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Protecting Your Rights in a College Dorm

Over at Flex Your Rights, we've been getting a lot of questions lately about how to protect your rights when you're living in a college dorm.

Marijuana Legalization Victories Are Already Ripping the Drug War Apart

Is Marijuana Prohibition About to Get its Ass Kicked?

Another Jury Revolts Against Marijuana Laws, "They felt marijuana should be legalized."

Redefining the English Language to Fight the Drug War

New Anti-Drug Ad is Scary and Ironic

The Partnership at has been putting out outrageous anti-drug propaganda for many years, but this latest spot takes us in a really strange direction…

Bill O'Reilly Shouts Dumb Stuff About the Drug War Again

I don't even want to know how many times I've written about the reckless idiocy of this man, but what am I supposed to do, ignore him?

Obama's War On Medical Marijuana Just Got Even Uglier  </div>
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A Comically Dishonest Defense of the Drug War  </div>
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Will Obama Be Better on Drug Policy in His Second Term?<

If the DEA Can't Tell Us the Difference Between Marijuana and Heroin, Who Can?

If you haven't yet seen DEA boss Michele Leonhart's frickin ridiculous congressional testimony last Thursday (or even if you have), please

How to Score Political Points by Stopping Marijuana Arrests

Obama and Eric Holder Are Still Lying About the Medical Marijuana Raids  </div>
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Bill O'Reilly Opposes Marijuana Decrim Because it Might Reduce Racial Profiling

This week's exciting news that Gov.

If You Think Marijuana Isn't an Important Issue, You're Dead Wrong

The newest tactic of legalization opponents is to roll their eyes and pretend that reforming our drug laws is a frivolous issue.

Obama and Romney Can't Ignore Marijuana Anymore

CNN Guest Says We're Idiots for Caring About Marijuana Policy

Even as public opinion begins to shift in favor of marijuana reform, there remain some among us who just refuse to admit that this issue matters.

Why Do Democrats Defend the Drug War?

What If Police Say They Smell Marijuana?

One of the most common questions we get at Flex Your Rights is how to handle a situation in which police claim to smell marijuana.

Anti-Marijuana Fanatic Insults Cancer Patient in Mean-Spirited Letter  </div>
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Random Idiot Solves the Drug Problem

As calls for legalizing marijuana and ending the drug war become increasingly commonplace in the press, so too do the inevitable shocked responses from frightened individuals who aren't always

Penn Jillette Slams Obama's Marijuana Hypocrisy

Here's one hell of an indignant rant against the drug war. No disagreement here.

New Poll: 56% of Voters Say Legalize Marijuana

Everywhere you look, the public is turning further against the war on marijuana and towards reform.

74% of Americans Oppose Obama's War on Medical Marijuana

The latest polling data on medical marijuana is striking and ought to shock some sense into the Obama Admini

Would Romney be Worse for Medical Marijuana Than Obama? Ctd

New York Police Stop Every Young Black Man in the City…For Safety

Mitt Romney's Crazy Comments on Medical Marijuana

The instant I write something suggesting that Romney wouldn't be any worse tha

What's the REAL Reason for Obama's Medical Marijuana Crackdown?<

Would Romney be Worse for Medical Marijuana Than Obama?

My latest Huffington Post piece takes a look at the argument that medical marijuan

What Happens AFTER You Refuse a Police Search?

Flex Your Rights has been working for many years now to educate everyone we can about the importance of refusing police searches and otherwise knowing and asserting your constitutional rights

Drug Czar Denies that Marijuana Users Are Arrested and Forced into Treatment

This is Maria. She Will end the War on Drugs.

I saw this at DrugWarRant and had to pass it along. Very powerful.

