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Obama's Attack on Medical Marijuana Wins Endorsement from Crazy Person

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Last month, I questioned an absurd claim from the White House that President Obama has been "clear and consistent" in his approach to medical marijuana, rather than erratic and hostile. The facts of the matter are so plain that it feels silly to even debate it further, but this quote from anti-marijuana zealot and youth drug testing cheerleader David Evans of the Drug-Free Schools Coalition got my attention:

The Obama administration’s recent crackdown on growers and sellers of medical marijuana is totally justified. The federal government is trying to protect vulnerable people from the use of marijuana as medicine, since the drug is not proved safe or effective.

It's really pretty hard for the Obama administration to claim they're not suddenly cracking down on medical marijuana when the president is getting praised by David Evans for protecting patients from themselves and their doctors. This is the guy you don't want complimenting you in public when you're busy trying to convince everyone else that your drug policy isn't a draconian death march.

A little heads up to Obama's re-election team: when both sides of the medical marijuana debate are in agreement that you've launched some kind of major crackdown, you do not get to pretend that there was no crackdown.

The tough question facing candidate Obama will be why he took no action to prevent egregious violations of his campaign promises on this issue, not whether such events ever occurred. A consensus exists in the press and the public that Obama backed away rather blatantly from his widely-understood assurance that state medical marijuana programs wouldn't face an existential threat from the federal government under his watch. Those threats emerged from numerous agencies this year and have scarcely been acknowledged by the White House, let alone addressed to anyone's satisfaction.

Rather than endeavoring to further duck or distract us, the president needs to say something smart about this. He'll have to do better than saying it's a poor use of resources to bust pot patients, because the propriety of arresting sick people and their caregivers is not a question that ought to hinge on the availability of funds with which to do so. It would also be a poor use of resources to kick glaucoma patients down the stairs, but that isn't the reason we don't do it.

It's time for the president to admit that medical marijuana is a actually a good thing, that we're lucky to have this helpful option available for those who need it, and that people like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are at odds with 80% of Americans when they dare to suggest otherwise.

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Obama don't care, he's only interested in himself.

Obama should at least leave

Obama should at least leave medical marijuana people alone, instead of sending attack dogs.


Medical marijuana, and all marijuana should be legal! It is helpful to people for pain reduction and other maladies, plus marijuana can be a much less harmful recreational drug than liquor, heroin, crack, and cocaine.

Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Chocolates to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis. This book has great recipe for marijuana oil and tasty, yummy chocolates!

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we the smokers are part of the 99%

Occupy Definition:

smokingspirit | 08 December, 2011 15:17

Occupy Definition: the act of occupying or the taking of a public place as a peaceful act of protest- a demonstration to petition the powers that be against corporate and political corruption – the loss of personal freedom – financial deprivation of its citizens and other basic natural rights- Parks. Vacant lots and vacant buildings taken by banks belong to the public – and the citizens are entitled to the use of public lands as the judge declared in Tennessee none has a right to put a curfew on public land.

An occupier is: the 99% people who are fed up with corruption- greed- propaganda and the f financial deprivation of all people.
An occupier is: part of the community they must agree to be peaceful, self-responsible and use self-enforcement
An occupier is: someone who in participates in someway to benefit the community- their body during marches, attending General Assemblies or working groups – making signs or giving donations, cleaning or just general promoting of peaceful resistance against corruption, financial inequities and the loss of personal freedom this police state is trying to create
An occupier is: ready to peacefully defend the American deceleration of independence, the environment the world and our natural human rights against corporate greed and corruption.

we are the 99% fighting for the middle class

smokingspirit | 11 November, 2011 20:24

 We are the 99% fighting for the middle class           A whole population is denied the right to participate in the free market enterprise system, a whole population regardless of how hard they work- whether they play by the rules or not, they are denied a win. They can use economic warfare against the undesirables; “Disaster Economics” (Harper’s magazine) this applies to a good group of people; they work hard play by the rules and are forced to work just above slave labor. The more they squeeze the middle class the more the corporations can profit, the more people drop off the edge for   the middle class has been under attack for decades as more and more of them are squeezed into poverty keep falling off the edge. The working poor are one or two paychecks away from being homeless and broke. Unemployed trying to seek welfare or a job, becoming homeless and then criminalized, loitering- vagrancy- tickets- all the while health care denied- and the right to self-determination, self-enforcement and self-responsibility demonized, demonized for having a smoke or a beer as the pharmaceutical companies flood the streets with their chemicals. Sleeping on the streets begging for change until they steal, and then feed the prison empire where the state will torture and convert them, after they break their spirit.  It is the people of the 99% that are working  not only to help the homeless, that some of them already are; but the 99% is working toward truth liberty justice individual freedom ,economic justice, and an end to corruption  not just for the poor but for the middle class too,    whether or not you want to accept it, it is the protestors who are working to help the middle class, for when you end the suffering for others you can end the suffering for yourself. It was the unions that brought America the weekend now it’s time for them to bring us a 30 hour work week with no loss in pay read more in the book( ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM) @      Or (AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING) ALSO @[email protected] 


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