Crazy Anti-Drug Ad Tells Kids to Do Parkour Instead of Drugs

As I've discussed previously, Drug Czar is just one of the worst jobs you can have. You don't get to use cool weapons or go on missions or do anything exciting, ever. Your job is to convince adults that the drug war is good and convince young people that drug use is bad. It hasn't gone well for anyone, no, not at all.

If anybody needs a quick exhibit in why the government's anti-drug propaganda has become such a joke, you're in luck, because the Drug Czar's office continues to release some of the straight-up stupidest advertisements I've ever seen, and this is one of them right here:

The message of this ad is, "Hey kids, don't do drugs. Jump from rooftops! It's better somehow." That's exactly what the message of this ad is, and it's the only message the ad even contains. If I am mistaken, if the message of this ad isn’t that leaping from dangerously high places is better for you than smoking marijuana or tripping on silly-pills, then please explain to me what it is that I don't understand about this.

As Pete Guither points out, it's all just a sad attempt by the Drug Czar's office to associate their messaging with something cool, and it's true that parkour is A) hip, and B) not drugs. But that's about as far as this idea gets before literally landing flat on its face. You see, parkour is, well, let's just say it's not a very good way for young people to avoid injuring themselves.

The very idea that the Drug Czar would endorse this particular pastime as an alternative to pot is incredible. Is it necessary for me to continue to pointing out that a lot of the people responsible for manufacturing anti-drug messaging in America are nothing more than professional drug war cheerleaders who don't have a clue what they're talking about, don't give a crap about the safety of children, and wouldn’t know where to begin even if they did?

We've come a long way from the days when the government warned everyone that taking drugs would make you go crazy and jump off a building. Now, our young people are being encouraged to jump off buildings in order to distract themselves from the alluring dangers of drugs. The whole thing is so pure in its irony, so perfectly and completely absurd, that it could come from only one source. The Drug Czar's advertisements pose a continuing threat to the safety of the nation's youth, and parents will have to take an active role in protecting their children from the dangers of ill-conceived anti-drug propaganda until these reckless messages are removed from the airwaves once and for all.

Update: In response to comments from parkour fans, I have zero problem with parkour and I think it's awesome when young people learn how to do cool backflips and stuff like that. It's just an unusual thing for the government to endorse. Given that the Drug Czar can see no safe way to use marijuana, I'm surprised he would have anything nice to say about jumping off buildings either. It's ironic, and more powerfully so if you're as familiar with the history of government anti-drug propaganda as I am. I'm sorry if, in my eagerness to make that point, I appeared to paint parkour in a negative light. If necessary, I would defend vigorously your right to do it, and I hope no one in the parkour community ever faces the kind of ruthless and systemic government persecution that responsible marijuana users have endured for decades.

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I thought the ad was good

It was well produced and the message is simple. Rise above the gutter where drug users and alcoholics live. It's what I tell my kids, and I hope you tell your kids. If they still want to smoke dope and drink when they grow up that's their business. But, while they're in our care we should do all we can to help them achieve greatness. Which is never accomplished with drugs.

yes, drug users live in the

yes, drug users live in the gutter. thats why over 30% of americans live in the gutter right? thats why over 50% of high school seniors are dropouts who never move past getting high in the gutter. greatness is never accomplished with drugs? i bet you have an iphone, accomplished by LSD and marijuana. american revolution, accomplished by a bunch of pot farmers. end of the vietnam war, accomplished by a bunch of hippies. how will you children achieve greatness? by jumping from building to building? get real, you can be a great person and smoke joints all day. you cant be a great person and lie to your children, or be a great person while demonizing your fellow men and leaving them "in the gutter"

why do you equate all illegal "drug users" and alcoholics?

Alcoholics by definition are drug abusers. By no means is everyone who uses an illegal drug a drug abuser. The DEA and Drug Czar have a severe learning disability on this issue, but you sound too sincerely interested in protecting kids to be sharing their prejudice. 

Stupid ad

Prohibition is allegedly based on protecting people's safety.

For the prohibitionists to suggest that such a risky sport as parkour is a suitable alternative to drug use for young people shows up the absurdity of the whole edifice.

Pity that so many of the comments have missed your point.

McD's picture

The Tsar's Taste

"Now, our young people are being encouraged to jump off buildings in order to distract themselves from the alluring dangers of drugs."

Yes, it is rather a piquant little irony, isn't it?

Apples and Oranges

This comparison is neither here nor there, for the simple fact that parkour, or purestupidity as I like to call it, and weed have NOTHING in common - not even the whole "Both are dangerous" lie.  It's even worse than comparing apples and oranges.  I'd sooner beat my kids a** for jumping from a freakin' building, than smoking a joint!!  

I agree lol

Even though parkour is pretty sweet mostly when you are fit and practice and can actually do it right (though I know accidents can still happen).  I agree though that is stupid to basically tell kids to do that over smoking marijuana not even marijuana as in the ad it just like they are mostly showing just cigarettes and alcohol. I also know that it says "Do not attempt" but still you are going to have kids that go and try it who have never done anything to practice before where they are just going to try jumping from building to building etc. and they have like 100% chance of getting hurt.

