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Watch Me on the Colbert Report

You Can Make a Difference


Dear Friends,

I recently appeared on the Colbert Report, Comedy Central’s popular political satire news show. You can watch the interview here.

This appearance is part of our ongoing campaign to open the debate about drug policy in this country -- you might have also seen me recently on CNN and Fox.

You know as well as I do that real change won't come until there's an open and honest public debate about drug policy in the United States.You also know that real lives in real communities are on the line. I hope you'll join me in making sure this debate is opened now.

Will you donate $50.00 or more to help expand the public debate on drug policy?

Your efforts to change the conversation about drugs are making a difference. Congressional leaders and the president are close to eliminating the unfair sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine.

Now is the time to push our issues to the forefront. We are well positioned to capitalize on this new energy and cannot miss this major opportunity to dismantle the drug war!

Give today to keep us moving forward in this fight.

Very truly yours,

Ethan Nadelmann
Executive Director
Drug Policy Alliance Network

Warning: No One Is Safe from SWAT Raids

I'm pleased to announce our new online video, "SWAT Raids -- No One Is Safe." Please visit to watch it.

When you're done, please sign our "Petition for Responsible SWAT Reform"; and please inform your friends, family members, and mailing lists you're on about so they can watch the video and sign the petition too.

"SWAT Raids -- No One Is Safe" is based on the 2008 case of Cheye Calvo, Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, whose home was stormed and two dogs killed by a SWAT team during a botched marijuana investigation. Last month the Maryland General Assembly passed groundbreaking legislation, proposed by Mayor Calvo, requiring SWAT teams to report on their activities so the public can know.

Our web site will send copies of your petition to your own state legislators, and to Congress and the Attorney General, helping Mayor Calvo and others get SWAT reform legislation passed in Congress and in states across the nation. Please visit to watch the video, sign the petition and spread the word so this can happen.

The overuse of SWAT teams is one of many abuses in our failing "drug war" -- visit for information about this troubling problem -- and to do something about it. Also, please click here to donate to this effort.

Thank you for standing up for justice,

David Borden
Executive Director

Video: SWAT Raids -- No One Is Safe

We've made a video -- there's a petition too, sign it here. Spread the word...

Video: Revolutionizing Global Drug Policy

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union has released another video from their footage of the UN's anti-drug summit in Vienna earlier this year. While UN drug chief Antonio Maria Costa has described the drug war debate as a "tempest in a teacup," signs are that the movement toward harm reduction, while gradual, is a revolution that will change everything. HCLU also won a landmark decision this week at the European Court of Human Rights. The issue was one of freedom of information in a drug-related case at the Hungarian Constitutional Court. The decision comes after a five year legal battle for the right to read a complaint submitted by a member of Hungary's Parliament, seeking to restrict some drug-related parts of the nation's criminal code, in order to be able to submit an opinion to the court prior to its ruling.

A Drug-Free World -- Reloaded

The matrix of global drug prohibition was reloaded in Vienna last month -- the only change being a new target date for making the world drug free. Video from the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union:

VIDEO: International Drug Policy -- Animated Report 2009

This amazing video was produced by an Oscar-winning studio for the Global Drug Policy Program of the Open Society Institute. It highlights some of the disastrous effects of drug policy in recent years and proposes solutions for a way forward. In the run-up to the March 2009 UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting—where the future path of international drug policy was be determined—this film sought to show that pursuing a "drug-free world" can lead to more harm than good. Click here for video:

Drug Legalization Cited During Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer Interview, Then Edited Out

With the help of our intern, Stacia Cosner of SSDP fame, we put together this short video last week:

Video: Barry McCaffrey doesn't care if people grow marijuana

First Glenn Beck, then Pat Buchanan... now former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey:

Stop the Global Drug War Demonstration in Vienna: Video and Pictures

Dear Friends, Here is video and photos of the demonstration organized by HCLU on March 11 at the entrance of the Vienna International Centre: Video: Photos: Best, Peter Sarosi Drug Policy Program Director Hungarian Civil Liberties Union Tel.: +36 1 279 2236

Drug Policy Reform Video and Poster Contest Winners Announced

Our friends at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union have announced the winners of their drug policy video and poster contests, in preparation for next weeks UN international drug summit in Vienna. Click on the images below to check them out.

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