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Because they can

Sometimes, in the course of curing disease, doctors are required to cause pain, even lasting harm to a patient. Drug cops cause pain and lasting harm simply because they can.

The dubious dangers of enforcing drug laws

On FaceBook recently, a LEAP speaker commented that enforcing drug laws puts police officers at risk. Not so, I replied.

A Christmas Carol

It's the week before Christmas, and all through the land People are silent; not taking a stand. I'm doing my best to find someone who cares; I don't think that anyone's listening out there.

His Honor

At eight a.m. the show begins; The bailiff calls, "All rise!" In walks the dog-and-pony star, Wearing his disguise. All dressed up in his robes of black, He takes the stage alone;

Mexico's new drug laws

Supposedly, as part of a plan to reduce small-time drug sales, the Mexican government has decriminalized the possession of what they consider appropriate for personal use.

Letter to Barack Obama

This is the letter I've just mailed to our new president. As I've said before, I'm just one little voice, and each person reading this is just one little voice.

If you or someone you know lives in Arizona

The governor has asked for public input on how to solve the budget shortfall.

Well, the war on meth is going well . . .

Unfortunately, the decrease in meth use among Arizona's teens has been accompanied by an increase in the use of heroin.

Salvia -- gateway to . . . what?

Okay, I admit it. At the ripe old age of 55, overcome by curiosity, I decided to try salvia. Didn't care much for it; fortunately, the high only lasted about 15 minutes.

More death in Mexico

But this time it's the cops doing the killing.

And the snitch goes on, or, Save the chidren!

Nowhere is the evil of the drug war more evident than in the use of children as pawns.

Lock 'em up fever

Lock up the addicts; lock up the drunks; Lock 'em all up til they're two to a bunk! Put 'em in tents; make 'em sleep on the floor; Lock 'em all up, and then lock up some more! Lock up the dealers; tak

A poem

dedicated to victims of lifestyle police everywhere: We'll ransack your home, tear your family apart; Take your children away, and that's just a start. We'll take or destroy everything you hold dear

Drug War Issues

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