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Judge Says Stun Guns Can't Be Mentioned in Autopsies

This is creepy:

John Conyers Demands Answers From DEA Over the Medical Marijuana Raids

Just read this fantastic letter (pdf), which Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers (D-MI) sent to DEA's acting

Don't Use Text Messages to Advertise Your Cocaine Prices

When I heard today that 75 students at San Diego State University were arrested on drug charges, something didn't sound right.

Man Dies After Being Denied a Liver Transplant For Using Medical Marijuana

Rest in peace, Timothy Garon. I'm not making it up, this really happened:

British Prime Minister Claims Marijuana Can Kill You

As British PM Gordon Browne prepares to ignore the recommendation of his own Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and increase penalties for marijuana, he reveals once again how little he actually

NYPD's Mindless Response to Accusations of Overzealous Marijuana Enforcement

Let's revisit once again this week's excellent NYCLU study of marijuana arrests in New York City.

Don't Give Your Marijuana to the Police

This remarkable New York Times piece exposes New Y

Denying Organ Transplants to Medical Marijuana Patients is Evil

Remember when John McCain said we never arrest dying patients for medical marijuana?

Dr. Albert Hofmann, Father of LSD, Dead at 102

Internet rumors of his passing have been confirmed for us by a friend of Dr. Hofmann's.

If Marijuana is Dangerous, How Come No One Gets Hurt at These Huge 4/20 Parties?

This year's 4/20 holiday was bigger and bolder than ever before, generating big headlines,

Virginia v. Moore: Just Another Dumb Ruling, Not a Full-blown 4th Amendment Crisis

Yesterday's Supreme Court decision in Virginia v.

The Heroin Addict President Can't Save Us From the Bombs of Xyzistan

...Or so says former prosecutor Charles Stimson, who has come completely unhinged in his

Drug Czar Creates Handy Guide For Teens on Where To Obtain Prescription Drugs

Oddly, the Drug Czar has created a new webpage that offers great tips for any teen looking to catch a bu

Police Admit Humiliation After 4/20 Celebration at UC Santa Cruz

As I noted earlier, the meteoric rise of the 4/20 marijuana holiday into a national phenomenon is really something

4/20 Gets Bigger Every Year

In 2006, Colorado University police photographed participants in a 4/20 celebration and offered rewards for information leading to their capture.

How Can We Debate Them if They Don't Even Know What Decriminalization Means?

The Los Angeles Times is publishing a series of debate pieces this week between Saying Yes author Jacob Sullum and Charles Stimson, a former prosecutor and senior legal fellow at the Heritage

A Great 4th Amendment Ruling in Alaska

This is one of the smartest 4th Amendment decisions I've seen in a while:

Drug War 101: Don't Let the Cops into Your House

A couple weeks ago I joined the National Capitol Area ACLU for a door-to-door outreach effort in Southeast D.C.

Barney Frank Introduces Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Via MPP (sorry no link):

If Progress in the Drug War is Measured in Dead Bodies, It's Going Well

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has drawn praise from U.S. drug warriors for his commitment to fighting back against the drug cartels.

The Drug War Exacerbates Deadly Brazilian Mosquito Plague

If you don’t know that the drug war is to blame for all the world's problems, everything you do know will only confuse you.

Job Opportunity: Kill People For a Mexican Drug Cartel

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is super

Job Opportunity: Grow Marijuana for the Canadian Government

This sounds like a fun gig. Whoever lands this job should start a blog:
OTTAWA — Health Canada is looking for someone to grow its weed.

New Study: Most Money Has Cocaine Residue On It

Researchers at Dartmouth have provided further confirmation of the popular rumor:

Clinton Proposes Fixing Stupid Crack Law, While Creating Stupid Meth Law

Hillary Clinton's new anti-crime plan is a typical example of schizophrenic drug war policy-making.

