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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

After a one-week hiatus, the corrupt cops stories are back, thanks in large part to the help of Chronicle readers -- we have a veritable potpourri of police misconduct with a heavy emphasis on the larcenous.

Pentagon Resists Pleas for Help in Afghan Opium Fight


Readers, Thanks for Your Help. Keep Those Corrupt Cop Story Tips Coming!

On Friday, I blogged about how for the first time in years I hadn't run a "This Week's Corrupt Cops" piece because I couldn't find any stories.

What Will a Democratic Congress Mean for Drug Reform?

One of the articles I'm working on this week will be called "Drug Reform and the Democratic Congress: What's Really Going to Happen?" I've already talked to a number of inside the beltway drug reform

Supreme Court Lets Stand 55-Year Term


Police Caught in Cross Hairs of Tijuana Violence


Offbeat: Make It Legal


Misguided Drug War Claims Another Victim


The House of Death: When 12 bodies were found buried in the garden of a Mexican house, it seemed like a case of drug-linked killings. But the trail led to Washington and a cover-up that went right to the top.


Supreme Court to Hear "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Case


Readers, I need your help! Where are the corrupt cops?

Some of you have undoubtedly noticed that the long-running "This Week's Corrupt Cops" feature was missing this week. That's because I didn't have any stories for it.

Town Hall Meeting on APD Shooting


Drug Raids: Cops Looking Worse and Worse as Facts Emerge in Deadly Atlanta Case

The killing of an elderly Atlanta woman in a drug raid last week continues to reverbrate through the community. With each passing day, the police are looking worse.

Marijuana: Lowest Priority Initiatives Coming to Maine

Maine could become the next state where municipalities pass a lowest law enforcement priority marijuana initiative. Activists there have the process well under way already.

Legalization: Vermont States Attorney Calls for Decriminalization of All Drugs

A Vermont states attorney has spoken out publicly against the drug war. All drugs should be "decriminalized" and drug abuse considered as a public health issue, he says.

Feature: World Bank-UN Report Offers Grim Assessment of Afghanistan Opium Battle, Says Winning Will Take Decades, Not Years

A new report from the World Bank and UN is just the latest to warn of the difficulties facing drug warriors in Afghanistan. The report is comprehensive, exacting, and grim.

Feature: Medical Marijuana Gets a Hearing in Michigan

Medical marijuana came to the state legislature in Michigan this week, for the first time -- and made an unexpectedly strong showing.

Sentencing: Correctional Supervision At All-Time High With Over Seven Million People Tied to the System

In its latest annual studies on the prison and probation/parole population in the US, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports the numbers are at an all-time high. Again.

Marijuana: Michigan Legalization Initiative Gets State Okay to Gather Signatures for 2008

A Michigan group has won approval from the State Board of Canvassers to begin a signature gathering drive for an initiative that would legalize the possession of marijuana by adults.

Southeast Asia: New Thai Government to Begin Investigating 2,500 Murders Committed During Thaksin's Drug War

While he was Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra unleashed a drug war in which more than 2,500 were killed. Now that he has been deposed, the new government is promising to investigate the murders.

Southeast Asia: Myanmar Military Turns Blind Eye to Allied Ethnic Militias' Opium Trade

The military junta in Myanmar has been crowing about how it's cooperating in the fight against opium production, but a report from the Shan States suggests the military is turning a blind eye to production and trading by allied ethnic militias.

Medical Marijuana: California Supreme Court Rules Patients Can Transport It

The California Supreme Court has ruled that qualified medical marijuana patients can transport their medicine -- as much as they need -- without being subjected to arrest and conviction.

Search and Seizure: US Supreme Court Lets State Rulings Barring Drug Dog House Searches and Restricting Traffic Stop Drug Searches Stand

The US Supreme Court Monday refused to hear appeals of state court decisions limiting law enforcement's ability to conduct searches in two states.

Survey: Meth Use Climbs on East Coast


Prescription Heroin Brings Ethical Dilemma


Surge in Violence Shocks Even Weary Mexico; Drug Killing Nearly Doubled in Past Year


Marijuana Bill Snuffed Out


Anger Spills Over in Atlanta At Killing of Aged Woman


Latest on Atlanta Police Killing of Elderly Woman in Drug Raid

The killing of an elderly Atlanta woman after she shot and wounded three undercover policemen during a nighttime drug raid just might end up shedding some much needed light on the sordid business that

Army Protecting Opium Trade in Myanmar


Jesus Blancornelas, 70; wrote exposes on Tijuana drug cartels


Drug Raids: Atlanta Police Kill Woman, 92, Who Shot Invading Officers

Three undercover police officers serving a no-knock drug seach warrant in Atlanta were hit by gunfire from the 92-year old homeowner before they shot and killed her.

Marijuana: San Francisco Supervisors Approve Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Policy

San Francisco became the latest in a growing list of cities taking the lead in reforming marijuana policies.

