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Middle East: Don't Take Your Doobies to Dubai

Travelers beware! Having even the smallest detectable amount of hash or marijuana on you when traveling to Dubai can mean you'll be spending years in prison.

Latin America: Colombia Coca Production Up Again Despite Massive Eradication Efforts

The US government reported Monday that coca cultivation had increased in Colombia again last year -- despite a massive aerial herbicide spraying campaign and $700 million in US aid. The announcement comes as congressional Democrats attempt to cut anti-drug aid to Colombia.

Racial Profiling: It's Getting Worse in Missouri

Driving While Black continues to be problematic in Missouri -- and it's getting worse.

Elected Officials: Baltimore Councilman Calls for Drug Legalization

Frustrated by endless drug war and associated crime and violence, a Baltimore city council member says it's time to talk about drug legalization.

Medical Marijuana: Connecticut Bill Passes Legislature

The Connecticut legislature has passed a medical marijuana bill. Now it's up to Gov. Jodi Rell (R) to sign it, veto it, or just get out of the way. If she does nothing, the bill becomes law.

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Well, thank goodness for crooked prison guards! If it wasn't for them, all we would have is blank space here this week.

Feature: Fireworks at Book Forum in Washington as "Lies, Damn Lies, and Drug War Statistics" Authors Confront ONDCP Official

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) came under withering criticism at an event hosted by the Cato Institute last Thursday -- and hit back. Here's a taste.

Feature: Canadian Mom Searching for Missing Daughter Denied Entry to US Over 21-Year-Old Drug Conviction

Canadian Glendene Grant's daughter went missing in Las Vegas last year. Now, US officials won't let her entry the country to look for her because she has a two-decades old drug conviction.

Feature: Congress Moves to End Ban on DC Needle Exchange Funding

In 1998, ideologically driven congressional Republicans barred the District of Colombia from using even its own money to fund needle exchange programs. Now, congressional Democrats are moving to end that ban.

More Border Blues--Canadian Mom Searching for Missing Daughter Denied Entry

Just two weeks ago, in an article titled Border Blues, we wrote about how both the Canadian and the US

Everyone Profits at Helmand's Drug Bazaar--The poppy harvest is in and everyone from the Taliban to local government officials is cooperating to get the opium crop to market.


Mexico's President is Half Right

Mexican President Felipe Calderon told Deutsche Press-Agentur this weekend that America's drug habit is the cause of Mexico's drug prohibition-related violence.

Mexican President Blames US for Drug War


Northern Province Says No to Opium


Feature: Battle Royal Looms as Canadian Government Set to Unveil Tough Anti-Drug Strategy

The Harper government in Canada is about to unveil its new national drug strategy -- it's bad -- and opponents are gathering forces.

Feature: Ed Rosenthal Convicted Again in Pyrrhic Victory for Feds

Federal prosecutors managed to win another conviction against Ed Rosenthal after he was prevented from mounting a medical marijuana defense, but he won't do another day in jail, and his continuing persecution has sparked a novel form of civil disobedience in the courtroom.

Search and Seizure: California Federal Court Throws Out Warrantless Cell Phone Searches

Police need a search warrant to peruse the contents of a cell phone, even if its owner has been arrested or is being booked, a federal court in San Francisco held.

Law Enforcement: US Senate Passes Bill to Restore Drug Task Force Grants

Even the Bush administration wanted to get rid of the federal grant program that funds multi-agency drug task forces at the state and local level. But spurred by powerful law enforcement interests, the Senate has voted to restore funding.

Europe: New Restrictions on Some Dutch Cannabis Coffee Shops

The screws are tightening on Holland's famous cannabis coffee shops. Rotterdam is cutting their number by nearly half, while Maastricht coffee shop owners are instituting a fingerprinting and ID scan scheme to try to avoid the heat.

Medical Marijuana: Rhode Island Bill Passes With Veto-Proof Majorities

A bill making Rhode Island's medical marijuana law permanent has passed both houses of the legislature with veto-proof majorities. Although Gov. Donald Carcieri is threatening a veto, it doesn't appear he will be able to stop it.

