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California Three Strikes Reform Initiative Poised to Win [FEATURE]

An effort to reform California's draconian Three Strikes law was foiled at the last minute in 2004, but this year, Proposition 36 appears set to cruise to victory. No more 25-to-life for getting caught with drugs after two previous felonies if it passes. Chronicle feature story here.

Initiative Watch

With less than three weeks to go until election day, there is a lot of activity on the state-level initiative front -- but not everywhere. Some campaigns are staying mighty quiet, and that's a strategy that could work for them. Chronicle story here.

Medical Marijuana Update

The federal rescheduling petition got a day in court, the feds keep up the pressure in California, a dispensary may actually open in New Jersey, and those are just the headlines. There's much more going on, too. Chronicle story here.

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A St. Louis cop is headed for federal prison for reselling seized pot, a Camden cop is heading there, too, for running amok in the drug war, a Miami cop awaits sentencing for transporting what he thought was cocaine, and a Baltimore jail guard gets popped for smuggling weed and psychedelics into the jail. Chronicle story here.

Texas Woman Jailed for Outing Narc on Facebook

A case with First Amendment implications has emerged in Texas, where a Mesquite woman was arrested and charged with a felony for outing a Mesquite police officer as an undercover narc. Chronicle story here.

Decriminalize Drug Possession, UK Experts Say

The UK Drug Policy Commission has issued a report calling for the decriminalization of drug possession, among other reforms. Chronicle story here.

Christie Vetoes NJ Good Samaritan Overdose Bill

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has conditionally vetoed a 911 Good Samaritan law aimed at avoiding fatal drug overdoses. He's afraid it might let drug dealers "off the hook" and wants the legislature to study the issue for another year-and-a-half instead. Chronicle story here.

Colorado Marijuana Measure Sees Lead Shrink in New Poll

That 10-point or so lead that Colorado's Amendment 64 has been holding onto has begun to shrink, according to a new poll, and the measure is now just under 50% with 9% undecided. Chronicle story here.

DC Appeals Court Hears Marijuana Rescheduling Case [FEATURE]

The DC Court of Appeals heard oral arguments Tuesday in medical marijuana advocates' bid to overturn the DEA's decision to not reschedule the plant. Chronicle feature story here.

Amnesty Raps Mexico on Drug War Human Rights Abuses

Allegations of torture and mistreatment by Mexican soldiers and police have increased dramatically as President Calderon wages his drug war, Amnesty International says in a new report. Chronicle story here.

Louisiana Man Dies in Car Crash Fleeing Drug Bust

A Louisiana man fleeing a drug bust crashed and died. He becomes the 50th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year. Chronicle story here.

Two Book Offers and a Video for Donating Members to

With marijuana legalization initiatives heading to the ballot, some with a good chance of passage, and with growing international support for a real debate on prohibition, people are talking about drug policy like they never have before. Our new book offers will help you be part of that conversation, while our new video offer will remind you why we should be angry too. Offer and appeal online here.

Initiative Watch

There's less than a month to go, but some initiatives are more active than others. Chronicle story here.

Medical Marijuana Update

The big news this week is that Oakland is suing the feds over their efforts to shut down Harborside. Meanwhile, the battles continue at the state and local level in California and beyond. Chronicle update here.

At NORML, A Sharp Focus on the Marijuana Initiatives [FEATURE]

NORML's 41st annual national conference took place in Los Angeles over the weekend. Discussion of pending marijuana legalization initiatives dominated the event. Chronicle feature story here.

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories


Some Michigan narcs were up to no good, a New Mexico probation officer getscaught carrying pounds of weed, a New York City prison guard gets caught peddling pot and placebos (!) to prisoners, and a Florida cop gets caught stealing weed to use as probable cause for a search warrant. Just another week in the drug war. Chronicle story here.

New Jersey Finds Needle Exchange Works

A state Health Department review of New Jersey's needle exchange program has found it is working and should be continued. Chronicle story here.

Two More Drug War Deaths -- Border Patrol Involved in Both

A San Diego housewife and an Arizona Border Patrol agent both died at the hands of Border Patrol agents in drug-related incidents in recent days, bringing this year's toll of drug war killings to 48. Chronicle story here.

Richard Lee's Mom Wows 'Em at NORML

The marijuana reform movement has found a most unlikely spokeswoman: A silver-haired octogenarian Texas Republican woman. But Ann Lee isn't just any silver-haired octogenarian Texas Republican woman. Chronicle feature story here.

Tom Hayden to NORML: US Needs Peace Movement to End Drug War [FEATURE]

Veteran antiwar activist Tom Hayden opened the first day of the national NORML conference with a call for the creation of a social justice-based peace movement to end the drug war. Chronicle feature story here.

Learn, and Get Angry (appeal and new membership offers)

With marijuana legalization initiatives heading to the ballot, some with a good chance of passage, and with growing international support for a real debate on prohibition, people are talking about drug policy like they never have before. Read about our new offers for donating members that reflect this exciting sign of the times.

Initiative Watch

Just over a month out, medical marijuana and marijuana legalization initiative campaigns are heating up. Chronicle story here.

Medical Marijuana Update

Mitt Romney (mis)speaks out on medical marijuana, the LA dispensary ban is repealed, and the feds keep on grinding away at medical marijuana providers with another conviction in Montana and a lengthy prison sentence in Michigan. And that's just for starters. Chronicle story here.

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A former Pennsylvania prosecutor gets caught peddling pot, and a TSA agent and an Alabama cop head to prison for taking bribes from drug dealers. Chronicle story here.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Heads for Finish Line [FEATURE]

The Arkansas medical marijuana initiative is ready for a final push toward victory as the clock ticks down toward Election Day. It could use some money for some late ads, though. Chronicle feature story here.

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