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FOX News Bars Drug Policy Discussion From the Republican Debates by Excluding Ron Paul

Looks like FOX News is trying to put a lid on Ron Paul:

You Can't Protect the Children's Futures by Putting Them in Jail for Marijuana

Fed up with prison overcrowding, the Texas legislature passes a law encouraging police to ticket rather than arrest people for small amounts of marijuana.

Journalism 101: Everything the Drug Czar Says is Wrong

Josh Burnett at NPR has a strong article debunking the absurd cocaine shortage rumor started by th

The Drug Czar's Fair-weather Fascination With Drug War Violence

A week ago, the Drug Czar's blog announced what it calls "Another Sign of Progress in Col

Drug Dealers Open Fire on Santa Claus Helicopter

Not even Santa Claus is safe from the violence caused by drug prohibition:

Candy Flavored Meth is Safer Than Regular Meth

After a few months of worrying about other more important things,

Congress Just Says No to Anti-Drug Propaganda

It looks like Congress will be giving Drug Czar John Walters a big lump of coal for Christmas this year.

If You Oppose Harm Reduction, You Support AIDS and Death

The Drug Czar's blog has been very concerned about harm reduction lately.

Dutch Police Insist on Smoking Marijuana Off-Duty

Apparently, American tourists aren’t the only ones enjoying Amsterdam's coffeeshops:

Drug Czar Makes Absurd Claim That the Drug War Reduces Teen Tobacco Use

If you haven't figured out yet that the Drug Czar will say anything, you should start reading some of the stuff he says.

Clinton Staffer Attacks Obama Over Past Drug Use

This is ugly.

Why Doesn't the DEA Just Crack Down on Medical Marijuana?

Ever wonder why the federal government doesn't just go ahead and raid every medical marijuana dispensary in California?

U.S. Recommends Early Release for 19,500 Crack Offenders

The sentencing disparity that punishes offenders 100 times worse for crack than for powder cocaine has taken a double hit this week.

Ron Paul Blames Prostitution on the Drug War

When John Stossel interviews Ron Paul, you know it's gonna be good. Paul defends personal choice, rejecting the federal government's authority to regulate drug use.

"You Don't Want This!"

2007 International Drug Policy Reform Conference

If you're wondering why the blog has been kinda quiet this week, it's because the entire staff is at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference.

Is Rudy Giuliani Shaping Hillary Clinton's Stance on Drug Laws?

Democratic presidential contenders are in universal agreement that it's time to abolish the racist and irrational sentencing disparity that punishes offenders 100 times worse for crack than for

Marijuana is Better For Your Lungs Than Tobacco

This week, the Drug Czar announced once again that smoking a joint is as bad for your lungs as fiv

Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana

Ron Paul shows Giuliani, McCain, and

Hillary Clinton Pledges Support for Needle Exchange

After hilariously claiming that she needed to see more evidence of its effectiveness, democratic presidential

John Edwards Criticizes the War on Drugs

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards sounds like he's finally ready to discuss the drug war realistically:

Does Marijuana Make You Better at Sports?

The DEA and FBI are working overtime to bust steroid suppliers.

John McCain's Awful Response to a Cop Who Wants to End the Drug War

When NH police officer and LEAP speaker Bradley Jardis confronted John McCain last week, demanding an explanati

Mitt Romney Recommends Lying to the Kids About Drugs

Mitt Romney thinks it's just awful that Barack Obama has been honest about past experience with alcohol and illegal drugs:

Mark Souder Can't Stop Accusing People of Being Drug Legalizers

Remember when Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.) went crazy and started accusing all his enemies of being communist spies? I don't because I wasn't alive yet, but I hear it was hilarious.

Awesome: Marijuana Compound Might Cure Breast Cancer

While police and cement-skulled Washington bureaucrats are busy trying to eradicate this infinitely useful plant, scientists around the world are constantly uncovering new evidence of marijuana's

People are Licking Toads Again

The harder you try to keep people sober, the sooner they will run off in search of new and bizarre ways get super wasted.

Top Drug War Advocate Publicly Humiliates Himself

On Nov.

Marijuana Evolves Faster Than Human Beings

Explaining the failure of marijuana prohibition is easy. Sociology, economics, history, and psychology can all help to explain why a safe and popular drug cannot be removed from the market by force.

Feds Predict Major Drop in Marijuana Prices

Unless you measure success by the number of people arrested, the failure of the war on marijuana is becoming more obvious than ever before.

One in Three Hit Songs Contain Drug References

When the kids aren't sniffing poo and

Popular Children's Toy Revealed to Contain Club Drugs

Instead of debating whether or not marijuana decriminalization sends the wrong message to children, maybe we should spend more time ensuring that kid's toys aren't made of club drugs:

Denver Voters Make Marijuana the Lowest Law-Enforcement Priority

It's always exciting to see the drug war lose at the ballot box. In 2005, the citizens of Denver, CO voted to legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana.

