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Man arrested for growing poppies

In an article in yesterday's paper I found an article from Alberta,in which a 63 year old man was arrested for cultivating poppy plants on his property.This is the most intrusive,cruel,unjust and out

Needle exchange in prison

Last week was one of the most depressing weeks I've had in some time.Sometimes it seems the forces of intolerance have taken over the agenda.Then I remembered that intolerance is the rule of the day a

We can't even smoke tobacco

Friday's paper was full of stories about drug addicted babies.By Sunday,The Province editorial was about just that.On Friday,The doctor felt compelled to phone into the Vancouver media with a story fr

they call themselvesKeeping The Door Open

This Winter while the drug reform people were holding discussions on how to bring about change in current drug policy,the forces of prohibition and entrenched drug treatment programs were whining that

Doctors call in media,cocaine can kill you

The doctor did mention in an aside that this was only in certain cases.I'm willing to bet there is a better chance of being struck by lightening but the patient involved did have a cardiac arrest at 3

Prison riot and death will be blamed on drugs

As I write this Mountain prison in Agassiz is locked down.On Saturday nite at 9:45 the inmates started an uprising that broke glass everywhere and eventually sent 12 prison inmates to hospital,allege

Marc Emery deal nixed by Harper Conservative government

Since the announced 10 year sentence with 5 to be done in a Canadian Prison.There have been rumors that the deal was in trouble.There was no mention of where the hold up originated or exactly what the

South Park takes a shot at the drug war

In a show that takes on just about everything the elite hold sacred,South Park has once again taken aim at the drug war.The show is called all about boobs but the story line is pure drug war .Kids get

Sky train attacker a 'gentle soul'.

So read the headline in one of Vancouver's daily freebies.The article goes on to tell of a man's fall into addiction and violent robbery and the damage he's done.The crown is asking for a sentence of

It just gets worse

There's been a story in the news lately about a fellow that's missing.They keep showing this photo of a body builder with major tattoos and I'm thinking this guy's either a dealer or a rip off type.To

Wally still doesn't get it

The headline in Friday's paper reads:Oppal calls for calm after shooting.This is the same Wally Oppal that recently called for a return to the habitual criminal act.His solicitor General John Les actu

Where am I?

I just received a note from a friend at DIGG that tells of a mayor asking that a school trustee resign because he had the nerve to vote for legal marijuana.There were 192 others that voted the same wa

I forgot the count

Another drug war turf battle hit tonight.Information is scarce but it's a young Indo-Canadian male with a bullet in the back of his head.Sounds really familiar.I wonder what Wally will tell us about t

Why can't they get it?

Spike in Violence tied to shifting alliances.So read the heading on an article in the Vancouver Province newspaper on Tues.Mar.18'08.The article goes on to make assertions that gangs are becoming mult

They Only Come Out at Night

CBC Newsworld ran a documentary on the opium road between Afghanistan and Iran.It was incredible to see the infrastructure that the Iranians have built in their efforts to curtail smuggling of opium a

Seven Days,Seven Dead

The drug war that's raging on the streets of the lower mainland(Metro Vancouver)has now reached a milestone.For the last week,there's been one drug related murder for each passing day.The deaths have

12 Year Old Faces Trafficking Rap

That's the heading of a small story in the province newspaper on Friday,March,14,2008.The story goes on to credit a 12 year old with exchanging marijuana with a younger classmate.The article makes it

Is the Pope Catholic?

When I read the Pope's new deadly sins,i was reminded of a recent meeting I attended in which a very distraught woman stood up and ranted about opening of doors to evil and consequences beyond underst

Now it's 26

In case you've been out of the country for a long vacation away from the media you know that we have a drug turf war going on in Vancouver.Over the weekend,2 more Asian males with known gang connectio

Vancouver's seventh homicide is another gang hit

"I guess it happens everywhere".That's what the neighbor of our latest gang land hit said to the BCTV reporter asking her about the shooting death of a 20 year old Asian male on Sunday,March 9,'08."Ni

The Bitch

Way back in the dark ages,when addiction was considered a plague and the police and the courts thought they could arrest their way out of the drug problem.There was a law introduced that was intended

Mixed messages

Under this banner the Canadian press announced the UN drug control agency was demanding that Canada close down insite,Vancouver's safe injection site.As recently as one month ago I was at a meeting wh


The Vancouver Province,newspaper letters editor ran two letters over the recent Supreme court ruling exonerating a local trafficker due to improper police procedure.The first was the typical world's g

B.C. Supreme Court Ruling Favors Privacy Over Police

For years,people in Canada have watched courts south of the border throwing out cases over technicalities.

Where should the money be spent?

That was the question for the day's discussion at the third of three drug awareness conferences held in Vancouver,B.C. Canada.