A New Activist's Tactic Emerges in the Rosenthal Trial

One of the feature stories I'm working on this week is the Ed Rosenthal re-trial on federal marijuana production and distribution charges, which ended yesterday with a split verdict.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Marijuana gone missing from the evidence room, a sheriff pleads guilty, a cop gets arrested for leaking an investigation, and a trooper gets oral sex, but loses his job. Just another week of prohibition-related police misbehavior.

Search and Seizure: Minnesota Supreme Court Okays Drug Dog Sniff Outside Apartment Door

The Minnesota Supreme Court has upheld the use of drug dogs to sniff the exterior of residences based on the "articulable suspicion" -- not the higher level of proof required by probable cause.

Southeast Asia: More Death Sentences for Drug Offenses

The Southeast Asian version of the drug war keeps producing more death sentences, with nine handed out Tuesday in Indonesia and seven more the same day in Vietnam.

Ponder This Graph for a Moment, Please

(graph from WOLA/AIN memo, link below) This graph shows what about $10 billion in US taxpayer dollars has accomplished.

Why the US is Losing Its War on Cocaine


Presidential Politics: Democrat Mike Gravel is Latest to Say Legalize

Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel made a splash at the first Democratic presidential debate last month in South Carolina. That's drawing attention to his drug policy platform and recent statements supporting the regulation and control of drugs.

Medical Marijuana: Rhode Island Bill Awaits Expected Veto, Override

After final procedural votes this week, the Rhode Island legislature has sent a bill making the state's medical marijuana law permanent to Gov. Donald Carcieri. He's threatening to veto it, but the legislature has the votes to override as it did last year.

Medical Marijuana: MPP, Michigan Activists Launch Initiative Campaign

Signature-gathering is set to begin in force for a medical marijuana initiative campaign getting underway in Michigan.

Feature: Border Blues -- Canada, US Both Bar People Who Used Drugs -- Ever

Planning to cross the US-Canadian border? No matter which direction you're going, they don't want you if you ever used drugs.

Feature: With UMass Researcher One Decision Away From Approval to Grow Marijuana, Supporters Turn Up the Heat on the DEA

With a DEA administrative law judge ruling in favor of a Massachusetts agronomist's request to grow marijuana for research purposes, supporters are turning up the heat on the DEA to heed that ruling.

Latin America: UN Drug Office Blames Central American Crime and Violence on Drugs, Not Prohibition

A new report from the UN drug office warns that Central America is being submerged in drugs and crime. It recommends heightening prohibitionist efforts.

In Memoriam: Medical Marijuana Researcher, Advocate Dr. Tod Mikuriya Dead at 73

The medical marijuana movement has lost a pioneering researcher and advocate. Dr. Tod Mikuriya is dead at age 73.

Medical Marijuana: Connecticut Bill Passes House, Heads for Senate

Despite opposition by law enforcement and one opponent's virtual legislative crusade, medical marijuana passed the Connecticut House of Representatives by a wide margin.

Medical Marijuana: Minnesota Bill Dies Without House Vote as Legislature Adjourns

A bill that would have added Minnesota to the list of medical marijuana states has died after the House adjourned without a final floor vote. But it has already passed the Senate, and under the state's two-year session, it won't have to again next year.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

The beat goes on: State troopers running Oxycontin rings, problem ex-cops running Oxycontin rings, and another conviction in the infamous Dallas "pool chalk" scandal.

Middle East: Opium Poppies Flower Again in Iraq

Opium poppies flourished along the Euphrates River when the Sumerians ruled. Now, amidst civil war and chaos, they are returning to Iraq.

Europe: Finnish Left Party's Youth Organization Calls for Marijuana Legalization

The youth affiliate of Finland's Left Alliance Party is calling for the legalization of marijuana use and home cultivation.

Remedial Psychedelic Ethics 101: Don't Dose People

You wouldn’t think people who are prominent members of the psychedelic community would need a reminder about elementary decency, but, sadly, that appears to be the case.

More Reefer Madness Yellow Journalism in Australia

More Australian Reefer Madness Journalism Yesterday, we published a newsbrief about the Australian med

Drug War Chronicle Book Review: "The Heroin Solution" by Arnold Trebach (2nd ed., 2006, Unlimited Publishing, 330 pp., $19.99 pb.)