Study: College Educated People are More Likely to Support Marijuana Legalization

Supporters of marijuana policy reform have long been viciously mischaracterized and stereotyped by our opposition. We are called druggies and losers.

Drug Scare: Kids in Florida are Getting High by Sniffing Feces

You can urine test them. You can take away their financial aid for college. But you can't stop the kids from getting high.

Arresting Marijuana Users Sends the Wrong Message to Children

Has anyone ever told you that we must never change our marijuana policy because doing so would send the wrong message to children?

Drew Carey Cares About Medical Marijuana

You might remember Drew Carey from his hit sitcom The Drew Carey Show.

Cowards: Democratic Front-Runners Reject Marijuana Law Reform

Critics of marijuana policy reform are fond of dismissing the idea as a liberal fantasy.

Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Want You to Get High

Our friends at reason have a new video site that we're told will be featuring lots of drug policy content in the coming weeks and months.

What Motivates the Leaders of the Drug War?

Following this week's departure of DEA Administrator Karen Tandy, Pete Guither

Blogging is More Addictive Than Marijuana

A commenter on my last post has conducted some amateur research and has troubling news for us about marijuana

This Man Receives 300 Marijuana Joints a Month From the Federal Government

Everyone knows the U.S. government hates medical marijuana. Still, most people understand that, illegal or not, marijuana is a very beneficial treatment for patients with certain conditions.

Drug Czar Opposes Effort to Reduce Drug Overdoses

The Office of National Drug Control Policy hates harm reduction.

DEA Director Resigns, Says She Had an Awesome Time

DEA Administrator Karen Tandy announced her resignation today, marking her 4-year tenure with another trademark Tandyism:

Video: US Government Encourages Drug Offenders to Choose the Army Instead of College

A new YouTube video from SSDP gets the word out about hypocritical drug laws and looks for the victims of one such law in particular.

New Study: Marijuana Might Cure Brain Tumors

One of the great ironies in the debate over marijuana's medical applications is that the drug may prove to be vastly more useful than many marijuana activists even realize. As the U.S.

Someone Tell the Drug Czar That Hemp Isn't a Drug

The brave drug warriors at ONDCP need so much help.

Digg and Reddit Users Want to Legalize Marijuana

The rise of news aggregator websites like Digg and Reddit has become a surprisingly helpful ass

U.S. Government Encourages Drug Offenders to Choose the Army Instead of College

We can now add to our long and growing list of drug war grievances that this terrible crusade has become a fully functional army recruitment tool. The U.S.

The Drug Czar's Blog Accidentally Admits That Drug Laws Ruin Lives

Yesterday, in a post titled "Random Drug Testing Can Save Lives," the Drug Czar once aga

The Truth About Why Republican Candidates Oppose Medical Marijuana

McCain, Giuliani, and

When The Drug Czar Says We're Winning The Drug War, It Means Nothing

The insufferable Robert Caldwell at Human Events writes love

Mitt Romney's Horrible Encounter With a Medical Marijuana Patient

I thought it couldn't get any worse than McCain and Giuliani, but I was so wrong.

McCain and Giuliani Say Terrible Things to a Medical Marijuana Patient

Via MPP, battle lines are being drawn

Franklin Pierce University Forced by Local Police to Help Bust its Own Students

Drug war lunacy has taken hold in Rindge, NH and it isn't pretty.

John McCain is Sick of Being Asked About Medical Marijuana

SSDP activist Jon Perri just nailed John McCain over his opposition to medical marijuana.

Obama Comes Out Against Mandatory Minimums

It's about time. We've been concerned about Obama's perspective on drug policy, but it looks like he's coming around:

Does Partnership for a Drug Free America Oppose Random Student Drug Testing?

As the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) parades around the nation promoting

Record Marijuana Seizures Mean There's More Pot, Not Less

The Drug Czar's blog once again demonstrates a remarkable misunderstanding of how drug enfo

Harvard Scientists Build Very Cool Bong

At last, a solution to the problem of not being able to get high during a brain scan:

Why Do Police Really Oppose Marijuana Legalization? Part II

Yesterday's post failed to address the prevalence of police officers who privately oppose the drug war

Why Do Police Really Oppose Marijuana Legalization?

The superb efforts of our friends at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition notwithstanding, police generally oppose efforts to reform marij

Missouri Police Chief Promises Not to Oppose Marijuana Decrim Initiative

A pending marijuana decriminalization effort in Joplin, MO revealed the city's police chief to be a pre

John Edwards Supports Needle Exchange

As part his new proposed plan to combat AIDS, democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards is speaking out in favor of needle exchange:

Obama is So Bad on Drug Policy, He Got Endorsed By Prison Guards

I guess the title says it all.

A Marijuana User Gets Arrested Every 38 Seconds in America

Marijuana arrests have once again reached an all-time high, NORML reports:

Richard Paey's Torturers Must be Held Accountable

As we celebrate Richard Paey's freedom today, it is important to remember that his tragic fate was no accide

Richard Paey Receives Full Pardon

The plight of Richard Paey has been shocking even by the drug war's rock bottom standards.

