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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Heads for Finish Line [FEATURE]

The Arkansas medical marijuana initiative is ready for a final push toward victory as the clock ticks down toward Election Day. It could use some money for some late ads, though. Chronicle feature story here.

Massachusetts Drug Lab Review Getting Special Court Sessions

The Massachusetts drug lab testing scandal continues to reverberate. Now, the lab analyst at the center of it has been arrested, and courts are scheduling special sessions to free the more than 1,100 behind bars in cases where she was involved. Chronicle story here.

Canada Bans "Bath Salts" Drug

Canada has responded to the emergence of a new synthetic stimulant drug the old-fashioned way: by banning it. Chronicle story here.

British Columbia Local Governments Call for Marijuana Decriminalization

The association representing British Columbia municipal governments has endorsed a resolution calling for marijuana decriminalization. That puts it in line with more than two-thirds of the province's residents, but not with the federal government in Ottawa. Chronicle story here.

Peru Coca Crop Keeps Getting Bigger

Coca production is up in Peru for the sixth year in a row, responding to thriving demand from Brazil and Europe. Colombia is barely holding on to first place now. Chronicle story here.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Fends Off Ballot Challenge

A last ditch effort to block an Arkansas medical marijuana initiative from appearing on the November has failed. Chronicle story here.

Washington Marijuana Legalization Measure In Strong Position [FEATURE]

Washington state's I-502 marijuana legalization is well-placed to emerge victorious on November 6, but it's going to be close. Chronicle feature story here.

Initiative Watch

We're a little more than a month from election day. Here's what's going on with the state-level initiatives.

Latin Americans at UN Seek Drug Policy Debate

The UN General Assembly heard a trio of Latin American leaders call for increased debate on alternatives to the war on drugs Wednesday, including hint of legalization talk. Chronicle story here.

Medical Marijuana Update

The DEA strikes again in Los Angeles, and the feds are moving to eliminate dispensaries in downtown LA. But the pushback against the crackdown continues. Chronicle story here.

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

It's been a fairly quite week on the corrupt cop front, but we've still got some Missouri jail guards in trouble, a Houston cop accused of helping to peddle Ecstasy, and a Baltimore cop who did heroin deals in the police station parking lot. Chronicle story here.

Montana Medical Marijuana Restriction Initiative Trailing

A Montana initiative that would endorse the legislature's gutting of the state's voter-approved 2004 medical marijuana law is leading in polls, but doesn't have 50%. Chronicle story here.

Baltimore Man Swallows Drugs During Arrest, Dies

Another small-time drug busts ends in death as a Baltimore man dies after swallowing drugs as police moved in to arrest him. Chronicle story here.

Colombia Okays Prescriptions for Addicts in Bogota

Colombia's capital may be about to open drug consumption rooms for addicts, who will get their drugs by prescription. Colombian President Santos gave the go-ahead to Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro Friday. Chronicle story here.

British Columbia Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative Approved

Dana Larsen has a plan to decriminalize marijuana possession in British Columbia. It will take up to two years. Chronicle story here.

Swiss Move to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

The upper and lower chambers of the Swiss parliament have agreed on a marijuana decriminalization bill. Now it awaits a final vote next week. Chronicle story here.

Initiative Watch

Three marijuana legalization initiatives, two medical marijuana initiatives, and one sentencing reform initiative are on state ballots this year. We'll be running a feature story on one of them each week between now and election day, but we've created this short-term feature to keep up with all of them. Click here to read it.

Medical Marijuana Update

Last issue, we reported that the DEA had taken the week off. Well, they're back, and so is the push-back. Chronicle story here.

Colorado's Amendment 64 Heads for the Home Stretch [FEATURE]

Colorado's Amendment 64 campaign is leading by about 10 points in the polls, but not complacent as the clock ticks down toward November 6. Chronicle feature story here.

Chronicle Video Review: Lynching Charlie Lynch

Award-winning film maker Rick Ray turns his camera and his sharp eye on the ongoing medical marijuana wars with his 2012 documentary Lynching Charlie Lynch. It's quite good. Chronicle video review here.

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Virginia prison guard smuggles heroin, a Pennsylvania cop steals and uses it, and a New Jersey cop pays off a prostitute with it, and that's just some of the crooked cop action this week. Chronicle story here.

California Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Bill Signed Into Law

California will become the 10th state to enact a Good Samaritan law designed to reduce fatal drug overdoses by providing some protections from criminal prosecution for people seeking emergency help for overdose victims. Chronicle story here.

Oregon Marijuana Initiative Trailing Slightly in Poll

The Oregon marijuana legalization initiative is trailing narrowly in a new poll, with a large number of undecideds. Chronicle story here.

Colorado Marijuana Legalization Measure Polls 51%

There is more good polling news from Colorado, but we'd still like to see those numbers for marijuana legalization go higher. Chronicle story here.

Bolivia, Venezuela Reject US Drug Criticism

Bolivia and Venezuela told the US to take a hike after President Obama last week certified them as not cooperating in US drug policy objectives. They suggested the US take a good look in the mirror. Chronicle story here.

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