Boycott Idaho Over Thuggish Marijuana Law Enforcement? Well, We Have to Start Somewhere

Idaho has some great scenery and some great skiing, it has the Snake River Canyon, and it has a huge knot of mountains in the middle of the state that are very appealing to those who like rugged, isolated beauty. I had intended to explore them this summer, but I've changed my mind. And this story is the reason why:
Medical Marijuana Defense Falls Flat REXBURG — The Fremont County prosecutor says a drug bust in Island Park illustrates that claiming a medical use of marijuana with a certificate from another state won't help you in Idaho. Aurora M. Hathor-Rainmenti, 35 , of Garberville, Calif., was arrested Friday after she was stopped for speeding near Mack's Inn. Fremont County deputies found a baggy containing marijuana in her car with the help of a drug dog. Hathor-Rainmenti was charged with one count of possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors. Fremont County Prosecutor Joette Lookabaugh said Hathor-Rainmenti said she had a certificate from the state of California allowing for medical use of marijuana. "We want the public to know that medical marijuana certificates, even if they're from surrounding states, are not honored in Idaho," Lookabaugh said.
Okay, I understand this. Idaho is under no obligation to honor a medical marijuana card from a different state. Medical marijuana users be forewarned: If you're headed for benighted redneck country, don't expect your card to protect you. There is, however, no suggestion that Hathor-Rainmenti is anything other than a legitimate medical marijuana patient. Still, the local prosecutor takes the opportunity to pile on the charges: Not only does she get a pot possession charge, she also gets two paraphernalia charges (did she have two rolling papers, or what?). Absolutely typical, of course, and absolutely disgusting. Just another way for prosecutors to stack the deck. And not limited to Idaho. Similarly, a judge in Idaho, if he had an ounce of compassion in his body, could take her medical marijuana patient status into account during sentencing. There is no sign he did that:
On Monday Hathor-Rainmenti pleaded guilty to the possession charge and one of the possession of paraphernalia charges. The other paraphernalia charge was dropped. She was sentenced to five days in jail, with 115 days at the discretion of the court along with an $800 fine.
Nice. Throwing a patient in jail for a victimless crime—and rip her off for $800. Remember, she was not charged with drugged driving—and you better believe she would have been had there been the least suggestion she was impaired. Okay, the sentence was ugly and reprehensible, but still nothing unusual in the fascistoid heartland. But here's the kicker; here's what's got me thinking boycott:
In addition, there is a civil forfeiture under way on the borrowed car Hathor-Rainmenti was driving, as well as on the $514 in cash that was confiscated during the arrest.
Say what?!?! Asset forfeiture laws are supposed to be directed at people getting rich from selling drugs. They're problematic enough in that regard, since they create an incentive for cops to trawl for cash, distorting law enforcement priorities in the constant search for the next big score—with the loot typically used to pay for more cops and more drug dogs to find more cash to seize to pay for more cops and more drug dogs and…In short, they are little more than a form of institutionalized, legalized corruption. But Hathor-Rainmenti only had a bag of weed. She was not charged with drug distribution. And the state of Idaho is going to steal her car and every penny she had on her? This is nothing but robbery under color of law. This is the criminal justice system as organized thuggery. The thieving state of Idaho can go to hell. I am sick to death of this sort of crap. It happens all the time, and not just in Idaho. But we have to start somewhere, and that's why I'm suggesting that perhaps a boycott is in order. Idaho is a relatively small state in terms of population, and it is highly dependent on tourism. In other words, it's vulnerable. I am aware that boycotts are a blunt instrument that may not directly harm the people they are aimed at—the cops who make the busts, the prosecutors who try to hammer good people down, the judges who routinely impose such obscene sentences, the politicians who write the laws. But if the ski resorts in Sun Valley or the river guides and hotel owners along the Snake River Valley start seeing cancellations, perhaps they will be motivated to start putting some money into campaigns to end this evil. To be honest, I'm getting frustrated with playing games with state legislatures and I'm thinking it's time for some creative direct actions. We can spend years at the statehouse only to win a piddling decriminalization bill. Whoopee! Now you can only steal my stash and a few hundred of my hard-earned dollars instead of stealing my stash and my money and giving me a criminal record and some jail time. That is progress of a sort, but not nearly enough. Ditto with medical marijuana. Why is it that it seems like every new medical marijuana law is more restrictive than the last? Pretty soon we're going to end up with a medical marijuana law somewhere where you have to be dead already to qualify. So…what about an organized boycott of Idaho, for starters? Would medical marijuana defense groups like Americans for Safe Access get on board with that? Why or why not? What about NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project? Or the Drug Policy Alliance? Just the announcement of a boycott ought to start a real ruckus among the good burghers of Boise. There are 20 million or so pot smokers in the US, and they have friends and families. We are talking about tens of millions of people who could potentially participate. It could even have a real economic impact, and if that's what it takes to beat some sense into these yahoos, so be it. Individuals could do their part by writing letters to the state and local chambers of commerce, to the state tourism bureau, and to state newspapers explaining why they are going elsewhere this year. Reservations could be made and then canceled. Let 'em feel the pain. As I've said, I'm getting really tired of progress by the millimeter. I'm open to some creative tactics. A directed boycott is one of them. Here's another one: The drug defense bar grows rich defending pot people. How about after charging us $5,000 to show up in court and cop a guilty plea and $15,000 to pursue an appeal on constitutional grounds a few hundred times, you give back to the community you grow rich off of? How about a group of you picking a particular egregious locality and pro bono defending every drug case like you meant it? I mean filing motions, going to trial, no plea bargains, demanding jury trials, the works. You could probably freeze the system in a few weeks. Yeah, I know there are issues, but we could work them out. Sure, things like boycotts and forcing the criminal justice system are messy and difficult. But in the meantime, the wheels of injustice keep grinding away, chewing up our people in the process. Anybody got any better ideas? Do we begin with boycotting Idaho? Count me in.
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Oh wait, Rexburg isn't in