Arnold Trebach wrote "The Heroin Solution" in 1982. That it is still relevant and relevatory is a sad commentary on how far we've come since then. We review it on the occasion of its republication.

Feature: US Sentencing Commission Again Calls on Congress to Fix Crack-Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

The US Sentencing Commission has again called on Congress to act to reduce sentencing inequities around the federal crack cocaine laws. Will Congress finally listen this time?

Hemp: California Bill Passes Assembly

A bill that would eventually allow California farmers to grow hemp has passed the state Assembly and is expected to pass the Senate. Last year, Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill.

Sentencing: Maryland Governor Vetoes Bill To Give Two-Time Drug Sales Offenders Parole Eligibility

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley Wednesday vetoed a bill that would have allowed second-time drug sales offenders parole eligibility. Instead, they will remain locked up doing 10-year mandatory minimum sentences.

Pregnancy: New Mexico Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Criminalizing Drug Use By Mothers-To-Be

An amicus brief by advocates strongly made the case that prosecutions drive pregnant women away from the health care system and thereby hurt, not help.

Sentencing: Nevada Supreme Court Justices Ask Legislature for More Discretion, More Funding for Drug Courts

With Nevada prisons bursting at the seams, state Supreme Court justices went to the legislature Monday to ask for more discretion in sentencing and more funding for drug and mental health courts.

Latin America: Top Anti-Drug Official Gunned Down in Mexico City

In the highest-profile killing yet in the current round of Mexico's drug wars, unknown assailants gunned down a leading anti-drug official in Mexico City Monday.

Europe: Hungarian Global Marijuana Marchers Sue Over Blocked Demonstration

Hungary's Global Marijuana Marches came a week later than elsewhere, and they ran into some problems with rightist thugs and recalcitrant local officials. Now, the organizers are suing.

Australia: "Super Dope" Marijuana Scare Prompts Threats to Ban Bongs

Over-hyped Australian media accounts of "super dope" marijuana about to invade the country are dovetailing with efforts to crack down on bongs.

Fighting Meth With Misinformation in Idaho

There is no question that methamphetamine is a potentially dangerous drug. Communities that take steps to prevent people from starting to use it in the first place are to be lauded.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Tarnished badges abound this week. We've got a cop who got too high on his own brownies, missing drug evidence, a head narc busted for ripping-off drug dealers, a cop busted for taking bribes from drug dealers, a couple more cops pleading guilty to protecting drug shipments, and the requisite jail guard dealing drugs.

"Cannabis Cash 'Funds Islamist Terrorism'"--Here we go again.

The old "drug users fund terrorism" canard is getting new play in Europe this week, where French and Spanish intelligence agencies reported that, as the Guardian (UK) put it,

Top anti-narcotics official slain in Mexico City


Medical Marijuana: Illinois Bill Killed in Senate

A medical marijuana bill has gone down in defeat in Illinois despite broad support from the medical community.

Feature: Turning Up the Heat on New York's Rockefeller Drug Laws (and the Politicians Who Fail to Fix Them)

New York's draconian Rockefeller drug laws turned 34 this week, and the reform movement is doing all it can to see that they don't make it to 35.

Feature: Global Marijuana Marches Take Place in More Than 200 Cities Worldwide

Supporters of marijuana legalization took to the streets around the world in this year's Global Marijuana March. Here's a report.

Medical Marijuana: Minnesota Bill Headed For Final Vote in House, Facing Veto

The Minnesota legislature is one House floor vote from passing a medical marijuana bill, but the Republican governor is vowing a veto.

Marijuana: Wisconsin Towns Join Decriminalization Trend

The far north Wisconsin resort town of Washburn has decriminalized marijuana possession, and the town of Two Rivers is right behind it. They're only the latest Cheesehead State locales to go in that direction.

Europe: Vatican Registers First Drug Conviction

For the first time, someone has been convicted of a drug charge in the Vatican.

Public Health: DEA Puts Fentanyl OD Death Toll at More Than a Thousand

The death toll from a deadly combination of heroin and fentanyl rose all through last year. Now, the DEA says more than a thousand people died.

