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Deprivation of Rights/Oppression - how I got into politics, and how they've beaten me...

My experiences have shown me how little Government (collectively) cares for the Rule of Law, and the "rights" of the people they claim they can overcome at will.

Petititon for Redress of Grievances - Ending the Drug War Today...

Hey - I was wondering about this - would it be possible to file for a redress of grievances caused by the Controlled Substances Act?

Federal 9th Circuit Appeal - Legal help required! Challenge of Constitutionality based on property right infringements/Oppressive Class war-fare

Briefly - I was arrested in Feb. 2007 for MDMA distribution along with 4 co-defendants (including my supplier, my investor, and 2 kids I hadn't ever met.)

The Legalization Threat; DDEAL Newsletter #1

Drug Dealers Ensuring Against Legalization ( (Please REPOST! The threat of legalization is REAL!) DDEAL Newsletter #1

DDEAL - Because NO ONE wants to see the pigs win! Just Launched. An act of... Satire. Comedy.

Taking it to Court (Again) - Request for Review/Revisement of Motion

I'm doing OK pro per. So far I've filed a motion do dismiss (demurrer) and was rewarded with a reply from the prosecution stating that the Necessary and Proper clause supersedes the 5th amendment.

Ron Paul on CNN - "I'm the only candidate saying I'll pardon all non-violent drug offenders!"

Last night, before Fox's debate, Ron Paul was brought onto Wolf's show on CNN and accused of being a racist - based upon a few articles written in a newsletter over 15 years ago - articles that Ron Pa

Class action suit against the DEA, DOJ, etc...

I'm ready to launch one. The claim originates from this Federal Code; TITLE 42 > CHAPTER 21 > SUBCHAPTER I > § 1983 Civil action for deprivation of rights The creation of the drug laws was

The purpose of Government

What is the purpose of government? The Declaration of Independence states it as this; "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of

The letter of the law...

Defined as criminal under title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedures) of the United States Code; Title 18 U.S.

MDMA and the FBI...

Hey guys. I'm out on bail right now, awaiting trial for ecstasy trafficking. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do - I know that I should plea, give in, and take whatever is offered, but I am h

Drug War Issues

Criminal JusticeAsset Forfeiture, Collateral Sanctions (College Aid, Drug Taxes, Housing, Welfare), Court Rulings, Drug Courts, Due Process, Felony Disenfranchisement, Incarceration, Policing (2011 Drug War Killings, 2012 Drug War Killings, 2013 Drug War Killings, 2014 Drug War Killings, 2015 Drug War Killings, 2016 Drug War Killings, 2017 Drug War Killings, Arrests, Eradication, Informants, Interdiction, Lowest Priority Policies, Police Corruption, Police Raids, Profiling, Search and Seizure, SWAT/Paramilitarization, Task Forces, Undercover Work), Probation or Parole, Prosecution, Reentry/Rehabilitation, Sentencing (Alternatives to Incarceration, Clemency and Pardon, Crack/Powder Cocaine Disparity, Death Penalty, Decriminalization, Defelonization, Drug Free Zones, Mandatory Minimums, Rockefeller Drug Laws, Sentencing Guidelines)CultureArt, Celebrities, Counter-Culture, Music, Poetry/Literature, Television, TheaterDrug UseParaphernalia, Vaping, ViolenceIntersecting IssuesCollateral Sanctions (College Aid, Drug Taxes, Housing, Welfare), Violence, Border, Budgets/Taxes/Economics, Business, Civil Rights, Driving, Economics, Education (College Aid), Employment, Environment, Families, Free Speech, Gun Policy, Human Rights, Immigration, Militarization, Money Laundering, Pregnancy, Privacy (Search and Seizure, Drug Testing), Race, Religion, Science, Sports, Women's IssuesMarijuana PolicyGateway Theory, Hemp, Marijuana -- Personal Use, Marijuana Industry, Medical MarijuanaMedicineMedical Marijuana, Science of Drugs, Under-treatment of PainPublic HealthAddiction, Addiction Treatment (Science of Drugs), Drug Education, Drug Prevention, Drug-Related AIDS/HIV or Hepatitis C, Harm Reduction (Methadone & Other Opiate Maintenance, Needle Exchange, Overdose Prevention, Pill Testing, Safer Injection Sites)Source and Transit CountriesAndean Drug War, Coca, Hashish, Mexican Drug War, Opium ProductionSpecific DrugsAlcohol, Ayahuasca, Cocaine (Crack Cocaine), Ecstasy, Heroin, Ibogaine, ketamine, Khat, Kratom, Marijuana (Gateway Theory, Marijuana -- Personal Use, Medical Marijuana, Hashish), Methamphetamine, New Synthetic Drugs (Synthetic Cannabinoids, Synthetic Stimulants), Nicotine, Prescription Opiates (Fentanyl, Oxycontin), Psilocybin / Magic Mushrooms, Psychedelics (LSD, Mescaline, Peyote, Salvia Divinorum)YouthGrade School, Post-Secondary School, Raves, Secondary School