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Cocaine Shortages Don't Prevent Violence, They Cause It

The best thing you can ever hope for in the drug war is a statistical anomaly.

Jury Duty: A Day in the Life of Our Corrupt War on Drugs

Via DrugWarRant, Michael Hawkins blogs the

Marijuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion Dollars

As California faces a $1 billion budget shortfall, the marijuana industry offers a commonsense solution to the state's fiscal problems:

D.C. Drug Policy Softball Team Ranked #1

Just when you thought reformers couldn’t play ball on Capitol Hill:

New Study: Marijuana Does Not Cause Psychosis, Lung Damage, or Skin Cancer

I've performed a meta-analysis of various scare stories about marijuana appearing in major papers this week. The results of my research are as follows:


Opposition to Medical Marijuana is a Conspiracy to Prevent Broader Legalization

An important fact to understand about the medical marijuana debate is that the federal government knows perfectly well that marijuana is an effective medicine:

Six Months Since Police Shot an Innocent 80-Year-Old Man, and Still No Explanation

80-year-old Isaac Singletary had a habit of chasing drug dealers off his property. Then, one fateful day, he emerged with a pistol to threaten two dealers that were creeping around his yard.

San Francisco Orders Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Sell Fatter Bags

Regulation of medical marijuana distribution can have some interesting side effects.

The People Support Medical Marijuana, Even If Congress Does Not

After retaining the right to arrest medical marijuana patients and caregivers, ONDCP's Tom Riley was unable to contain his glee:

ONDCP's "Cocaine Shortage" Announcement is Pure Fiction

This week, the drug czar's office has tricked

Rumors of a DEA Blog Prompt Curiosity & Concern

Adweek profiles The Adfero Group, whose VP Christopher Battle is helping the DEA

Even Anti-Meth Activists Oppose the Drug War

Tom Siebel is a multimillionaire philanthropist who funded terrifying anti-meth ads in Montana.

It's Time for the Drug Czar to Resign

News that ONDCP officials illegally campaigned for Republican congressional candidates has generated

Sen. Coburn Thinks Police Should Shoot Drug Suspects in the Back


Clinton Promises to End Federal Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Hillary Clinton continues to get the drug policy questions right:

Showtime's "In Pot We Trust" is a Must-see

Wow, man. There's lots of heady nugs in this movie. Just pack your favorite bong, zap some popcorn, and get ready for the ride of your life.

The Difference Between Pot Growers and Terrorists

When Drug Czar John Walters announced last week that pot growers are terrorists, I thought he'd gotten a little carried away.

David Murray Lies About Steve Kubby's Position on Medical Marijuana

Via DrugWarRant, here's a glimpse at the brilliant methods of ONDCP Chief Scientist David Murray.

Drug Czar Says Pot Growers are "Terrorists"

The escalating lunacy of Drug Czar John Walters becomes more apparent all the time:

Ann Althouse Insults Medical Marijuana

Popular law blogger Ann Althouse concurs with Rudy Giuliani's ignorant remarks about medi

They're Trying to Clone Drug-sniffing Dogs!

It's horrible because it's true:

Positive Drug Tests Don't Prove Impairment

Maybe you've heard the story: Worker gets injured on the job. Employer, anticipating hefty workers compensation claims, administers drug test.

Rudy Giuliani Hates Medical Marijuana, But He Loves OxyContin

Rudy Giuliani has again lashed out at medical marijuana on the campaign trail:

Opposing the Drug War Doesn’t Make Us "Pro-drug"

As recently as Friday, ONDCP has continuously described drug policy reform organizations as "

Why Do Newspapers Drug Test Their Employees?

Staffers at two major newspapers in Washington, D.C. tell me that they were warned about possible drug tests when they were hired.

Hillary Clinton: Drug Policy Reformer?

This is a week old now, but I think Hillary Clinton's comments at the recent Democratic Presidential debate are worth discussing here:

Joe Biden Does Something Good On Drug Policy

I've taken swings at Joe Biden a couple

D.C. Needle Exchange Ban Lifted: Let's Do Heroin!

Marijuana Policy Reformers Don't "Hide Behind AIDS and Cancer Patients"

In an otherwise great piece putting ONDCP's pot potency panic in perspective, Clara Jeffery at

Is it Ok to Out Prohibitionist Politicians for Past Pot Use? Yes.

When Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman regurgitated ONDCP anti-pot propaganda, he got more than he bargained for. It all began with this statement from the senator:

DEA Official: Marijuana Will Kill You

Get ready to die, stoners. Via DrugWarRant, DEA Miami Chief Mark R.