Jimmy Kimmel Gets the Entire American Press to Admit Smoking Pot

I don't think we've posted this anywhere yet, and I don't want our negligence to be the reason anyone misses what might be the coolest thing I've seen this year, so better a little

The Drug Czar's False Statement About Marijuana and Hemp Should be a Bigger Scandal

My latest Huffington Post rant calls out the drug czar's preposterous excuses for the ban on industrial hemp cultivation.

The Ugly Truth About Obama's War on Medical Marijuana  </div>
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Attorney General Admits Obama Was Wrong About Medical Marijuana Laws

Obama's recent claim that he can't do anything about the illegality of medical marijuana has d

New Poll: Almost Everyone Thinks It's Wrong to Jail People for Pot

Via NORML, check out this new data from an

Obama Defends War on Medical Marijuana With Lame Excuses<

4/20: Party or Protest?

The chancellor of Colorado University in Boulder is totally not down with the school's famous annual 4/20 celebration, this year going so far as to shut down the campus to outsiders and even hi

Happy 4/20

It has been one hell of a year since we last celebrated the increasingly official holiday of the cannabis community.

Video: 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Arrested for Pot

I put together a YouTube version of last week's AlterNet

We're Winning Any Time the President is Forced to Say the Word "Legalization"

This MSNBC footage is pretty exciting to see.

Can Obama Win Votes by Waging War on Medical Marijuana? I Don't Think So.

I have a piece at Huffington Post today reminding everyone that Obama isn't making any friends

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Busted for Pot

The activist-media badasses at AlterNet let me do a big front page story today on how to avoid a pot bust.

If homophobes are secretly gay, do anti-pot fanatics secretly wanna get high?

Will Strip-Searches Stop Terrorism and Save America?

I've got a post up at Flex Your Rights talking smack about the Supreme Court's icky new ruling on strip-searches.

Dear Media, Please Ask Obama to Explain His Escalating War on Medical Marijuana

Could Romney Beat Obama by Changing His Stance on Marijuana?<

Warning: Sweaty, Disagreeable Teenagers Might Be High on Drugs

Does Refusing a Search Give Police Probable Cause?

Here's the latest clip from my new YouTube series, How to Deal with Cops. Hopefully you'll find it interesting even if you think you already know the answer. Enjoy.

Surprise! The Media Doesn't Understand Why People Take LSD

Google Hosts Massive Drug War Debate

Oh, by the way, this huge thing is happening in a hour.

Irony Alert: Anti-Marijuana Newspaper Runs Ads for Pot Paraphernalia

Christian Science Monitor has a bit of a reputation for launching

Why Obama Won't Oppose Marijuana Legalization in an Election Year

Pat Robertson Demands Marijuana Reform and Blames the Drug War on Liberals

Update: Robertson has now made it official -- he's for legalization of marijuana, and supports the Colorado and Washington initiatives:

The Drug War Is Bad For Business

Another Dumb Drug War Idea: Banning Hidden Compartments in Cars

Video: 5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search

Steve Silverman and I recently started a new YouTube show called How to Deal with Cops.

U.S. Tells South America to Shut Up About Legalizing Drugs

Opponents of Marijuana Legalization Finally Noticed They're Losing the Debate  </div>
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Drug Cops Hatch Foolproof Plan to Arrest Every Teenager in America

5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide)

Crazy Anti-Drug Ad Tells Kids to Do Parkour Instead of Drugs

As I've discussed previously, Drug Czar is just one of the worst jobs you can have.

Opponents of Marijuana Legalization are Wasting Their Time  </div>
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What if Day Care Workers Get Stoned on Marijuana and Kill Children?

FBI Drug Squad Uses Chainsaw To Invade…the Wrong Apartment

Obama Interview Ignores Marijuana Legalization Questions

What's So Funny About the War on Drugs?

