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Web Scan: WOLA on Mexico Drug Wars, Sentencing Project and Others Report to UN Human Rights Committee, CURE on Prisons in OAS

WOLA on Mexican Drug Trade Violence and Corruption, Sentencing Project and Others Report to UN Human Rights Committee, CURE on Prisons in OAS

Feature: Judge Throws Out Part of Alaska Marijuana Recriminalization Law, Up to An Ounce is Now Legal At Home

Gov. Frank Murkowski's two-year effort to recriminalize marijuana in Alaska hit another roadblock Monday when a Superior Court judge struck down the part of the law he pushed through the legislature earlier this year.

Appeal/Book Offer: Race to Incarcerate, by Marc Mauer

Support DRCNet with a much-needed donation and get your copy of this important book about the unprecedented rise in the use of imprisonment in the United States over the last 25 years.

Editorial: Not Playing by the Rules, Not Making Sense

Legislators and law enforcers should not disrespect the constitutional frameworks intended to limit their power.

Overdose Deaths Outpacing Homicides in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia News reported Monday that despite the city having seen one of its deadliest weekends, drug overdoses, particu

State of Siege: Drug-Related Violence and Corruption in Mexico


Feature: Wisconsin Drug Reform Activist and Senate Candidate Ben Masel Assaulted, Arrested By Campus Cops, Plans to Sue

Wisconsin's best known drug policy reformer, Weedstock organizer Ben Masel, was pepper-sprayed and arrested by University of Wisconsin-Madison police as he collected signatures for his senatorial campaign the evening of June 30. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting a police officer, trespassing, and remaining after being warned to leave, all misdemeanors.

Feature: Battle Over California's Proposition 36 to Head to Court

Last week, the California legislature voted to approve changes to Proposition 36, the state's "treatment not jail" law, that would alter the law's basic philosophy. This week, Prop. 36 supporters are waiting for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign the bill into law. Then they will immediately file suit to have the new law overturned.

Editorial: Is Ecstasy a Dangerous Drug?

Member of the South Australian Parliament Sandra Kanck aroused ire from colleagues again by attending a rave then telling them she felt safer there than at a bar.

ACLU Alaska press release

And another ACLU item, this one about the Alaska victory that came as expected -- hopefully not just a short term victory, but only time will tell about that.

ACLU Wins Settlement for Goose Creek School Raid Victims

press release from the ACLU...

Judge Invalidates Alaska Marijuana Recriminalization Law, As Expected


drug war/terror war confusion in Afghanistan

The British online publication "Spiked" noted in a larger story, citing a March article in the Guardian, that there is confusion

Rep. Ron Paul is Congress' "Dr. No," Mentions His Opposition to Drug War


San Diego Medical Marijuana Co-ops Raided Again!


Afghanistan Set to Have World's Largest Ever Opium Crop (Financial Times)


Canadian Senator and Former Mayor Roasts UN Anti-Drug Chief in E-Mail over "World Drug Report"

We didn't get the permission back in time to include this in issue #441 of Drug War Chronicle, but Sen.

No Walk in the Park for Dwight Gooden (Anthony Papa for Counterpunch)


Weekly: The Reformer's Calendar

Showing up at an event can be the best way to get involved! Check out this week's listings for events from today through next year, across the US and around the world!

Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

Web Scan: Len Bias, UN Coca Survey, Oaksterdam News

Len Bias, UN Coca Survey, Oaksterdam News

Medical Marijuana: National Multiple Sclerosis Society to Fund Study

In what could be the first sign of a course reversal by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which has scoffed at medical marijuana in the past, the group announced this week it will fund a study.

Latin America: Venezuela-Funded Coca Factory Opens in Bolivia

Bolivian President Evo Morales traveled to the town of Irupana in Bolivia's Yungas coca-growing region Saturday to preside over the opening of a factory where coca leaves will be made into legal products.

Africa: Nigerian Narcs in Losing Battle with Marijuana Farmers

Nigeria's booming marijuana trade is more than the nation's drug enforcement agency can handle, their commander for a region that's a hotspot for the trade told a major newspaper last week.

Europe: Scottish Drug Czar Says Drug War Is Lost, Causes Big To-Do

Despite decades of drug war, Scotland has some of the highest drug use rates in Europe and more than 50,000 heroin addicts. Now Scotland's drug czar has unleashed a week of furious debate -- not the first in recent months -- by declaring that the war on drugs is lost and can never be won.

Canada: In Harm Reduction Bid, Vancouver Police to Stay Away From Overdose Calls

Citing Australian research showing that police presence during overdose calls increases the likelihood of overdose deaths by increasing drug users' fear of arrest, Vancouver police have formalized an already existing informal policy of leaving it to the paramedics.

Drugged Driving: Michigan Supreme Court Upholds State DUID Law -- Now You Don't Even Have to Be High to Get Busted

If you smoke a joint Friday night and drive to work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Monday morning in Michigan, you can be arrested, charged, and convicted as a drugged driver because inactive chemical traces of THC, or metabolites, remain in your bloodstream.

Marijuana: West Hollywood Passes "Lowest Priority" Resolution

West Hollywood became the first Southern California city to adopt a "lowest law enforcement priority" measure toward marijuana when the City Council approved a resolution (albeit nonbinding) similar to Oakland's "Measure Z" on Monday night. Similar measures will go to voters in Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Santa Monica in November.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A federal prison contraband-for-sex scandal exploded into lethal violence Wednesday. And then there's the run of the mill: A one-time Wisconsin deputy goes down in a major marijuana bust, a former Mississippi deputy goes down for meth, a San Francisco prosecutor goes to prison for taking Ecstasy bribes, and a former Alabama deputy gets ready to go to prison for providing a gun and some crack rocks to an ex-con.

Alert: Major Medical Marijuana Vote in Congress Next Week!

For the fourth consecutive year, an effort is underway in Congress to stop the Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration from arresting and prosecuting medical marijuana patients and providers in the 11 states where it is legal. Amendment sponsor Rep. Maurice Hinchey and others spoke with DRCNet about its prospects. Next week the US House of Representatives will vote again on the Hinchey-Rohrabacher medical marijuana amendment, which if passed will forbid the US Dept. of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. It's crucial that more members of Congress vote for medical marijuana this year than did last year.

Book Offer: Burning Rainbow Farm: How a Stoner Utopia Went up in Smoke

In fall 2001, activists Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm were gunned down by state and federal agents, after desperation drove them to set fire to the buildings on their beloved Rainbow Farm campground and concert site. A new book tells the heart-wrenching story.

Offer and Appeal: Important New Legalization Video and Drug War Facts Book Available

Get your copy of the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition video that Walter Cronkite called a "must-see for any journalist or public official dealing with [the drug] issue."

DRCNet Review Essay: Over the Transom -- Modern Day Pamphleteers Address the Drug War

On the eve of American independence, the colonies were awash with radicals taking pen to hand to denounce the latest iniquities of the British crown. More than two centuries later, that impulse is alive and well -- at least when it comes to the war on drugs.

Feature: Move to Block DEA Medical Marijuana Raids Heads for House Floor Vote Next Week

For the fourth consecutive year, an effort is underway in Congress to stop the Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration from arresting and prosecuting medical marijuana patients and providers in the 11 states where it is legal. Amendment sponsor Rep. Maurice Hinchey and others spoke with DRCNet about its prospects.

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