Bank Robbery Capital of the World?Vancouver,B.C.Canada

Or at least of Canada.Some of my best friends were very good bank robbers.Nice guys unless you stood between them and their next fix.They used to throw money around like it was free.But then I guess i

Drug Conference What Do We Tell the Kids? Vancouver,B.C.Canada

The meeting started with the usual speeches from the podium Which were on topic and fairly focused.Then the people in attendance began speaking and it was clear from the start that there were some oth

Family drug ring wiped out with #6

Vancouver's sixth homicide has been identified as the last member of a family crack cocaine business.Earl Seymour and three cousins used to run the crack in Vancouver's infamous Down Town East Side.Ea

Number 6

Vancouver police are currently at the scene of the sixth homicide of '08 and this is another targeted shooting in the criminal underworld. While the government is spending 10 million on a prison retro

Just When You Thought it Couldn't Get Any Worse


Letters Support Ruling on SWAT Raids

To my great surprise,recent letters to the cities local papers have expressed support for justice Catherine Bruce's tossing of evidence in a grow bust because cops used SWAT style tactics to enter the

Where Should Public Health End and Criminal Justice Begin

Today,Feb,13'08 a conference held at the UBC campus at Robson square asked that question and the answer was ; only as a last resort and countering violence exclusively.

Thompson backs SWAT ruling

Vancouver Province newspaper columnist Joey Thompson has written a column backing the recent supreme court ruling against the police use of SWAT style drug raids.This came as quite a shock as her rece

Not Punishment Enough

Recent articles and letters in the local media have contended that prisoners in both federal and provincial jails are treated with too much concern for their rights and not enough emphasis on punishme

Court Rules Against Swat Style Drug Raids.Canada,Vancouver,B.C.

In a ruling that will hopefully spell the end of SWAT-style drug raids in Canada, B.C.

Canada's Greens push for legal pot

Federal Green Party deputy leader Adriane Carr is recommending the legalization of marijuana and making drugs a medical issue; the first party to do so since the liberals chickened out on decriminaliz

Pot linked to bad teeth

I tried in vain to get the story from the paper, but try to call up Yesterday's news. This is junk science at it's best.

United Nations Listens to the Drug Advocacy movement

Today I listened as a coalition of advocates and a few naysayers made their case to a UN representative at the Wosk Center for Dialogue at the downtown SFU campus.This morning the Province newspaper h

the methadone quandry

I'm sure most are familiar with my low opinion of the use of methadone maintenance.

Media Overload

You may recall the piece I did over the phony baby drug smugglers at federal prisons story.Today the story, which began as a top of the line ion scan that showed some contact with speed, has now morph

Judge Judy is Insane

I watched the Judge Judy show today and she told one of her "early days" stories. I know she's proud of the fact that lawyers would move Heaven and Earth to appear in front of anyone else; that's OK.

Local Media Slags Addicts Again

Not being prone to intelligent and thoughtful articles, the local paper continues to toss dirt on visitors to prisons in the Frazer Valley.

Prison Guard Trades Sex for Drug Smuggler Pass

An American border guard met a young Canadian hooker and drug addict at a friend's place in the lower mainland.

the FBI and Saddam

I hope you watched the 60 min. interview with the FBI's interrogator of Saddam Hussein on Sunday night.

The Stem Cell Debate and the drug war.

I was just educated in the recent attempts to legalize the use of stem cells in spinal cord research. GWB used a presidential veto to undermine the will of both the Congress and the Senate.

Actually,I have no qualms about saying "I told you so"

Yesterday I wrote about the local paper's campaign to invoke searches of babies and small children visiting prisons.

Put the lunatics in Charge

The Vancouver Province and columnist Joey Thompson have out done themselves this time. Always on the prohibitionist side of the drug issue, now they're going after addicts already in prison.

Welcom to Mexico

As I'm sure most of you have heard, the Mexican government has sent the army to the US border to referee the fight between two cartels for the US drug market.

It all make sense now

I just read a quote from Albert Einstein: "Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them." It puts the whole drug war thing in perspective.

Added to the List

The two men killed in Yesterday's shooting incident have been confirmed as gang members.

Gotham Restaurant: the scene of wild shooting spree

As I write this, two bodies lie dead in the intersection of Georgia and Seymour streets in Vancouver. Police rushing to the scene collided at a nearby intersection.

Vancouver man part of Alaska smuggling ring

A Vancouver man has been charged with smuggling millions of dollars worth of marijuana stashed in snow mobiles, inflatable boats and travel trailers into Alaska.

Update: Marc Emery

The article in the paper was so small I almost missed it. I guess no-one's particularly proud of this one. Mr.

Prince of Pot Pleads Out

Marc Emery, the self-styled Prince of Pot has accepted a plea bargain which would see him serve five years in a Canadian prison.

Island growers happy withmedical-marijuana court ruling

Now the growers of medical marijuana on Vancouver Island are lining up for a piece of the lucrative action.

She's at it again

Surrey mayor Dianne Watts is in the news again (big surprise) demanding a drug court for Surrey. She's totally pissed about the time it takes to put one together and is tired of waiting for her turn.

Another one bites the dust

Another young man was shot in the head outside a down town nightclub. It is not known what the cause or why the killing. There's still a shooting a day going down.