For all the progress that's been made towards bringing the drug policy debate into the political mainstream, there remains a tragic tendency among many in the press to burst out laughing at the

Saying "Ron Paul Can't Legalize Marijuana" Is Stupid and Misses the Point of his Candidacy

Drug Policy Reform Gets Standing Ovation in New Jersey Statehouse

Police Refuse to Release Description of Toxic Ecstasy Pills, Increasing the Danger of More Deaths

A string of recent overdose deaths in British Columbia has a lot of people deeply concerned. But this reaction by law enforcement is certain to make the problem worse.

How to Write a Clichéd, Unpersuasive Argument Against Drug Legalization

The American Spectator ran an anti-legalization editorial last week that was so over-the-top, I turned it into an instructional guide on bad drug policy writing.

Ron Paul Explains Why Other Candidates Won't Discuss the Drug War

If you've been following our coverage of the presidential candidates in New Hampshire, you'll find this to be a refreshing change in tone.

Major Study Finds No Lung Damage for Marijuana Smokers

Mitt Romney Promises "A Full Answer" About the Drug War

At least, I hope that's what he meant by this response.

Ron Paul's Least Controversial Idea: Legalizing Drugs

Rick Santorum on Imprisoning Non-Violent Drug Offenders: "The federal government doesn't do that."

From the same presidential candidate who brought you, "I don't know my medical marijuana laws

Recreational Drug User Asks Newt Gingrich if She Should Be Arrested

…And for like the first time ever, the most notorious blowhard in the GOP has very little to say.

Mitt Romney Doesn't Know What Industrial Hemp Is

This is…I mean, what can I even…oh whatever, just watch.

Rick Santorum: "I don't know my medical marijuana laws very well."

An instant classic on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

Who Are the Extremists in the Drug War Debate?

This piece has already been

Strange New Website Attacks Marijuana Legalization… and Vegans  </div>
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Newt Gingrich Says George Washington Would Have Punished Pot Growers

Pot growers such as…George Washington?

Jurors Can (and Should) Refuse to Convict in Marijuana Cases

What if Legalizing Marijuana Turns Our Kids Into A Bunch of Bong-Mongering Hippies?<

Barney Frank's Awesome Marijuana Legalization Rant

If you haven't seen this yet, please click away my friends, for it is glorious.

Opponents of Medical Marijuana Get Humiliated in New York Times

Last week's NYT editorial from fanatical anti-pot crusader David Evans generated some

Obama's Drug Czar Blames YOU for Increased Teen Marijuana Use  </div>
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Obama's Attack on Medical Marijuana Wins Endorsement from Crazy Person  </div>
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Sheriff Will Pay You $100 to Wear a Wire and Ask People to Sell You Drugs

Fixing Our Drug Policy Will Require a Hatchet, Not a Scalpel

I have a new piece at Huffington Post discussing recent claims from the Drug Czar'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Slams the War on Drugs

Last week’s joint statement from two state governors calling for the rescheduling of marijuana o

You Can’t Fire Cops for Supporting Drug Legalization<

Bill O’Reilly Thinks Medical Marijuana is a Sneaky Plot to Give People Medicine, Or Something

On the eve of their cable TV debut, Steve and Andrew DeAngelo of

Newt Gingrich Wants to Kill Dealers, Drug Test Everybody Else  </div>
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Cop Says Marijuana Legalization Could Cause Window Washers to Fall From Large Buildings and Land on People

[image:1 align:right]Yeah, marijuana legalization sounds like such a great idea…until a bucket of soapy water, or even an entire human body, comes crashing down on top of you and turns your

Video: Former Drug Czar Gets Destroyed in Legalization Debate

This recent debate between former Drug Czar John Walters and blogger/author Glenn Greenwald is wort

New Study: Smart People More Likely to Use Drugs

[image:1 align:right]I have a feeling they won’t be mentioning this in DARE class.

Herman Cain Says Feds Shouldn't Interfere With State Medical Marijuana Laws  </div>
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White House Denies Responsibility for Confusing Everyone About Medical Marijuana

In a long piece detailing Obama’s badly botched approach to medical marijuana,

Drug War Issues

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