ONDCP Still Fuming About New Mexico's Medical Marijuana Law

The following post from ONDCP's blog illustrates how trivial their objections really are:

Justices Stevens, Souter, & Ginsburg: Drug Policy Reform Sympathizers?

As noted by Pete Guither in his excellent 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' coverage, this passage from Justice Stevens in

Bong Hits 4 Jesus: Today's Ruling Does Not Affect Political Speech

Today's Supreme Court ruling in the notorious 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' case (aka Morse v.

Do Firefighters Get Stoned When a Stashhouse Burns Down?

This is curious…

Teens Who Use Drugs Are Less Likely to Get in Fights

Pete Guither at DrugWarRant points out another amusing irony contained in ONDCP's new report

Breaking: Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Law Now Permanent

I've just been informed that the Rhode Island House has passed medical marijuana again, this time making the law permanent.

Marijuana Doesn't Cause Gang Membership, But the Drug War Does

ONDCP's effort to link marijuana with violence and gang membership is ironic for another important rea

Pete Gets Off the Couch and Joins a Gang

The closest thing to schizophrenia ever caused by marijuana is occurring at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which can't decide whether pot leads to laziness or gang violence.

ONDCP's Emphasis on Marijuana is Incoherent on So Many Levels

This statement from Tom Riley at ONDCP is just jaw-dropping:

Pot, Aliens, and ONDCP

Seth Stevenson at Slate is in love with the new ONDCP ad

New ONDCP Video Demonstrates Exactly Why Their Ads Don't Work

"Stoners in the Mist" is a fake documentary from in which "Dr.

Bruce Willis Finally Figures it Out

Last year, Bruce Willis was advocating scorched-earth warfare against the cocaine trade:

ONDCP Staffer Makes Threatening Phone Call to SSDP Office

Mere hours after SSDP's Tom Angell posted this amusing letter from ONDCP noting that th

Airport Narcs Fired For Peeing on Luggage

Ok, they were dogs, but it's still funny…

Oops, Wrong House. Sorry We Threw Grenades and Kicked You in the Crotch.

Via Radley Balko, yet another

Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Care About Sick People

Via Reason, Don Murphy of Republicans for Compassionate Access asked Rudy

Don't Tell Anyone About the Narc Ambulance

When we said drug abuse needs to be looked at from a medical perspective, this isn’t what we had in mind:

ONDCP: We Don't Care What You Dorks on YouTube Think

A Seattle Post-Intelligencer story about political messages on contains this delightful q

Joe Biden Gets Stuck on the Fence

Joe Biden, whose brain malfunctions severely anytime he thinks about drugs, did not disappoint during Sunday’s

If You Like CSI: Miami, You’ll Love the Westwood College of Criminal Justice!


David in the Liar's Den

Ever wonder what it's like to watch a drug warrior squirm?

Ed Rosenthal Convicted of Following State Law, Helping Sick People

After five years and enough drama and incompet

Testing Positive for Marijuana Doesn't Mean You're High

For the last time, it doesn’t mean that. Unlike other drugs, marijuana remains detectable in urine for weeks after use.

Why Does DEA Teach Meth-Cooking to the Public?

This is just bizarre. I swear, every time I think I'm on the verge of understanding what motivates these people, they find increasingly strange ways to waste our money:

New Marijuana Research: Stoned People Aren't Stupid

Having noted earlier this week that marijuana users sometimes do rather foolish things, I was pleased to f

Can You Smell the Meth?

This story might take first prize in a week already m

Attention Marijuana Users: Hershey™ Doesn’t Want Your Business

I never thought this day would come. But when greed and idiocy converge, the effects can be catastrophic.

Remedial Marijuana Ethics 101: Don't Be An Idiot

If you work at McDonalds, don’t hide your pot in a Happy Meal.

Czar Wars

The nomination of Gen. Douglas E.

Australia: Better Bud Prompts Proposed Bong Ban

The only thing more misguided and pointless than obsessing over pot potency is banning bongs:

Narc Team Rams Suspect's House With Vehicle, Finds Marijuana

This raises more questions than it answers:

If Only Afghanistan Were More Like Colombia…

Colombian narcs who haven't been killed yet are holding police training seminars in Afghanistan.

God Declares War On Drugs

…Or so says the Pope.

Marijuana Now Causes Homosexual Incest. That's What They're Saying.

You've been warned that marijuana could turn you into a dickhead, but you didn’t listen.

