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Lawmaker Outlines Intensifying Border Problems


Marijuana Guru Pleads Not Guilty to Expanded Charges


Drugs Group [Senlis Council] in Afghan Exit Order


Heroin 'Abundant' in Scottish Jails


Countdown to the November elections

Election day is now three weeks away, and the Chronicle will be focusing on drug policy-related races across the country between now and then.

Drug Czar Visits Two States to Slam Pro-Pot Initiatives


Europeans Turn to Cocaine and Alcohol as Cannabis Loses Favor


Opium Production in Golden Triangle Drops 29% in 2006: UNODC


Reid to Abandon 'Confusing' Limits on Drug Possession


Fight to Legalize Marijuana Escalates War of Words


'Ganja Guru" Reindicted--Rosenthal Says Feds Are on a Mission to Shut Down Every Dispensary in the State


Feature: Pain Patients, Pain Contracts, and the War on Drugs

Pain contracts that force chronic pain patients to agree to intrusive drug testing and other invasions of privacy are becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

Feature: Reefer and Religion -- Nevada Clergy Embrace Marijuana Legalization

In a first, more than two dozen members of the clergy in Nevada came out in support of regulating marijuana. The news continues to reverberate.

Feature: Justice Department Report Shows Drug Use Among Prisoners Holding Steady, But Emphasizes Increased Methamphetamine Use

A new government report finds prior drug use by prisoners almost unchanged from a decade ago, but highlights slight increases in prior methamphetamine use while removing alcohol from consideration.

NJ WEEDMAN (Ed Forchion) to Appear on CNN's Glenn Beck Show 10/19

NJ WEEDMAN reports: On Tuesday Oct 10th, 2006 NJWEEDMAN did a interveiw for the Glenn Beck Show that will air on Thursday Oct 19th, 2006 -

US Curtails Anti-Cocaine Effort in Colombia


Hippie-Hating and -Baiting


Paraphernalia: Florida County Approves Tough New Ordinance

Florida's Pinellas County has passed a tough new paraphernalia ordinance that lowers the standard of proof necessary to win a sales conviction.

Pain Medicine: Dr. Hurwitz Denied Bail, to Sit in Prison Pending New Trial

Dr. William Hurwitz will remain in prison pending a new trial after a federal judge decided he was a flight risk.

Latin America: Tijuana Mayor Vows to Investigate Entire Police Force for Links to Drug Trade

The mayor of the Mexican border city of Tijuana has ordered an investigation of all 2,300 city police for links to the drug trade, but there is more to the mayor's move than meets the eye.

Methamphetamine: Georgia Governor Makes It Campaign Issue, Seeks to Double State Task Force

Locked in a tight race, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is making methamphetamine a campaign issue.

South Pacific: New Zealand Sports Drug Tests Snag Mainly Marijuana Smokers

New Zealand's drug testing in sports regime is catching hardly anyone using banned substances, and most of those it does catch were just smoking marijuana.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A tawdry tale out of Tulsa tops the corrupt cops stories this week.

CSU law students take on 'Cocaine' in trademark case


Ghajar: Drugs for terror and intelligence--Internal Security Minister Dichter arrives in half Israeli-half Lebanese village, hears security briefing about dangers posed by village's location


Indian Kids to Get Sex, Drugs Education--Report


The Chronicle plans a trip to the Andes

Snowflakes are falling in the Dakotas today.

From SAFER Colorado: Marijuana Initiative Campaign to Unveil Billboard Highlighting Drug Czar's Ad Calling Marijuana Use the "Safest Thing in the World"

MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 10, 2006 On the same day the nation's Drug Czar is in town... Marijuana Initiative Campaign to Unveil Billboard Highlighting Drug Czar's Ad Calling

Marijuana Initiative Backers Huff, Puff After Campus Voters


Medical Marijuana Turns 10: New Report to Examine Impact of California's Landmark Proposition 215

First Comprehensive Analysis of Medical Marijuana's Impact to Feature New Polling From All 11 Medical Marijuana States CONTACT: Bruce Mirken, MPP director of communications, 202-215-4205 or 415-668-

Finally, A Local Newspaper Drug Bust Story That Asks the Right Question

My job requires me to look at countless drug-related newspaper articles every day in search of drug policy news.