Oh wait, Rexburg isn't in Freemont County, that would be Madison County. I really should put this stuff away.........

Just kidding. To clarify

Just kidding. To clarify for people, the story was reported out of Rexburg, which is in Madison County. The incident happened in Island Park, which is in Freemont County. I've been reading some of the posts from people claiming to be from Idaho who are spewing misinformation. Not to worry, there are stupid people everywhere, so don't be afraid to visit Idaho just because you've heard from a few of them that live here.
People have questioned why alcohol is accepted here and yet pot is so heavily penalized. That could be because the state taxes alcohol ($$) and also because barley just happens to be one of Idaho's huge cash crops ($$). There's a multimillion dollar Budweiser plant here in Idaho Falls ($$) Not to mention the huge Budweiser grain elevators just a few miles out of town that bought up all the barley ($$) ....
Thousands of violent crimes that are alcohol related happen in this state every year. Those folks sleep side by side in jails and prisons with people who are guilty of nothing more than simple possession of pot. Idaho has cut funding for education, immunizations, disabled children, mentally ill adults, roads, bridges and you name it. At the same time, we are cramming more non-violent "offenders" into our prisions, taking productive people away from their jobs and their families. Oh yes, and robbing out-of-staters as they pass through.

Good Buds

Hey man...I live in Idaho and i smoke pot everyday. I mean the system is stupid and the local authorities are all brain dead right winged mormons......but idaho is not bad, actually i think it is a stoners paradise. There is an abundance of great resorts with awesome snow, great rockclimbing, and Boise is a great liberal city. Plus i grow the Killest Kill in Idaho.

Get Me Out Of Here!!

I live in Idaho and I HATE IT!!!! Count me in! True that, not all Idahoans are rednecks. :) But I'm from Vegas so I'm not a true Idahoan anyways. :)

corrupt police culture in Eastern Idaho

I too was pulled over on Hwy 20 and cop said I was speeding( doing exactly 65) and interrogated and pressured continiously to search my car. I was targeted because I am from Oregon. Oh yea they searched my car.Probable cause was Sushi on drivers seat I was having for lunch - Then lie after lie- I had a lit candle, chopped up onions on the floor, tried to block the cops view- a bunch of crap- in Madison county jail, most people wrere from out of state w/ similiar stories- Not only Boycott Idaho, But these eastern counties need to have a civil law suit against them for the lies, illegal searches and Mormons above the law attitude they have. If everyone who's rights have been violated anwered this post we would have more than enough people for a law suit. Calling all out of staters- Lets ban together and sue these Cult bastards.

