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Call to SSDPers: Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) Summer Seminars

Last year several SSDP members came to one of our free summer seminars and had a great time. This year, we've got another exciting summer seminar lineup that I think your members will enjoy. The summer seminars offered by the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) provide an opportunity for students to explore the ideas of a society with more freedom and less paternalism, to talk one-on-one with top faculty and policy experts, and to have discussions with students from around the world. This summer IHS is hosting 13 seminars on a range of topics including individual liberties, globalization, current issues, social change, art and culture, poverty, and more. SSDP members might find these two seminars particularly interesting: Freedom, Tolerance, & Civil Society, Boston, MA, June 16-22 Who should decide what we are allowed to put into our own bodies, what we're allowed to read, and how we should live our personal lives? Do laws meant to protect us from ourselves actually make us better off? Through lectures on law, economics, and philosophy, explore public policy issues including the war on drugs, sex and gender laws, freedom of expression, self-defense, health care, and education. Liberty & Current Issues, Washington, DC, July 27-29 A weekend seminar for students and young professionals interested in public policy issues and careers. Explore innovative solutions to current challenges facing society and deepen your understanding of how markets and governments work. Acquire new tools for analyzing contemporary issues including terrorism and security, the drug war, school choice, corporate ethics, entitlement issues, free speech, and more. Pick up career tips from experts such as leading academics, policy analysts, and others. Details about our complete seminar lineup and locations are available at The deadline to apply is March 31. Applicants who apply before March 15 will receive a free book. Please forward this email to any friends and colleagues who might be interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or check our website. Thank you so much! Keri Keri Anderson Student Coordinator Institute for Humane Studies
Arlington, VA
United States

Drug War Issues

Criminal JusticeAsset Forfeiture, Collateral Sanctions (College Aid, Drug Taxes, Housing, Welfare), Court Rulings, Drug Courts, Due Process, Felony Disenfranchisement, Incarceration, Policing (2011 Drug War Killings, 2012 Drug War Killings, 2013 Drug War Killings, 2014 Drug War Killings, 2015 Drug War Killings, 2016 Drug War Killings, 2017 Drug War Killings, Arrests, Eradication, Informants, Interdiction, Lowest Priority Policies, Police Corruption, Police Raids, Profiling, Search and Seizure, SWAT/Paramilitarization, Task Forces, Undercover Work), Probation or Parole, Prosecution, Reentry/Rehabilitation, Sentencing (Alternatives to Incarceration, Clemency and Pardon, Crack/Powder Cocaine Disparity, Death Penalty, Decriminalization, Defelonization, Drug Free Zones, Mandatory Minimums, Rockefeller Drug Laws, Sentencing Guidelines)CultureArt, Celebrities, Counter-Culture, Music, Poetry/Literature, Television, TheaterDrug UseParaphernalia, Vaping, ViolenceIntersecting IssuesCollateral Sanctions (College Aid, Drug Taxes, Housing, Welfare), Violence, Border, Budgets/Taxes/Economics, Business, Civil Rights, Driving, Economics, Education (College Aid), Employment, Environment, Families, Free Speech, Gun Policy, Human Rights, Immigration, Militarization, Money Laundering, Pregnancy, Privacy (Search and Seizure, Drug Testing), Race, Religion, Science, Sports, Women's IssuesMarijuana PolicyGateway Theory, Hemp, Marijuana -- Personal Use, Marijuana Industry, Medical MarijuanaMedicineMedical Marijuana, Science of Drugs, Under-treatment of PainPublic HealthAddiction, Addiction Treatment (Science of Drugs), Drug Education, Drug Prevention, Drug-Related AIDS/HIV or Hepatitis C, Harm Reduction (Methadone & Other Opiate Maintenance, Needle Exchange, Overdose Prevention, Pill Testing, Safer Injection Sites)Source and Transit CountriesAndean Drug War, Coca, Hashish, Mexican Drug War, Opium ProductionSpecific DrugsAlcohol, Ayahuasca, Cocaine (Crack Cocaine), Ecstasy, Heroin, Ibogaine, ketamine, Khat, Kratom, Marijuana (Gateway Theory, Marijuana -- Personal Use, Medical Marijuana, Hashish), Methamphetamine, New Synthetic Drugs (Synthetic Cannabinoids, Synthetic Stimulants), Nicotine, Prescription Opiates (Fentanyl, Oxycontin), Psilocybin / Magic Mushrooms, Psychedelics (LSD, Mescaline, Peyote, Salvia Divinorum)YouthGrade School, Post-Secondary School, Raves, Secondary School