Regulating Heroin Trade Suggested


Arizona Couple Steps Down as Leaders of Marijuana-Using Church


Hundreds Rally to Legalize Marijuana


US Worries Opium From Afghanistan Will Enter US Market


Drug Use Big Challenge for US Child Welfare: Study


Mexican Police 'Probed on Drugs'--The entire police force in the Mexican city of Tijuana is to be investigated on suspicion of being involved in drug trafficking and organized crime


Motorists Who Take Drugs Face 'Zero Tolerance' Policy


Drug Abusing Mothers Targeted


Review of Cannabis Laws as Drug-Fueled Violence Spirals


Marijuana May Help Stave Off Alzheimer's; Active Ingredient in Pot May Help Preserve Brain Function


Feature: More California Medical Marijuana Raids: The New Status Quo?

DEA and local police agents have raided five California medical marijuana dispensaries in the past 10 days, but that leaves over 200 still in operation.

Feature: Cases of Immigrants Deported for Minor Drug Offenses Heard at US Supreme Court This Week

The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday in a pair of cases involving the deportation of immigrants for minor drug offenses.

What's up with these "pain contracts"?

Spurred by the federal government's crackdown on prescription drug abuse, doctors around the country are resorting to "pain contracts" with patients in an attempt to protect themselves from charges th

Deadly Heroin Overdoses Could Soar With Surge in Afghan Opium Production, UN Warns


Feds Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensary (This one in Palm Springs)


Attorney for City of Newburgh, Other Man Face Marijuana Charges


WADA Defends Stance on Cannabis


Joint Study By Two Groups Finds Pot Use Higher in BC Than Rest of Country


Sentencing: California Governor Signs Bill To Shorten Parole for Offenders Who Take Drug Treatment

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has quietly signed legislation that will allow nonviolent offenders to get off parole if they undergo five months of residential treatment upon their release.

Hemp: California Governor Vetoes Industrial Hemp Bill

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that would have allowed California farmers to grow industrial hemp.

Drug Survey: More Teens Smoke Marijuana Than Cigarettes--Prohibition Bars the Controls that Work for Tobacco, Reformers Argue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCTOBER 4, 2006 Drug Survey: More Teens Smoke Marijuana Than Cigarettes Prohibition Bars the Controls that Work for Tobacco, Reformers Argue CONTACT: Bruce Mirken, MPP dire

Mexico's Mounting Drug Trade


Baltimore to Train Doctors in Addiction Treatment


Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

We've got cops getting arrested, cops copping pleas, cops getting sentenced this week. It's like a tour of the criminal justice process. Let's get to it.

Sentencing: Federal Bill to Create Criminal Drug Dealer Registry Introduced

With sex offender and meth cook registries becoming all the rage in the states, it was only a matter of time before some congressman tried it at the national level for more people.

Sentencing: Arizona Legislative Initiative Would Roll Back Reforms When It Comes to Methamphetamine Offenders

Ten years ago, Arizona voters enacted a sentencing reform initiative that stopped judges from sending first- and second-time drug possession offenders to jail or prison. Now, the state legislature has crafted an initiative that would make an exception for methamphetamine offenders.

Marijuana: Idaho High Court Rules Officials Can't Block Legalization Initiative Just Because They Don't Like It

When Ryan Davidson wanted to start a marijuana legalization initiative in Sun Valley, Idaho, local officials said no. Now, the Idaho Supreme Court says they were wrong.

A Capacious Body Cavity and Some Questions

A small story from the Columbia Tribune in Missouri caught my attention this morning.

Detroit Deaths From Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Could Be Reduced By Medical Treatment

Press Release Source: Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Religious Leaders Unite on Marijuana Initiative (Nevada)


Transform (UK) Creates Drug Policy Timeline

From Transform: Transform have produced a historical timeline, presented in tabular format, tracing the history of drug policy from 1800, to the present day.

Who's Profiting From Afghan Opium Trade?


From the Maras to the Zetas

UPDATE: Check out Phil's book review of De los Maras a los Zetas here. Despite the daily toll of arrests and busts i

Psychedelic Research 'Promotes Well-Being'


Spray Plan Sparks Fear (Afghanistan)


Marijuana Initiative Gets Idaho High Court's Go Ahead


Book Review: "Pot Politics: Marijuana and the Costs of Prohibition," Mitchell Earleywine, ed. (Oxford University Press, $45.00 HB)

"Pot Politics" is an important new addition to the marijuana policy knowledge base and the reformer's arsenal.