USA Today Takes Firm Stance on Student Drug Testing: Neutral

The editors at USA Today attempt to tackle student drug testing on the Opinion page, only to become ho

The Boy Who Cried Meth

No community is safe from the scourge of idiot reporters who can't help but write meth stories no matter how hard they try not to.

Minorities Must be Criminals, Otherwise There Wouldn't Be So Many of 'Em in Prison

New DOJ data confirming that minorities receive harsher treatment than whites during traffic stops came as no surprise to

Narcing for Fun and Profit

According to the DEA, people absolutely love working for the

Meth Makes You Do Stupid Things

They arrested 49 Indian store clerks for unknowingly selling household items that could be used to make meth.

Racial Profiling: Another DOJ Cover-up?

A new report from the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) shows that black and Hispanic drivers ar

What Do Cops Think About the Atlanta Indictments?

What do police officers have to say about the indictment of three Atlanta police offic

Reuters Admits Flawed Marijuana Reporting

Given ONDCP's ongoing claims of 20-30 fold increases in marijuana potency, yesterday's announcement that potency has merely double

ONDCP Admits Exaggerating Marijuana Potency

Well, that's not exactly how they phrased it. But that's what happened.

Wanna Beat a Drug Test? Switch From Pot to Oxycodone

Yesterday, I wrote about false positive drug test results, noting that many schools aren't required to co

False Positives: The Dark Secret of the Drug Testing Regime

The New Scientist has an excellent story on student drug tes

I'll Have A Porous Border With "Cheese" Please

Bryan Preston at Michelle Malkin's mega-blog Hot Air is

Cannabis Doesn't Cause Cancer, But It Might Cure It

When a NIDA funded study last May revealed no link between lung cancer and lifetim

Losing Your Job: Another Thing For MMJ Patients to Worry About

This might be the greatest intro ever to a major media story on marijuana.

With Friends Like These…

Outgoing U.S.

"Pot. It mightn't kill you, but it could turn you into a dickhead"

This slogan, in all seriousness, will be appearing in magazines

Mouth Makeovers for Meth Moms

Tonight at 10:00, The Tyra Banks Show will be giving makeovers to disfigured recovering meth add

Nobody Likes The Drug Czar

Part 5 of NPR's di

Pushing Crap: 24 Hours Of ONDCP Blogging Boggles the Brain

At tremendous risk to my sanity, I read ONDCP's blog so you don’t have to. Keep in mind that the following was posted sequentially within a 24 hour period:

Drug Czar: Supporting MMJ is Politically Wise, But Don't Do It

New Mexico has officially become the 12th medical marijuana state, prompting reckless viciousness and incredulity from the Drug Czar.

Drag Racing: The Anti-Drug

Not to be confused with the superb know-your-rights manual by Katya Komisaruk (reviewed in the latest DWC),

Thanks Bob Barr, Now Can I Have My Faith in Democracy Back?

Christmas came nine months early with news that former drug-warring Congressman Bob Barr has repented and

Don't Snort The Pink Speed

If you're not already dead, be warned that drug dealers are lacing meth with candy.

Lou Dobbs Sucks Live

I don't have cable, so the only way to catch the latest edition of Lou Dobbs' appalling series "The War Within" was to attend a live filming at George Washington University.

4th Amendment Victories in State Courts

Cross-posted from Flex Your Rights

The Coveted ONDCP Hiking Award

Any police officer who's ever risked life and limb in the line of duty should be enraged.

Bong Hits 4 Ever

The Washington Post has an important point:

Snitching For The DEA Isn't As Fun As It Sounds

Juan Medina has an IQ of 77. Suffice to say he ain't no rocket scientist.

The Drug War Rules Til It Comes For Your Friends

I found two different stories this month about law-enforcement insiders tipping off friends prior to a drug raid.

Buying Bananas Supports Terrorism…Seriously

Only the drug war could create a situation in which banana consumers inadvertently support terror. Makes you wonder what else supports terrorism. Coffee? Soda?

The Truth About Marijuana Use in the UK

As Phil notes below, there's a new wave of reefer madness taking hold in England.

9th Circuit: Avoiding Certain Death No Excuse for Medical Marijuana Use

In what has otherwise been an exciting week of drug policy news, we're sad to report that the 9th circuit has rejected Angel Raich's "right to life" challenge against federal medical

Think You Know Your Rights? Take The Quiz

I wrote up a fun know-your-rights quiz for my dayjob over at Flex Your Rights

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