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The Capture of El Chapo: A Capo Gone, But the Trade Goes On [FEATURE]

The arrest of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, legendary head of the Sinaloa Cartel is big news, but will it have any impact?

Marijuana Legalization Will Hurt Mexican Cartels, But How Much? [FEATURE]

As attitudes in America begin to shift in favor of marijuana legalization, it increasingly seems possible that more states -- and eventually the entire country -- might follow. What does this mean south of the border, where Mexican cartels make enormous profits by trafficking this illegal commodity?

Marijuana Reform Could Earn UK Billions a Year, Studies Say

Marijuana legalization could bring billions to the British government, two studies show. But there is little political will to move in that direction.

Guest Commentary: Capture of Zeta Boss Not Likely to Stem Bloodshed or Flow of Drugs

The Mexican government scored a major coup this week with the capture of Miguel Angel "Z-40" Trevino Morales, the head of the powerful Zetas cartel. But will it stem the violence or the flow of drugs? One observer thinks not.

Mexico Drug War Update

Mass murders in Ciudad Juarez and the Comarca Lagunera, and the army killed 11 cartel gunmen in Tamaulipas. Just another week in Mexico's prohibition-related violence.

Mexico Drug War Update

Some 288 people were killed in prohibition-related violence in Ciudad Juarez last month, and the pace is continuing this month.

Mexico Drug War Update

This year's death toll has surpassed 8,000, and a Ciudad Juarez newspaper asks the cartels to tell them what they can safely print.

Mexico Drug War Update

25 people were murdered across Ciudad Juarez last Thursday, the bloodiest single-day total in the city's history. Meanwhile the body count in Mexico's drug war in 2010 approaches the 8,000 mark.

Mexico Drug War Update

The mass murder of 72 migrants reported two weeks ago continued to suck up more lives in its aftermath. Three suspected murderers from the incident, and two police officers who were investigating it, were found dead this week.

Mexico Drug War Update

Thousands of journalists marched in Mexico City to protest the killing, intimidation and harassment of journalists in the drug wars. Meanwhile the rivers of blood keep flowing, with no end in sight.

Mexico Drug War Update

After a presidency most notable for the ever-rising death toll in his war with the cartels, Mexican President Calderon is starting to sing a different tune.

Mexico Drug War Update

It seems like there's a new atrocity every week in Mexico's unending prohibition-related violence. How about guards letting prisoners out of their cells so they can go murder people, then go back to the safety of prison?

Mexico Drug War Update

Last Friday, the Juarez Cartel unveiled a frightening tactical innovation: the car bomb. Meanwhile, the killing goes on...

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