I'm pretty sure that jumping

I'm pretty sure that jumping on the roofs of random buildings is trespassing. So... kids should break one law instead of another?


If marijuana smoking prevented me from leaping rooftop to rooftop as shown in the video....

I'd quit smoking right away.  Never have to take the bus, traffic is no longer an issue.

But sadly the laws of physics still apply whether i smoke or not.

As for real parkour, (not the super human feats shown in the commercial), more power to you guys.
I love real parkour, done right its fun to watch, and done wrong, its still entertaining.

Anyone willing to risk life and limb, and then post it on the internet for my entertainment get an A+ my book.

To each his own!

Dear overthinkers

Why does it matter which is 'worse'?

Both should be legal.  Treat Americans like adults and assume the majority will make good decisions.

Don't do drugs! Jump off of

Don't do drugs! Jump off of buildings the wrong way. :D

"I hope no one in the parkour

"I hope no one in the parkour community ever faces the kind of ruthless and systemic government persecution that responsible marijuana users have endured for decades"

Give it time, Scott.  They'll get around to it...

Everyone has a drug of

Everyone has a drug of choice, it being Dr. prescribed or off the streets. Coffee, nicotine,alcohol are all drugs. Alcohol being one of the most dangerous is legal. It doesn't matter who it is, if you get into their life and you check it out, there is a drug of choice. If you are fat, food is your drug. If someone wanted to take that away from you, you would not like it. Yet you would be the first to stand up and complain about your neighbor who eats a bottle of aspirin in week because it makes them feel better. Or the cranky person who gets up in the morning with a corn cob in the wrong place and makes the world miserable to those who wake up with a smile because they need a pot of coffee to achieve a smile. If it feels good or makes you feel good, your going to do it. There are so many hypocrite's out there that think their addictions don't matter but everyone else's does. Even the money mongers, war mongers, thieves and politicians get a high on being who they are. It's when prices are forced so high, that you cannot afford your drug of choice, do many begin to harm others to get it. That is the problem today. If these drugs where made legal and the prices were down to an affordable price, the violence would stop or decrease by huge margin. There would be a few that will abuse their drug of choice and need counseling just like an alcoholic or a prescription prescribed addict. But maybe then all of you out there that say you are not a drug user will mind your own business and take care of your own problems!


How many drugs are they going

How many drugs are they going to pump you full of when you break your back doing flips off buildings?

The spot..

Ima 10+ year smoker & I see this spot in my state. I like the commercial : I mean I don't want my younings smoking to young now, you know what i mean.. "Rise above it" its like a medifor.. Legalize! but still..  Na what i mean??

You're actually missing the

You're actually missing the entire point of the ad.. he only jumps over rooftops because he's going ABOVE THE INFLUENCE, not because "parkour is better for you than drugs." It's a metaphorical, not literal thing about how he's soaring above the losers using drugs. I'm surprised you missed such an obvious metaphor actually, it almost seems like you're deliberately ridiculing it for a message it wasn't trying to send. Not that I support anti-drugs ads, but when there's so many that are straight propaganda and lies, picking on one for showing a kid jumping between buildings just seems silly.

is wondering when the

is wondering when the government is going to start monitoring Doctor`s on prescription writing and Pill usage on there patients...That`s right, it won`t happen. Most of the people who vote for this are on medication...Do I hear Protest...end this fucking epidemic uncle Sam...Control Prescription Drugs..Also my thought of why the Government will not fight this topic is that they are on medication themselves addicted to there medications...And by making celebrity's that die from drugs look like it`s ok , Does not help our kids decide from whats right and whats wrong.. 

Parkour is the most fun and

Parkour is the most fun and exciting thing in the world, and its better ton spend time learning how to have full control of your body, defying gravity, than waste your life on drugs

Article is bullshit

You back up none of your claims with anything but your own opinion.  You speak as though your an introvert who's too scared to go outside, much less try drugs.  This article makes no valid points and simply bashes all sides of a very broad and incomprehensibly complex topic.

Marijuana and parkour

I am here because you have no idea of what you are speaking I have been doing parkour and freerunning for a few years and I have learnt a quanity of professional moves its more than just extreme running its a discipline, much like martial arts and yes there are dangers but we all have our limits to what we do, it's also proven that football players have a larger chance of getting injured than freerunners do, I'd also like to say I've only been hurt seriously once and it was only a bad ankle sprain, and as I said I perform extremely dangerous feats. I would also like to speak for marijuana I have been smoking weed everyday for a year now, it has not made me lazy at all after I'm done smoking. After smoking a sativa strain I am up in moving and I'm still in control of my body, I will also practice freerunning after smoking pretty good weed, the difference of being high and freerunning is you can fill your whole body in motion, rather than doing it and not feeling like you performed the move. Stop The Lies, Spread the truth. If you don't believe me of any of these things then you are the ignorant one. If you want proof that marijuana has really no effect on how you perform message me and I'll send a video of me rolling up a joint of quality grade marijuana and show some performance differentiation from a frontflip over a 4 ft rail to a 10 Ft drop to the ground while under the influence and when not.

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