Defenders of Paramilitary Policing Don't Know What They're Talking About

A recent post in which I criticized no-knock drug raids provoked

Clinton and Obama's Positions on Medical Marijuana Aren't Good Enough

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton echoed Barack Obama's statement that medical marijuana raids are a bad use of law-e

Bush and the Drug Czar Want You to Pay For the Mexican Drug War

President Bush and Drug Czar John Walters want Congress to give Mexico $1.4 billion of our money to waste on the drug war.

SWAT Officers Brought Children Along on a Drug Raid

Over and over again we're told that dynamic entry no-knock drug raid tactics are necessary because drug suspects are armed and dangerous.

You Can't Win the Drug War if Alcohol is Legal

Did you hear about this wild booze riot in Michigan?

You Have My Permission to Name a Marijuana Strain After Me

I know, I'm a D-list pot celebrity at best, but at least I won't throw a raging hissy fit:
Tom Cruise's attorneys are looking to take legal action over a new strain of medical

Flying Robots to Assist in Outdoor Marijuana Eradication

Ever since I pointed out last week that the drug war will soon be fought mostly by robots, further examples h

New Study: Pot Smokers Aren't Drug Addicts, They Just Like Pot

If you took the Drug Czar's word for it, you'd think all marijuana users were helpless dope fiends who just need the cops to take their pot away and throw their sorry asses in rehab.

Even if We Succeed, The Drug Warriors Will Take All the Credit

Via Transform, UN Drug Czar Antonio-Maria Costa appears to be coming to grips wi

South Park Takes on Drug Prohibition

Everyone's talking about the new episode of South Park, which can viewed here.

Winning 'Em Over One at a Time

This weekend I attended the SSDP SE regional conference at William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

In the Future, the Drug War Will be Fought by Robots

Most people at my office just roll their eyes when I explain that the drug war will soon be carried out by high-tech robots, but I'm right and they're naïve.

Netherlands Rated More Stable and Prosperous Than U.S.

A new global study ranks the Netherlands 9th in the world in stability and prosperity. The U.S.

Poisoning the Drug Policy Debate in 8 Simple Steps

One of the primary facts worth knowing about the modern drug war debate is that it has been contaminated for decades.

1/3 of People Admitted to Marijuana Treatment Hadn't Been Smoking Marijuana!

Advocates for harsh marijuana laws can be counted on to infuse their rhetoric with incessant declarations that marijuana is highly addictive.

A False and Embarrassing Press Release from the Deputy Drug Czar

For your amusement, I've posted the full text of a press release the Drug Czar's office sent out last week in opposition to a marijuana decriminalization bill in New Hamps

They're Producing Cocaine in Brazil Now, Too

Just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, the cartels controlling the cocaine trade will continue to expand their operations and defy US-funded eradication efforts in South America.

DEA Opens Drug War Fantasy Camp

Last year, the DEA was teaching people how to cook meth.

Mark Souder Accidentally Assists Marijuana Decrim Efforts in New Hampshire

The NH House of Representatives just passed a marijuana decriminalization bill and it looks like drug warrior Rep.

UN Drug Czar Refuses to Answer a Tough Question

For decades, drug policy reformers have struggled to identify the perfect question, a point so simple and straightforward that no drug warrior can respond.

Ethan Nadelmann on the Colbert Report

Colbert brought the Drug Policy Alliance's Ethan Nadelmann back for

If the Wrong People Find You With Pot, They'll Ruin Your Life

It's just that simple. If there is one universal truth in the marijuana debate, it is that the punishment for pot is always vastly more damaging than the effects of the drug itself:

The World's Top Anti-Drug Official Called Me a Lunatic

Antonio Maria Costa, director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, lost his temper today at an NGO summit in Vienna.

Don't Snort the Pink Cocaine

The hysteria surrounding candy-flavored drugs continues to provide a full-scale model for the rank stupidity of our press and policy-makers:

If You're on the Jury in a Drug Case, Always Vote 'Not Guilty'

Having already created the greatest crime drama in television history, the writers of HBO's The Wire have now also delivered an unusually powerful indictment of the drug war.

