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The Rape of Justice!

The rape of justice, the guardian of liberty is an assault on the American dream!

Our Heroes are Rebels with Just Cause!

As we remember fallen soldiers this year, please consider those heroes, who have given their lives for this country, died for freedom and for making this world a better place will have died in vai

Justice, a New Path!

Calling all patriots, all rebels with just cause!

Love Trumps Hate in United States!

I read that Tea Party members shouted "the "n-word!" at former civil rights leader and current Atlanta Congressman, John Lewis during a protest in DC.

Sometimes a Great Notion!

The Federalist papers remain a primary source for interpretation of the U.S.

Sing about Freedom, Sing about Justice!

Take heart, the American dream comes directly from God as do all dreams of freedom around the world.. The "Spirit of '76" was the Holy Spirit and is our true North!

A Gusher of Hope and Healing!

The American dream is, for the power of love to overcome the love of power. The Love Revolution is a gusher of hope and healing!

Big Government's Psychopathic Tendencies!

Big corporations and governments are often lacking in conscience and empathy.

The American Way; Self-Government, Self-Medication!!

President Obama has won the Nobel Prize for Peace on promises of de-nuclearization.

Educate, Enlighten, ROCK the Powerful!

Downsize big government and save the American dream of self-government free of tyranny and oppression.

Scandalizing Leadership!

My fellow Americans, lovers of Liberty, we have been betrayed over the last century by scandalizing leadership creating this changeling America. Shame on them and us. Has Mr.

This America is a Nightmare Version of the Dream!

I hear more and more people say they are getting that Alice in Wonderland feeling. This changeling America our war-and-fear-mongering leaders are selling is unacceptable.

The Constitution, America's Conscience!

The SPIRIT of 1776 was the HOLY SPIRIT and is our TRUE NORTH! The American dream is, "for the power of love to overcome the love of power." We will overcome!

Drug War Issues

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