Canada: BC Business-Academic Panel Tells Government to Consider Legalizing Drugs

A blue ribbon panel says to either legalize drugs or really crack down with the goal of wiping them out.

Europe: Give Addicts Prescription Heroin, Says British Police Commander

As Britain's top cops meet to discuss drug policy, one police commander is saying the government should provide prescription heroin to addicts.

Feature: Students Lobby and Learn in DC as SSDP Comes to Town

Students for Sensible Drug Policy held its annual conference in Washington, DC, last weekend. Here's our report.

Merced Pot Grower Convicted; Jury Takes Just Two Hours to Return Verdict; Medical Marijuana Defense Fails


Along the Northern Mexican Border, Fear Rules


Questions Surround Fatal Shooting of Woman, 92; Police Say They Had Made Drug Buy at Home


Europe: British Drug Expert Calls for Downgrade on LSD, Ecstasy

The head of the British Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has called for ecstasy and LSD to be reclassified as less serious drugs, but the government has signalled it isn't listening.

Harm Reduction: Yet Another Study Finds Vancouver's Safe Injection Site Benefits Users Without Harming Community

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper doesn't like safe injection sites, but as yet another study shows, science is not on his side.

Europe: Italian Government Loosens Marijuana Possession Limits

An administrative measure last week doubled the amount of marijuana people can possess without facing criminal charges.

Sentencing: Veteran Houston Judge Calls for Shorter Sentences for Drug Possession

Houston (Harris County) accounts for nearly 40% of all Texas prisoners serving state jail time for drug possession offenses. Now, a conservative Houston jurist says enough is enough.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A couple of unusual ones this week -- a coke-dealing former fire chief in Connecticut and a Texas cop whose wife has a bad passport and some very shady connections.

Racial Profiling: It Never Went Away on the New Jersey Turnpike

As New Jersey's governor ponders whether to continue a consent decree designed to eliminate racial profiling by State Police, the ACLU says the problem is worse than ever.

Police Kill Woman, 92, in Shootout [Atlanta Drug Raid Gone Bad]


Italian Lawmaker Claims He Planted Marijuana in Parliament


Police Chief Says Give Heroin to Addicts


Injection Site Hasn't Led to Crime, Study Finds


Police Chiefs to Debate Drug Fight [UK]


Judge Calls for Easing of Drug Penalty; Citing Felony Docket Loads, He Asks Perry to Cut Sentences for Minor Possession


Is It Time for Direct Action to Shut Down DEA Headquarters?

One of the nice things about coming to Washington is more stimulating dinner discussions than I'm accustomed to out in the boondocks.

UK is Europe's Worst Offender for Cocaine Use


SSDP Conference Invigorates and Educates Students and Non-Students Alike

The Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) conference in Washington, DC saw its third and final day, and it was a rousing weekend for drug reformer

Pot Seizures Foretell Bumper Crop [in Mexico]


Judge Rejects San Diego Challenge to Medical Marijuana Law


Heading to DC for SSDP!

After five longs days incommunicado in darkest Dakota, I am crawling out of my cave and heading for the East Coast to check out the Students for Sensible

I'm sick and tired of begging my fellow citizens to not throw me in jail...

...because I might smoke something of which they don't approve.

Election 2006: Arizona Voters Take a Step Backwards on Sentencing Reform

Arizona voters took a step backward by allowing first- and second-time methamphetamine offenders to be sentenced to jail or prison -- unlike any other Arizona drug possession offenders.

Election 2006: Drug Reformers in Third Party Statewide Bids Poll Single Digits, But One Wins a State House Seat in Washington

A drug reformer won a state house seat as a Democrat this week, but third-party reformers got largely ignored at the polls.

Election 2006: Massachusetts Voters in Four More Districts Continue the Clamor for Marijuana Law Reform

Four more Massachusetts representative districts have voted to ask their reps to support either marijuana decriminalization or medical marijuana bills in the state legislature.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Kentucky deputy gets caught stealing from the office stash, so does a Cleveland court employee, and a Cleveland cop's husband's activities is raising eyebrows.

Election 2006: Local Marijuana Initiatives Win Across the Board

Statewide marijuana initiatives may have had a tough time this year, but it was a clean sweep for local lowest priority initiatives, which went five for five, plus a local medical marijuana measure.

Election 2006: Initiatives Defeated in Colorado and Nevada, But Hundreds of Thousands Voted to Legalize Marijuana

Two marijuana legalization initiatives went down to defeat in Colorado and Nevada, but by relatively narrow margins. Organizers are vowing to try again.

Dwight Gooden is Released From Prison After Seven Months


Election 2006: South Dakota Medical Marijuana Initiative Backers Vow to Try Again After Narrow Defeat

In a close vote, South Dakota voters became the first in the nation to turn back a medical marijuana initiative, but organizers vow to try again.

