Stars of “From Prison to the Stage” at Kennedy Center return to Connecticut

[Courtesy of The Safe Streets Arts Foundation] We are pleased to report that the Judy Dworin Performance Project, which was a big hit at our "From Prison to the Stage" show at the Kennedy Center on Sept. 5, has returned safely to its home in Hartford, Connecticut. The Judy Dworin Performance Project (JDPP) was founded in 1989 as a nonprofit organization to provide support for individual artists, particularly the silent and silenced. Over the past 20 years, JDPP has provided innovative, inspiring, educational and collaborative art rooted in the belief that the arts can be a powerful agent for change. Upcoming events of JDPP: • October 30, 6:30pm - Excerpts from the award winning The Witching Hour at the Old State House in downtown Hartford • Nov 5, 6 & 7, 7:30pm - Premiere of What I Want to Say at Charter Oak Cultural Center, an evening that celebrates past pieces and debuts from the Judy Dworin Performance Ensemble. • Feb 2 - Dreamings, a piece created at York Correctional Institution (women's state prison), as further developed by formerly incarcerated women and family members of the incarcerated, at Kinsella Performing Arts Magnet School. Upcoming residencies: The Moving Matters! Residency program of JDPP brings movement-based multi-arts residencies into schools, prisons and community centers through collaborative multi-arts projects. • A 5th year in residence at York Correctional Institution, with workshops in dance, song, storytelling, poetry and personal testimony on the theme of "Bridging the Divides" to culminate in July • A further development of the York Moms & Kids program bridging the divide between incarcerated mothers and their children. For further information about JDPP, its performance or residency work or DVDs of work listed here, please visit or contact [email protected] or 860.527.9800.

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