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Candle Light Vigil for Drug War Prisoners

The biennial international drug policy reform conference, which took place earlier this month in Albuquerque, included a candle light vigil for prisoners of the drug war. Peter Sarosi and István Gábor Takács of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union -- whose videos we have featured here several times -- were in attendance and produced an eight-minute video of it, "We Are the Keepers of the Light." Check it out:
Albuquerque, NM
United States

Heroin Maintenance Comes to Denmark

Heroin maintenance is coming to Denmark. And it's about time -- how about here too? The evidence is in, and it's only ideology that stands in the way of saving lives that now are being needlessly lost. In the meanwhile, watch the video from the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union and the Danish Street Lawyers about the new program:

Oakland Cannabis Tax on Lehrer News Hour Last Night

Oakland's new cannabis tax was highlighted on the PBS Lehrer News Hour report last night. The tax, counterintuitively, was supported by members of the Oakland medical marijuana community who are now subject to it -- an effective demonstration of the value the quasi-legal marijuana trade has for the Oakland community as a whole, at least that's the idea. I haven't had a chance to review the footage yet -- talk amongst yourselves. Favorable, neutral or otherwise, it's very much a sign of the times.

Denmark's "Street Lawyers" Help the Addicted Reduce Harm

This new video by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union highlights the Danish group Gadejuristen -- "Street Lawyers" -- a 10-year old Copenhagen based organization that advocates for the human rights of drug users in Denmark and which has played an important role in the promotion of innovative harm reduction programs. Earlier this year, the Danish government commenced heroin maintenance programs for addicts. But according to HCLU, Denmark still has no safe injection sites, and the many users who therefore take heroin on the streets can face police harassment. A particular problem is that "no-go-zones" designated by local police can make it difficult for users to get to their needle exchange programs.

Glorious Kyrgyzstan -- the Best Harm Reduction Program in Central Asia

The Central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan sits along a drug trafficking route, and has an estimated 80,000-100,000 drug users, more than half of whom inject drugs. Unlike some countries in the region, Kyrgyzstan has embraced harm reduction strategies such as needle exchange and methadone maintenance. Even prisoners in Kyrgyzstan have access to these programs. By going this route, they have been able to curb the country's HIV epidemic. A new video from the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union -- in Russian, with English subtitles -- tells the story. Check it out:

Marco Perduca interview

Remarks given by Marco Perduca, executive director of the International Antiprohibitionist League. Missing Footage

Marco Cappato interview

Marco Cappato is both a member of the European Parliament and the President of the Executive Board of the TransNational Radical Party in Italy. Missing Footage

David Borden interview

David Borden is the executive director of the Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet). Missing Footage

Gustavo de Greiff interview

Gustavo De Greiff is the former Prosecutor General of Columbia, and presided over take down the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Missing Footage

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