Bill O’Reilly Thinks Medical Marijuana is a Sneaky Plot to Give People Medicine, Or Something

On the eve of their cable TV debut, Steve and Andrew DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center appeared on O’Reilly. He wasn’t very nice to them.

Bill O’Reilly’s indignant posturing is typical of the contemporary medical marijuana skeptic: I have no problem with medical use, but any plan for supplying patients is a fraud and anyone who grows or sells marijuana is a scumbag.

Apparently, it’s some sort of grand travesty that medical marijuana is widely available to many people with less-than-deadly diseases and disorders, but Bill forgot to explain why anyone should care if people with anxiety get to have marijuana. They shouldn’t have marijuana? I don’t understand what you want, sir.

Of course, O’Reilly is also impressed and/or incredulous about Harborside’s $20 million annual gross revenue, and he’s not alone in that regard unfortunately. But what, other than a towering exhibit in the efficacy of regulated cannabis commerce, are we supposed to see when we look at this? A whole hell of a lot of people have died in the drug trade over a whole hell of a lot less money and marijuana than this.

What we have here is the safest and most accountable kind of cannabis distribution that’s ever existed on the planet. Every day Harborside opens its doors, they’re keeping dozens of dealers off the street and stopping an incalculable amount of stupid crap from happening. The same can be said for many others in the medical cannabis industry as well, and if Bill O’Reilly is looking for villains in all of this, he won’t find them behind the counters of clean, regulated businesses.

Next time, instead of asking why people with anxiety can get cannabis in California, Bill O’Reilly should explore why federal law still treats cancer and AIDS patients as criminals. 

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Bill O’Reilly is a

Bill O’Reilly is a "scumbag."

Bill, you're a nasty, opinionated horses' patute.

What you lack in substance, you make up for ignorance.  Obviously, you bought into all the lies and never took the time to investigate the issue.

NYPD, ret.  LEAP member

Smoke and Mirrors

O'Reilly uses the issue to child abuse as a platform to oppose Medical Marijuana. He claims that 70% of child abuse is due to substance abuse. He purposely lumps alcohol and all other drugs into the category substances to convolute the argument. According to my research, alcohol is a key facter in child abuse 48% to 87% of all cases. The rate of pot involved in child abuse is inflated by the fact that anyone charged with endangering the welfare of a child(for simply exposing a child to pot in the same household) is included in the child abuse category. 


TIme and time again, Bill O' uses this satstistic to make his argument and even Ethen Nadleman didn't question it's absurdity. BIll O did his thesis at Harvard on drug policy and he knows this bogus claim will wash in his N0-spin zone. I just wish the next time, he invites a debate on MM or legalization that someone will call him on his fraudulent facts. But give O'Reilly credit for having more drug policy advocates on his show than any of his competition.

Old Hippie's picture

What A Tool

There's being conservative, and then there's being a compassionate conservative, and then there's Bill.

And THEN there's Bill

More like there's being conservative and there's being liberal. There's having an opinion and there's being neutral. There's being knowledgeable and there's being ignorant. While all of this is going on, Mr O'Reilly is at the back of the room blocking the door so nobody knows what's going on.

Bill O’Reilly Will Need Medical Marijuana Someday

Bill O’Reilly is wearing his age like a crumpled raincoat.  Irish whiskey and stone age dogma will do that to a person.  Big man O’Reilly could pop a gasket anytime.

If pop goes the gasket, Bill may need what many in his condition already have: medical marijuana.  But where will he get this medical miracle?

I suppose a one-percenter of Bill O’Reilly’s ilk will hire someone to access it for him, somehow, somewhere.  It’s the scenario that fits O’Reilly’s basic philosophy of life, the one that says: “I’ve got mine, screw you.”

Mr. O’Reilly should simply make it easy for everyone, including his personal, covert, drug running mules who will supply his pot.  He’s going to need a verifiably clean and effective product, a cannabis strain developed with his particular ailments in mind.  He won’t find it in Mexico.  Medicinal marijuana is currently available in certain states from what’s left of specialized, Grade A U.S.A. medical marijuana dispensaries.  That could change if Bill keeps complaining about trivialities like medical pot diversions.

So the next time Bill O’Reilly gets all huffy and jovial portraying himself as a genius to his TV audience by slandering thousands of legit patients through rants about the wrong people getting access to medical cannabis products—as if scoring pot were difficult otherwise—he might check his pulse, make a doctor’s appointment, and start viewing marijuana as a preventative health measure should he desire to keep his big mouth open and active in the future.



I really like the idea of what comes around goes around and with what Bill's been throwing at us, he's probably got something coming. When that happens I'll be the one sitting back and laughing at all the fireworks as he and his empire of blind supporters crash into the ground in a flaming wreck. Someone will give him what he deserves one day, let's try to make it sooner rather than later. 

The "Chicken Little" Twins

I get really sick of listening to the Twins, Bill and Geraldo. I've lived in Mexico for thi last 10 years and have no doubt the two yahoos have never spent any time here or time within the "colonias."  They rant and rave about how Mexico is a "failed state."  Such reports are simply "sensationalism,"  not anywhere near Journalism.  I've often wondered why Geraldo changed his English name to Spanish (Geraldo Rivera/Jerry King).  He knows NOTHING of Mexico.  It's just his current "rant," that's all.

My question for both is this:  I'm a VN combat Vet (B Co., 7th US Cavalry).  Do they really believe that with my experience and background, that I would INTENTIONALLY place myself "In Harm's Way?"

These two know-nothings should be disregarded on this point, as well as many more!  PS...I'm a Gringo.



swami_jim's picture

O'Reilly is living in the what world???

I have no choice but to live in the real world. He hasn't have the balls to take a walk where I have to. Let him take off his suit and tie, put on some boots and walk with me. I've got my boots on for a reason....that's because often times it get's mighty deep! Once he went with me, either he'd burn one or weep!

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