UN Recommends Busting Celebrity Drug Users

You know you've hit rock bottom when the United Nations is complaining about you:

The $1 Million Drug War Trial That Means Nothing

Why is the U.S. government spending $1 million to bring drug charges against a man who's already going to die behind bars?

People Don't Inject Marijuana With Hypodermic Needles. They Smoke It.

Via Paul Armentano at the new NORML Blog:

You Know the Drug War's Gone Too Far When It Shows You Its Penis

Allegations of weird and inappropriate behavior by narcotics officers have become so commonplace that one struggles to feign shock or surprise upon learning of them.

Opponents of Marijuana Reform Constantly Contradict Themselves

This article on a marijuana decriminalization effort in New Hampshire provides a useful case study in the utter confusion and desperation of the anti-pot peanut gallery:

Save the Rainforest From the Drug War

U.S.-sponsored efforts to fumigate Colombian coca crops have utterly failed to prevent cocaine production. But they have been very effective at destroying Colombia's national parks:

Should Candidates For Public Office Be Drug Tested?

No, but it certainly is tempting to subject our political leaders to the same rampant privacy invasions endured by millions of Americans in the name of the war on drugs:

Thailand's Drug Strategy: Mass Murder Thousands of Drug Suspects

Via DrugWarRant, Thailand's new prime minister has pledged to continue his nation's shameful quest to mainta

Drug Czar Pledges to Finally Do Something About All These Pot Smugglers

Gangstas better watch out. Hippies better stock up. The Drug Czar has had enough of the multi-billion dollar marijuana market, so he's decided to try even harder to stop it:

Former Staffer Accuses Drug Czar of Ignoring Research

Recent years have brought a long overdue and richly deserved implosion in the Drug Czar's credibility.

Drug Testing Welfare Applicants Will Only Cause Horrible Problems

From the State of Virginia emerges this week's dumbest drug war idea:

Rule #1 of Drug Legalization is Don't Talk About Drug Legalization

Pete Guither calls our attention to this

Judge Throws Out DEA Agents' Lawsuit Against "American Gangster"

I had a feeling this wasn't going very far:

Travel Expert Rick Steves Speaks Out Against Marijuana Laws

Rick Steves is such a smart, friendly, non-threatening gentleman. And that makes him a terrific advocate for reform:

Now That We've Forgiven Barack Obama's Drug Use, Can We Forgive Everyone Else Too?

Note: I posted this a few weeks ago, but withdrew it so I could use some of the language in a Op-ed which was rejected by The Washington Post (probably for being too awesome).

Protest Against Police Violence is Monitored From Above by Police Snipers

Concerned citizens in Lima, Ohio continue to search for answers six weeks after their local SWAT team killed an innocent woman and shot her baby during a drug raid.

Hey Barack Obama, Fixing Marijuana Laws is Smart Politics

As the Obama campaign appears to gain momentum, the Senator has been reluctant to support any change in the way recreational marijuana users are treated by the criminal justice system.

Drug Czar's $2.7 Million Super Bowl Ad Gets Terrible Viewer Ratings

Did you see the Drug Czar's Super Bowl ad last week?

Quote of the Day

Kevin Sabet Responds

Kevin Sabet has asked me to share his response to my two previous

Kevin Sabet's Response

The following is Kevin Sabet's response to my recent posts regarding his participation in the Beyond 2008 forum in Vancouver.

Delegates at the Beyond 2008 Forum

Organization, Contact Name
Addictive Drug Information Council, Billy Weselowski

Drug Czar Speechwriter Requests Special Treatment at UN Forum

I wrote yesterday about drug warrior Kevin Sabet's frustrated observation that "80 percent"

80% of Drug Policy Experts Oppose the Drug War

What happens when a diverse group of drug policy experts from throughout North America convene to discuss solutions to the world drug problem? They begin by agreeing that the drug war must end.

You Can Go to Jail For 27 Years For Selling Marijuana

Famed NY Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes won't get to celebrate his Super Bowl victory with his brother.