Company That Killed Iraqi Civilians Gets Lucrative Drug War Contract

What do you do when you've been kicked out of Iraq for killing civilians and your company's reputation is in shambles?

Chris Dodd Advocates Marijuana Decriminalization

Nothing to see here.

Department of Justice Spends Millions on Munchies

I suppose you can't go around raiding medical marijuana dispensaries and prosecuting legitimate pain doctors on an empty stomach:

When Cops Ask For Machine Guns, You Know the Drug War Has Failed

If the drug war supposedly reduces crime and violence, how come we keep reading things like this?

DEA Director Makes Bizarre Remark at Alberto Gonzales Farewell Ceremony

DEA Administrator Karen Tandy babbled incoherently at a going away reception for disgraced former (boy, that feels good) Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Wrong Door Drug Raid Disrupts Family Dinner

Q: What's more annoying than solicitors ringing your doorbell during dinner?

Rising Cocaine Prices Don't Mean We're Winning the Drug War

After reading Donna Leinwand's cover story in USA Today, "Cocaine flow to 26 citie

Bad Cop Caught on Camera

While most police officers are hard working professionals, far too many are total psychos.

More Fun With Numbers at ONDCP

Press releases from the Office of National Drug Control Policy are so distorted and misleading, they are better suited to make paper airplanes than inform the public.

DEA Agent Admits The Drug War Funds Terrorism

Well, not exactly. But it sure is astounding to hear DEA lament the black market's role in funding terror:

DEA Agent Admits Medical Marijuana Laws Work

This piece in the Providence Journal is remarkable for several reasons.

Marijuana Charge From 25 Years Ago Prevents Man From Coaching Little League

There is just no limit to how stupid our society can become thanks to drug prohibition:

The Hypocrisy of Marijuana Critics Who Take Money From Beer Companies

On one day, the Denver City Council can be found panicking over a marijuana initiative that "sends the wrong message":

Office of National Grub Control Policy

Milo Bryant at the Colorado Springs Gazette is so impressed with what the Drug Cz

Drug Testing Encourages Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth Use

Anti-drug activist Debbie Fowler became a vocal supporter of student drug testing after her son Adam died from a heroin overdose:

If Medical Marijuana Patients Don't Exist, How Come They Keep Sending Us Letters?

Our Executive Director David Borden and NORML's Senior Policy Analyst Paul Armentano have coauthored an updated version of Dave's

Just Because Criminals Use Drugs Doesn't Mean Drugs Cause Crime

ONDCP's latest blog post boldly proclaims that drugs cause crime because most people who get a

Feds Raid Wheelchair-bound Paraplegic For Medical Marijuana [Updated]

The federal government is so desperate to undermine New Mexico's new medical marijuana law, they've started arresting harassing handicapped people:

Obama: What New Orleans Needs is More Drug War

When Barack Obama speaks of "change," he's not talking about the war on drugs. He likes it just fine the way it is.

Don't Smoke Pot in Your Car

Listen up hippies: smoking pot in your car is for jerks. Here's what will eventually happen to you if you insist on doing this:

FOX News Discusses Drug Legalization

Those liberal hippies at FOX News are at it again.

Democratic Presidential Candidates All Support Medical Marijuana

It's about time Barack Obama took the right position on a drug policy issue.

Bush Makes Lengthy Incoherent Statement About Plan Mexico

Via DrugWarRant, President Bush was asked about Plan Mexico yesterday at a

Supporting Medical Marijuana Is Smart Politics

This exchange between Bill Richardson and

"Marijuana Signature Project" Not as Cool as it Sounds

Watch out folks, the Marijuana Signature Project is not a legalization initiative. It's something far more sinister.

Why Isn't the Drug War a Mainstream Political Issue?

Pete Guither has a typically observant post noting the lack of serious drug policy discussion among top-tier politica

Anti-Drug Researchers Claim That All High Schools are Either "Drug Infested" or "Drug Free"

Anti-drug activists are so desperate to infect society with their fears and anxieties that they routinely make up statistics designed to terrify parents and policy-makers.

New Afghanistan Strategy is Exactly the Same as the Old One That Didn’t Work

When I heard the White House was creating a new strategy for countering opium cultivation in Afghanistan, I was curious. See, the U.S.

Who's Planting All That Pot in the Woods?

Long before the Drug Czar raised eyebrows by calling pot growers "violent criminal terrorists," pol

Police Often Lack Basic Knowledge About Marijuana

Every year at this time, police around the country start excitedly notifying local papers that they're getting better and better at finding pot in the woods.

Plan Mexico: The Right Name for the Wrong Idea

Architects of a new plan to subsidize Mexico's brutal drug w

Calling All Facebook Members…

Students for Sensible Drug Policy needs your help. Facebook has a cool contest where non-profits can win a $1,000 grant just by collecting votes.

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