debate Over Afghan Opium Medicalization Coming to Washington

The pressure to medicalize poppy cultivation in Afghanistan won't go away.

So You Don't Have To

My favorite blog Drug War Rant frequently reports on my least favorite blog, the ONDCP's

The Rack N' Roll Conspiracy

It's diabolical! It's confusing!

Corruption and Misconduct: Bastard Children of the War on Drugs

One of the most widely ignored consequences of the drug war is its negative influence on the men and women who carry it out.

Can't Handle The Truth?

A new report proving that marijuana is America's number one c

Read Between the Lines: Why DEA Only Raids Some Dispensaries

Here's the Drug Czar's blog gloating over the DEA's raid of the Local Patient's Co

U.S. Drug Czar Advises Canadian Officials On How To Destroy Canada

On the heels of reports that the U.S.

DEA Found Guilty of Retaliating Against Whistleblower

The DEA has been found guilty of retaliating against an agent who exposed misconduct.

Free Richard Paey!

Call Florida Governor Jeb Bush and urge him to pardon Richard Paey.

The number is 850-488-7146.

Gateway Theory Debunked...Again

A 12 year study from the university of Pittsburgh pokes yet another whole in the wet paper napkin known a

A Slippery Slope

Eric Sterling has another good rant on his

Dawn of the Meth


How Did You Celebrate Meth Day?

Meth is the worst drug since marijuana, a fact worth considering on National Methamphetamine Awareness Day

UNODC Director Insults Entire World With Absurd Declaration

The discussion surrounding opium cultivation in Afghanistan has spiraled out of control as public officials who've accomplished nothing attempt to update us on their progress.

The War on Medical Marijuana Patients Continues...But Why?

Medical marijuana activist Dustin Costa was convicted in federal court last week and could now spend the rest of

Joe Biden: We Don't Like Him Either

Delaware Senator Joseph Biden Jr. wants to be President too.

Rudy Giuliani: We Don't Like Him

It became clear last week that Rudy Giuliani intends to b

I Met Pete Guither!

One of many highlights at the SSDP Conference was finally meeting DrugWarRant blogger Pete Guither. Here I am with three of my favorite writers:

Thank You Milton Friedman

Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman passed away today at the age of 94.

DEA: Mind-Altering Drugs are Available in Stores, But Don’t Buy Them

Someone needs to remind the DEA and CBS 4 in Denver that many people actually enjoy doing drugs.

What’s Up With People Putting Pot in Each Other’s Food?

In New Mexico, total panic erupted after three Burger King employees served pot-laced burgers to police.

Can We Fix the Crack/Cocaine Sentencing Disparity Already?

Our good friend and occasional Speakeasy contributor Eric Sterling has a

Marijuana Delivery Services: They're Great

But I’m not sure we need newspapers writing about them.

Forfeiture Insanity: Three Cars for Oxycontin Possession

That’s right possession.

A Disappointing Night for Reform

The three most important drug reform initiatives have failed today.

Big Loss for Ernest Istook

Rep. Earnest Istook (R-OK) went down hard tonight in the Oklahoma Governor’s race.

Last Minute Lies in Nevada and South Dakota

Opponents of MPP’s ballot initiatives have resorted to making stuff up out of thin air.

Ted Haggard Scores Small Victory in the Meth War

There’s one less bag of meth on the street thanks to Rev. Ted Haggard, who apparently enjoys buying the drug and then throwing it away.

Manufacturer Advertises Marinol as "Legal Marijuana"

Drug warriors such as Andrea Barthwell and David Murray have argued strenuously that cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals such as Marinol and

What do They Know?

Tensions over Amendment 44 in Colorado have reached a fever pitch as self-appointed marijuana experts continue to emerge with absurb predictions.

Have You Warned Your Kids About Schwag?

Next time you get "amped out" on "sextasy" and wind up in a "k-hole" don't tell your mom.

You Can’t Spell ‘Potential’ Without Pot

They said marijuana causes cancer, but now we’ve learned that THC may prevent it

Bush: Stay the Course in Colombia

President Bush never tires of spending our tax dollars losing not winning various wars.

More Bad News: Shaq is a Cop

Radley Balko reports that Shaq has been going on SWAT missions.

People are Getting Beheaded in Mexico

It’s horrible. But there’s nothing very surprising about it.

If Use Doesn't Rise, We Must Legalize

Talkleft reports that the UK is experiencing a drop in marijuana use after reducing penalties for possession.

Maybe They Just Like the Way it Smells

People are getting wasted on cocaine again.

Ok, Now I'm Pissed

This is outrageous:

Another Reason to Get High With Grandma

The New York Times reports that the value of traditional Alzheimer’s medications has been dramatically

"We'll need grinders and large bongs"


More Silliness from the Drug Czar

When the paranoid family values fanatics at Focus on the Family write news stories based on quotes from John Walters,

This is Your Government on Drugs

What happens when a satirical TV program tricks 50 members of Italian Parliament into taking a drug test? Controversy.

DEA vs. ONDCP: Whose Propaganda is Worse?

The DEA has announced its latest attempt to discourage marijuana use among teens who visit anti-marijuana websites.

Petitioning for the Right to Petition

Tireless DrugWarRant blogger Pete Guither continues to generate press coverage of his

Paging Orrin Hatch

Update 10/25/06: Hatch's office informed us that Dallas Austin's parents were instrumental in getting the Senator involved. We've now contacted the D.C.

Taking the Moral High Ground

(from DrugWarRant

A Failure Cake with Poison Icing

Blasphemy: College Reporter Quotes Us in Defense of the HEA Drug Provision

Ordinarily a lame anti-drug editorial in a college paper would escape our attention.

No Kidding: DEA Says MJ Legalization Initiative Could Result in MJ Legalization

Reformers may have jumped the gun in condemning DEA’s opposition to Colorado's

Cory Maye to be Re-sentenced!

Huge news from Radley Balko.

Hamid Karzai: Afghanistan Not a Narco-State

I caught an awkward exchange on Meet the Press this Morning between Tim Russert and Afghan President Hamid Karzai:

NY Police Handcuff Children and Shoot a Dog all for a $60 Bag of Pot

With Radley Balko busy uncovering conspiracies in Mississippi I guess I’ll address this week’s paramilitary policing

ONDCP Ads on

From the creators of a blog that no one reads, and

Free Willie!

After a 50 year investigation, Operation Follow Willie Nelson’s Tour Bus has finally produced results:

ONDCP Publicly Debates Drug Reform Leaders for the First (and Probably Last) Time Ever

Last night I attended the D.C.

Reformers Raid Cato Institute

Radley Balko and

A Question for Dr. Volkow

Drug warriors don’t answer phone calls or emails from the likes of us, so the only way to ask them questions is to show up when they’re speaking publicly and hope to get called on during Q&A.

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