New Hope for Marijuana Jan.10,2008

The court ruled today that it was against the charter of rights and freedoms for the government to hold a patent on the growing of medical marijuana in Canada.

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission

These are the addresses for petitioning the agency responsible for the appeal of the pot firing case: Alberta Human Rights and citizenship commission, 800 Standard Life center, 10405 Jasper Avenue,

Major Media Dodges Precedent Setting Drug Case

The story appeared in the same issue of The Vancouver Province, newspaper as did the crack pipe story. It appeared on page A24, which is about as buried as a story can be.

Public Outraged

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority announced today that they would begin handing out mouth pieces for crack pipes in an effort to prevent the spread of blood borne diseases, mainly Hep-C.

Happy New Year

I was just listening to The Fox in Vancouver.They keep playing this idiot that thinks that a raise in the minimum wage will hurt his bottom line and "only help the guy that's making $8.50 hr." It remi

Check out Wikipedia

I was just perusing my back editions of The Georgia Straight, Vancouver's lone voice that's not controlled by Canwest Global Media.

The 10% Crow

The Canadian border services agency and the RCMP are crowing about their latest seizure: 61.5 kilos of cocaine were seized around the 23 of Dec. 2007.

60 minutes

I hope every one watched 60 minutes tonite.Their story on the big mess that the feds have created in California over medical marijuana was a major eye opener.The minister(methodist,I think),that spons

The Years Best

I guess newspapers can't resist the urge to one up them selves.The Vancouver,Province Newspaper,in it's years most watched stories named the drug war as the star in three;The Picton Murders,The Drug T

Darwinian Theory

I received my Google Alert today and found myself being relegated to the shallow end of the gene pool.It seems my many arrests were due to my stupidity.I was not flattered.Enough said.The Vancouver po

The Years Top Ten

The Vancouver Province newspaper listed it's years top ten stories today.Fri.Dec.28,2007.#3 dealt with a teacher that shared his stash with a couple of concert goers.We had to jump all the way to#10 t


The big story of the day is the murder in Nanaimo on Christmas day.Amongst claims that the house was a known drug spot and was on a list that is kept by local politicians so they can bill homeowners f

Massive ecstacy bust and other drug war uniformity

Shortly before 10 pm a plain clothed Abbotsford police officer pulled over a 2007 Chrysler Sebring just blocks from the US border.Stirring stuff.Unfortunately ,this isn't part of a dime novel it's the

Stockwell Day Crows About the Border

a Dec.12 seizure of 116 lbs.of cocaine at the Pacific Highway Truck Crossing has public safety minister Day telling any one that will listen what a wonderful job his border agents are doing."this seiz

Best of the season and happy New Year

Apart from the usual political corruption and disappointing results from the Salvation Army Kettle drive,It's been a slow news day.I must admit that for the first time in a lot of years,I have a good

The Peoples Choice

Recent studies have trumpeted the health benefits of moderate drinking.In a report by Dr.Tim Stockwell,director of the centre for addictions research of B.C. reported:A few drinks and ordinary Canadia

The Age of Truth

I opened my paper today and discovered an article that I'd found on the net yesterday but wasn't sure of it's authenticity.It listed a long litany of false hoods that were being spread by people and (

Grow-ops Growing Bigger

RCMP crime analyst,Parvin Girn did a master's thesis on marijuana grow ops.She says the average grow-op is now located in a house on a large lot,hidden behind bushes and growing more dope than ever.T

I Hate to Say I told You So

Bert Tathum returned from Dubai today.As I predicted,He started Whining the moment the plane touched down."Why didn't they give me a break",cries Bert.Now remember,Berts a drug cop that got caught wit

Some people's Kids

I thought I'd met the ugliest people in this world already.Then I heard about a creep named Bert Tathum.It seems Bert is a narcotics officer that our government sent to Afghanistan to harass and destr

The most ignorant thing I've ever heard

The federal Conservative government of Steven Harper,Released a report comdeming the current mandatory release program.In the most inane statement I've ever heard,panel chairman Rob Sampson said:"It j

All the Lonley People

Big announcement on the news tonite.It seems Vancouver has become a major distribution point for the international drug trade.We're a major manufacturer of meth and ecstacy as well.The things you here

{Picton Guilty

At 11:15 Sunday,Dec.9,2007. The jury in the trial of serial torture murder suspect:"Robert(Willie)Picton ended 10 days of deliberations,halted at one point because the judge erred in his charge to the

Who Your Friends Are

Since the drug bill announcement it's getting hard to tell who your friends are.The feds are sending 10 million dollars to Vancouver as our "share"of the drug war booty.The mayor has decided that the

Here we go again

Well,the news is out and it's every bit as depressing as I expected.Under the headline:"Ottawa cracks down on illegal drugs",our government announced THIS:1.a one year mandatory minimum sentence for d

Harper Government goes south

It seems I've wiped my computer.Just a note to say that our neocon government has announced mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes.I'm hoping the website still has my other blogs but if they went

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