[Mexican] Marijuana Harvest Yields Bumper Crop


Sentencing: US Supreme Court to Try to Clean Up Post-Booker Ruling Issues

Last year's Supreme Court decision making federal sentencing guidelines only advisory has led to confusion in the federal courts. Now the high court has agreed to hear two cases that could help stop the head-scratching--and maybe get some drug offenders some shorter sentences.

Looking Bad for the Statewide Marijuana Initiatives

It's just after 1AM Eastern time, and it looks like the Colorado, Nevada, and South Dakota marijuana initiatives are all headed for defeat.

Sentencing: Public Hearings on Illinois SMART Act Pack 'Em In

Public hearings on an Illinois bill that would divert first-time drug possession offenders into "drug schools" instead of prison are now underway across the state, and if the crowd in Chicago is any indication, public interest is high.

Medical Marijuana: First New Federal Prosecution in Three Years Underway in California

Federal authorities had not prosecuted a California medical marijuana patient or provider since the Ed Rosenthal trial blew up in their face three years ago, but that changed Wednesday.

Let's Not Forget Massachusetts

In our list of drug policy-related ballot issues last Friday, we neglected to mention Massachusetts.

More Take the Rehab Way Out; [Enron's] Fastow is the Latest Corporate Convict to Seek Counseling to Cut Time Off Sentence


Tories Blocked Needle Sites Despite Internal Poll Results; 56% of Canadians in Favor of More Injection Facilities


Cloudy Future For Marijuana As Medicine


Kelo TV Poll: Medical Marijuana [South Dakota, Losing 35% to 60%]


Gathering Will Mark 10 Years of Medical Marijuana Use


Federal Official Criticizes Medical Marijuana Issue


Afghan Farmers Likely to Match Harvest [Record 2007 Crop Predicted]


Higher Education: Federal Court Dismisses Challenge to HEA Drug Provision

A South Dakota federal court judge has dismissed a challenge to the consitutionality of the Higher Education Act's drug provision.

Feature: Colorado and Nevada to Vote on Marijuana Legalization Measures Tuesday

Less than a week out, initiatives to legalize marijuana possession in Colorado and permit regulated sales and possession in Nevada face an uphill battle, but organizers remain hopeful.

Feature: Alabama Drug Reformer Loretta Nall Accidentally Becomes the "Cleavage" Candidate

Loretta Nall didn't set out to be the "cleavage" candidate when launching her campaign, but she recognized a good strategy when a newspaper columnist thrust it upon her.

Drug Reform and Drug Reformers in the 2006 Elections -- The List

With the 2006 elections just days away, here's a look at drug reform issues and drug reformers on the ballot.

93% of Canadians Okay With Medicinal Pot


Medical Marijuana: Patients Challenge DEA Head at San Diego Conference, Seven Arrested

DEA head Karen Tandy refused to meet with medical marijuana patients in San Diego Wednesday, the patients refused to leave, seven were arrested, and Tandy got to feel the heat for the actions of her agency.

South Pacific: Sympathy for Marijuana Growers in Vanuatu

The South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu is seeing increased marijuana use and cultivation. While the usual suspects raise concerns, at least one member of parliament is sticking up for growers.

Marijuana: Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate Favors Legalization, Just Not During His Term

In a debate last week, Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick said he could support marijuana legalization, and in the next breath, vowed to veto a marijuana decriminalization bill if it crossed his desk.

Middle East: After Lebanon War, Israeli Cannabis Prices Spike

An unintended consequence of last summer's war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon is a steep spike in hashish prices paid by Israeli consumers due to increased border security.

Coming Down to the Wire in Nevada and Colorado

We're getting down to the final days of this election season, and we're waiting with bated breath for that first marijuana legalization victory in Colorado and/or Nevada.

Unproven Meth, Cocaine "Remedy" Hits Market; Reseachers Debate Quick Fix: Is It Good Medicine or Just Marketing?


[South Dakota] Bill Pits Attorney General Against Medical Marijuana Proponents


Medical Marijuana Advocates Arrested


Africa: As Marijuana Growing Expands, Swaziland Begins to Ponder Hemp

Faced with falling commodity prices, Swazi farmers are turning to marijuana as a cash crop. Now there's talk of growing hemp.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Virginia sheriff and most of his department goes down for reselling seized drug and guns, a Border Patrol guard gets caught turning a blind eye in exchange for sex and cash, dope is missing from the Boston Police evidence warehouse, a small town police chief pleads guilty to protecting crack dealers, and two cops are going to prison for dealing drugs.

Prescription Painkillers Becoming More Popular Than Marijuana, SAMHSA Says


California Seizes Record Number of Pot Plants


Russia Raises Afghanistan Drugs Issue With EU


The Cartels Are Coming, the Cartels Are Coming! (Or A New Meme Emerges)

No, not the Colombian cartels and not the Mexican cartels.

Pot Proponents Shout Down Governor

Drug War Issues

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