Feature: Colorado Marijuana Legalization Initiative Trails, But the Fight Is On

A Colorado initiative that would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana is in a tough battle to win in November.

Is it my breath? or the travails of alternative advocacy journalism.

Sometimes I feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of alternative advocacy journalism. I just don’t get no respect, especially from drug reform foes (for some reason).

Feature: Nevada Marijuana Initiative Organizers See Tight But Winnable Race Going Into Final Stretch

Will Nevada be the first state to vote to end marijuana prohibition? It's a very tight race.

Southwest Asia: Leading Scholar Takes Senate Foreign Relations Committee to School on Afghan Drug Trade

Professor Barnett Rubin gives the Senate Foreign Relations Committee a tutorial on the economic and political consequences of prohibition when it comes to Afghan opium.

Hemp: North Carolina Governor Signs Bill to Study Industrial Use

North Carolina has become the latest state to lay the groundwork for industrial hemp farming.

New Intervention: Novel Police Tactic Puts Drug Markets Out of Business


Welcome to the New Drug Scare of 2007


Riverside County Bans Medical Marijuana Centers


Guilty Plea in Pot Snacks Case


Sentencing: No Retroactive Relief for Rockefeller Drug Law Prisoners, New York Appeals Court Rules

Mid-level Rockefeller drug law prisoners arrested before January 2005 will not be able to seek retroactive sentence cuts, New York's highest court has ruled.

Marijuana: Arkansas Town Joins List of Locales With Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Initiatives This November

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, now joins Missoula, Montana, and three California cities as locales with initiatives on the November ballot making marijuana the lowest law enforcement priority.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

The lucrative cross-border drug traffic draws another Border Patrol agent into trouble, a New Jersey cop's forgetfulness gets him in trouble, and two more greedy prison guards get themselves in trouble.

Taking a cue from marketing guru, peddlars now "package" drugs--Meant for foreign clients, these "packaged products" are smuggled outside India


Guatemalan troops storm prison with jacuzzi, drugs


Pot Politics

It's going to be a lot of pot politics in the Drug War Chronicle this week.

ENCOD Press Release on Transparency in Setting European Drug Policy

A TESTCASE FOR TRANSPARENCY CITIZENS' PLATFORM CALLS FOR OPEN DIALOGUE ON DRUGS 26 September 2006 The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies, ENCOD, today presented its comments t

Medical marijuana takes hit as Tories announce $1 billion in cuts


Possible 40-year term debated for teen accused of drug smuggling


Hilarious Video: The Hazards of Covering the Drug Beat

Now, I don't know if this is real or not, but it is quite amusing.

Barnett Rubin Lectures the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Afghan Opium

On Thursday, I crossed back into the US from British Columbia and spent the day listening to all the back and forth over Chavez's "devil" comments as I drove across Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Feature: Drug Arrests Hit Another Record High, More than 786,000 Marijuana Arrests Alone in 2005

Drug arrests in general and marijuana arrests in particular continue to rise.

Feature: US Uses Annual Drug Certification Report to Attack Bolivia, Venezuela

The Bush administration used its annual drug certification exercise to lash out at Bolivia and Venezuela, and those two countries returned the favor.

Feature: House Votes to Require School Districts to Allow Random, Warrantless Mass Search Policies

The House voted Tuesday to force local school districts to gut student privacy protections.

Children Handcuffed in Police Drug Raid; Dog Also Killed During Bust, 18-Year-Old Charged With Misdemeanors, Violation


Call for Papers--International Journal of Drug Policy

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DRUG POLICY Call for Papers Special Issue Women and Harm Reduction: Spanning the Globe Guest editors: Susan Sherman, Adeeba bte Kamarulzaman and Patti Spittal<

Pot-Growing Busts Continue To Climb (California)


Medical Marijuana: Rhode Island Program Begins to Kick In

Rhode Island passed its medical marijuana law in January, the program went into effect in April, and now more than 250 patients and caregivers are registered.

Southwest Asia: Proposal for Turning Afghan Opium Into Legal Morphine Gains Support

A proposal to turn Afghanistan's burgeoning opium crop into morphine for the legal medicinal market is gaining more support.

Europe: London Police More Likely to Arrest Blacks Than Whites for Marijuana Possession

A new report from Scotland Yard finds racial profiling in marijuana enforcement, but the police won't say it's racism.

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