Latin America: Colombia Bans Coca Products -- Except Coca-Cola

For years, the Colombian government has allowed indigenous traditional coca growers to market coca products nationwide, but now it has changed course, and some are pointing the finger at Coca-Cola.

Criminal Justice: Snapshots of the Drug War

In courthouses across the country, enforcing the drug laws is big business. We look at courthouse action in three separate locations to get a snapshot of the drug war.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Boston cop gets busted, a Tacoma probation officer peddles meth, two former Memphis cops cop pleas, so does a former NYPD officer, and a small-town Texas lawman heads for federal prison.

What the heck is going on in Licking County, Ohio?

There's something funny going on in Licking County, Ohio.

Initial Reports on the Global Marijuana Marches

DRCNet bumper sticker on a car at the SF marijuana march I'll be writing this week about the Global Marijuana Marches that were set to take place in 232 cities Saturday.

Medical Marijuana: By a Veto-Proof Margin, Rhode Island Legislature Passes Bill to Keep It

Rhode Island is set to make its medical marijuana law permanent, after a bill to do so passed both houses of the legislature this week by veto-proof margins.

Feature: Guilty Pleas Only the Beginning in Aftermath of Atlanta "Drug Raid" Killing of 92-Year Old

Two Atlanta narcotics officers have pleaded guilty in the November drug raid death of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston, but it looks like that's just the beginning of problems for the Atlanta narcotics squad.

Feature: US Sentencing Commission Announces Reduction in Crack Cocaine Sentences

The US Sentencing Commission has adjusted sentencing guidelines to allow crack offenders to get a little less time in federal prison. Meanwhile, the pressure mounts for Congress to address the infamous crack-powder cocaine sentencing disparity.

Feature: Blacks, Hispanics More Likely to Be Searched at Traffic Stops -- But That Is Not Proof of Racial Profiling, Justice Department Claims

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has released a report showing black and Hispanic drivers are more likely to be subjected to vehicle searches than whites, but it says it can't conclude racial profiling is to blame. It also lacks some key numbers that could make the case.

Weekly: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

It's a real motley crew this week: a small-town police chief gone bad, cops escorting drug shipments, and, of course, more crooked prison guards.

Medical Marijuana: Minnesota Bill Passes Senate, House Version Moving Too

The Minnesota medical marijuana bill has passed the state Senate and is moving in the House, but the Republican governor is vowing a veto.

Methamphetamine: Senators Feinstein and Grassley Introduce Bill to Heighten Penalties for Meth Dealers Who Flavor Their Product

Reacting to reports of flavored methamphetamine entering the market, two senators have introduced a bill that would increase prison sentences for anyone who flavors a drug to lure children.

Pain Medicine: Dr. Hurwitz Convicted of 16 Counts in Retrial

In a victory for federal prosecutors waging war on pain doctors they consider little more than drug dealers, Northern Virginia pain specialist Dr. Bill Hurwitz was found guilty of 16 counts of drug distribution in his second trial.

Marijuana: It's That Time Again -- Marijuana Marches Set for Saturday in More Than 200 Cities Worldwide

If it's the first Saturday in May, it's time for the annual global marijuana marches. This year, people in 231 cities will take to the streets to free the weed.

Sonoma County and the Future of Marijuana

Last weekend, I drove into California on US 101, the Redwood Highway, blowing past Crescent City and the Pelican Bay supermax prison as I headed south toward Sonoma County, where I will be residing fo

Feature: Drug Czar Reluctantly Admits Cocaine Prices Have Dropped in Quietly Released Report

Two years ago, drug czar John Walters trumpeted rising cocaine prices as evidence the drug war was working. But the overall trend is toward lower prices and higher purity, and Walters doesn't want to talk about that.

Feature: Cannabis Nation Celebrates 4/20 -- Dozens of Campus Actions, Mass Arrests in Denver, Foiled in Las Vegas

Last Friday was 4/20, the unofficial holiday for marijuana aficionados. On campuses across the country, students came out. In Denver and Las Vegas, though, there were problems.

