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What’s it like to smoke herb with Rick Santorum?

Huffington Post has a nifty little slideshow looking at the Republican presidential candidate’s positions and past statements on marijuana. Short version: Gary Johnson and Ron Paul support freedom and common sense, the rest are generally in favor of arresting lots of people.

But if I learned one thing from reading this, it’s that holy crap, Rick Santorum smoked weed in college. I did not know this. Really, just try to picture Rick Santorum sucking on a bong without cringing and freaking out a little. I can’t do it.

Still, it does a raise a lot of interesting questions, such as who the hell gave weed to that guy and what happened next? Honestly, if I was packing bowls in a dorm room somewhere and somebody brings Rick frickin’ Santorum into the session, I’m immediately calling a Code Red Suspected Narc alert and jumping out the window.

In any case, Rick Santorum makes a pretty good poster-boy for proving that you can smoke pot without getting addicted, turning into a hippie, or otherwise derailing your dream of becoming a homophobic, bible-thumping Republican Senator.

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All they are: hypocrites. He

All they are: hypocrites. He probably still smokes. It's all about the lobbying.

Not all of them.....

Ron Paul has not smoked pot, and wants to end the laws and departments dedicated to throwing you in jail if you do...


Funniest Headline Ever

I laughed pretty good when I saw the title of this one, good job guys! :)

I will be voting for

I will be voting for Governor Gary Johnson for president! End the wars, balance the budget, equal rights for LGBT and legalize marijuana! This guy is exactly who America needs in The White House! The People's President.

You're the best Scott

"Honestly, if I was packing bowls in a dorm room somewhere and somebody brings Rick frickin’ Santorum into the session, I’m immediately calling a Code Red Suspected Narc alert and jumping out the window."

I know... Right?

('Code Red Suspected Narc Alert') = You're the frickin' BEST Scott!

Please - keep up the good work, IMHO you're a gentleman & a scholar - so to speak.

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