A Cop is Dead Because An Informant Mistook Japanese Maple Trees For Marijuana

This is one of those stories that is simultaneously so unbelievable and yet nauseatingly f

Nevermind, Barack Obama Wants to Arrest Marijuana Users After All

For one brief glorious moment, we thought Barack Obama supported marijuana decriminalization.

Barack Obama Comes Out in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization [Updated]

For the first time since his presidential bid began, the Obama Campaign has clarified the Senator's position on marijuana: stop arresting people for it.

Berkeley City Council Tells DEA to Stay Out

Entire cities are revolting against the DEA's cruel attacks against medical marijuana:
Berkeley City Council members unanimously approved a resolution last night to declare Berkeley a

Are Racist Cops Better Organized Than We Thought?

This is just chilling:

What Do You Think About Medical Marijuana Vending Machines?

The introduction of medical marijuana vending machines is a curious development.

Crazy Sheriff Proposes "Normandy" Style Anti-Drug Invasion

If you can think of a stupid idea, you can find a drug warrior who agrees with it.

Why Does the Drug Czar's Office Oppose Efforts to Prevent Drug Overdoses?

This has already been addressed at DrugWarRant and

It's Really Easy to Put Innocent People in Jail for Drugs

In an effort to protect our society from drugs, we've created laws that endanger everyone:

Idiot Steals Two Crocodiles and a Monkey, Blames Marijuana

I'm so sick of people blaming marijuana for the stupid things they do. Lest we should all be further stigmatized by his mischief, someone needs to stop hooking this guy up:

The Drug Czar's Awesome Plan to Blame Hugo Chavez for Everything

Drug Czar John Walters went off the rails this week, suggesting that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was somehow involved in the drug trade.

Our Drug Laws Literally Allow Police to Steal From Innocent People

I received this email through the Flex Your Rights website a few weeks back and found it quite disturbing, though perfectly typical and u

Obama Pledges to Continue the Drug War

How shall I respond when a prominent politician rejects drug legalization, while in the same breath criticizing the costs and consequences of our wildly bloated criminal justice system?

DEA Agents Sue NBC Universal Over the Film American Gangster

Beneath their flak jackets and blast shields, the super-tough drug soldiers at the DEA are just like everybody else.

Press Coverage of the Drug War is So Flawed it Actually Encourages People to Sell Marijuana

I wrote yesterday about an absurd

Banning Cylindrical Objects Won't Stop People from Smoking Crack

You know those little roses that come in glass tubes? You can buy them at gas stations for a buck or two and then use them however you see fit.

Philadelphia Police Say Marijuana Costs $100 Per Joint

Exaggerating the value of drug seizures is an age-old tactic in the drug war.

The Truth About Driving When You're High on Marijuana

Concerns about stoned drivers careening across our nation's highways are frequently cited as a justification for the continued criminalization of marijuana.

The Drug War is a Training Camp for Corrupt Cops

In order to fight the drug war, police are trained in all the skills they need to become effective criminal masterminds. And many of them end up doing exactly that.

Police Who Steal From Drug Suspects Are Charged With Theft of "Government" Property

The drug war has a rather tragic tendency to turn police into perps.

Ecstasy Laced With Meth is Bad, But it's Not My Fault

The Drug Czar is warning everyone about an epidemic of meth-laced ecstasy tablets coming into the country from Canada:

SWAT Team Shoots Baby, Kills Mom in Drug Raid Gone Wrong

It has become a nauseating chore just to report on all the innocent people that get killed in the drug war.

Traffickers Are Hiring Flat-chested Women to Smuggle Drugs in Their Bras

You can't make this stuff up. Unfortunately, you don't have to because the drug war brings to life new and unfathomable absurdities each and every day:

Texas Cop Says "Put Addicts in Jail Where They Belong"

Usually, drug warriors at least pay lip service to the idea that we're supposed to be helping people recover from addiction.

New Deputy Drug Czar: "We Have One Year Left"

Last week, Scott M. Burns was promoted to the #2 position at the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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