Southwest Asia: Drug Trade a Pillar of the Afghan Economy

The opium economy is the leading employer in Afghanistan, despite limited eradication efforts funded by the west.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Three police officers and a prison guard arrested, and another prison guard gets sent to prison. Once again, we present the corrosive impact of the drug war on police ethics and morality in all its mundane banality.

Europe: Belgium, Germany Need to Open Their Own Cannabis Coffee Shops, Says Dutch Mayor

The Belgian and German governments are complaining about Dutch border city coffee shops that cater to their citizens, but a Dutch mayor suggests they just open their own.

Search and Seizure: Supreme Court Takes Up Rights of Vehicle Passengers

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Monday in a case that revolves around whether passengers in a vehicle stopped by police are "seized" like the driver.

Latin America: As Blood Continues to Flow, Mexico's Opposition Calls for Drug Legalization -- Starting with the US

With bloody drug prohibition-related violence unabated despite the latest round of government military offensives, leading members of Mexico's main opposition party are calling for drug legalization as way out.

[Amherst] Rally Aims For Change in Marijuana Laws


Police Arrest 78 People at [Denver] Marijuana Rally


Hundreds Rally in Denver to Support Marijuana Legalization


Charges Dismissed Against Loretta Nall; Happy 4/20 To All of Y'all!

Alabama housewife turned activist Loretta Nall is out from under the long arm of the law, with the marijuana charges against her dropped as Cannabis Nation celebrates its unofficial national holiday,

Sentencing: New York Assembly Passes New Rockefeller Law Reforms

A bill that would significantly expand the so far modest reforms of New York's draconian Rockefeller drug laws has passed the state Assembly.

The Drug Debate: Republican Former Senator Calls for New Look at Drug Policies

Former US Senator Lincoln Chafee spoke out on the need for changes in drug policy at the SSDP Northeast Regional Conference last weekend.

Feature: In Britain, Labor's Decade-Long Drug War a Failure, New Report Finds

As Britain's 10-year drug strategy comes up for renewal or replacement next year, the latest in a long line of reports assailing it has come out.

Feature: Punk Rocker's Jailing Raises Questions About Field Drug Tests

It's kind of ironic when a Germ gets busted for soap, but Don Bolles isn't laughing after a bad field drug test said his Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap contained GHB. Neither is Dr. Bronner's.

Pain Medicine: Judge Dismisses Most Serious Charges in Hurwitz Retrial

The judge presiding over the retrial of Northern Virginia pain specialist Dr. William Hurwitz has thrown out the most serious charges.

Media: The Drug Truth Network on YouTube

The underground radio Drug Truth Network is now doing video, using the popular service YouTube.

Sentencing: Maryland Passes Reform Measure for Drug Offenders

With a big push from reform organizations, the Maryland legislature has passed a measure that will help more than 1,000 drug offenders have a chance to get out early.

Medical Marijuana: Feds to Retry Ed Rosenthal in Futile Prosecution

Vindictive federal prosecutors are determined to go after Ed Rosenthal, even though they can't send him to prison and the judge told them not to.

Europe: British Junior Docs Call for Marijuana-Based Medicine Prescriptions

The British Medical Association Junior Members Forum has called for cannabis-based medicines to be prescribed by the National Health Service.

Salvia Divinorum: Vermont Town Gets Fight Over Sales Ban

Last week, the Middlebury, Vermont, town council blindsided the Emporium Tobacco and Gift Shop with a sudden order to cease and desist from selling salvia divinorum. Now, the shop owner is fighting back.

Latin America: More Trouble in Peru's Coca Fields

Tensions are rising in Peru's Upper Huallaga Valley coca fields, as government eradicators come under attack, growers go on strike, and the García government vows to take a hard line.

Peru's Garcia Seems Determined to Stoke Conflict With Coca Growers

Although the Peruvian government cut a deal with coca growers in San Martin state last month to end a strike, promising a temporary end to forced eradication of coca crops, it has since decided to res

Peru's Coca Farmers Start Indefinite Strike Against Government


Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

More cops arrested, a dispatcher, too, and yet another prison guard goes to prison.

Drug War Issues

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