PS don't go thru HWy 20 in Rexburg

This poor woman got the

This poor woman got the 'other' book thrown at her, and yet all the convicted child molesters have to do is REGISTER.......

Boycott J.R. Simplot Criminals ! ! !

The idea of boycotting Idaho is nothing new.I advocated the boycott of the J.R.Simplot deuche-bag criminal scum-baggers years ago.Not just J.R.Simplot and the wealthy Simplot family members,but all the corrupt State of Idaho government officials involved with them.

    All the arrogant,backward and corrupt political extremist conservatives in that state have completely ruined and destroyed my entire life with mafia-style organized criminal harassment.Such harassment includes black-balling from gainful employment,as well as psychiatric defamation to discredit me as just a mentally ill nut who is not credible.They have been following me and stalking me for years.I switched to a more difficult to wiretap cellular phone because the old-fashioned land-line telephone was always too easily bugged and wire-tapped.

    Leaving Idaho didn't help.They continued stalking me and harassing me for years after I left that horrible god-forsaken state.The rich and powerful Mormon Mafia Church is the J.R.Simplot thugs number one partner in organized crime and racketeering.And all the crooked cops and corrupt government officials have been totally one-sided in taking sides with the perpetrators rather than the victim.First I moved to Texas,then almost all the way across country to Pennsylvania.But all the criminal thugs of Simplot and the Mormon Church Mafia continued following me and stalking me anyway.

    Other notorious misdeeds and crimes committed by the J.R.Simplot criminal scum-baggers and the Mormon Church Mafia include no less than:

    #1.The Bill Clinton sex scandal of 1998(with those two women Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp involved with these evil Mormon Mafia and Simplot assholes)and:

    #2.The deadly anthrax attacks of 2001.First they tried to make it look like Islamic terrorists did it in the aftermath of 9-1-1.Then they made the Fort Detrick researcher Bruce Ivins the patsy and fall guy to blame for it all.Even to this day,the corrupt and incompetent F.B.I.still tries to pin all the blame on the totally innocent Bruce Ivins for these biological terrorist anthrax crimes.

    It's absolutely frustrating how there is no justice to be found anywhere in this country anymore.All their crimes and corruption extend all the way to the highest levels of the federal government.Even the crooked F.B.I. and the corrupt Injustice Department are involved with these radical WRONG-wing extremist,conservative criminal assholes.And the closed-minded arrogance and ignorance of this extremely conservative American society these days is such that nobody ever believes what goes on in this country.Yet they have no problem believing endless conservative lies and psychiatric defamation.Not to even mention all the apathy and ignorance where nobody even seems to care.

Rexburg hell

I came across your comments after enduring one of the most horrible days of my life courtesy of the rexburg police department. We were pulled over, and my boyfriend was arrested and taken to jail for marijuana. The officer searched my purse and our whole car..I had nothing at all in my bag and clearly the officer was not happy since he dropped and broke my iPhone while searching my purse. My phone was taken away and I had to check into a hotel and call my bank in new York to get 5000 dollars bail. We are good hardworking people and we were treated like hardened criminals here. I do not use marijuana but I have never been so upset or angry about a situation. I thought the United States was a free country and we had rights as citizens, but not in Idaho. I fully encourage a full boycott of Idaho state and all its products and I intend to do everything I can to stop these fascists. Now we are in hell dealing with lawyers and jail time all because we stopped for a bite to eat here on the way to Yellowstone.


I'm from California, me and my friends went on a road trip from Cali up to Michigan to attend a music festival, on the way back home we decided to cut through Idaho (big mistake). We were traveling through Fremont county, about 10 minutes from St. Anthony when a cop pulls us over for "driving to close to the car in front of us." He then asks my friend if he had been drinking, gave him a sobriety test, and told him to go wait in a field along side the highway. He then pulled me and my other friends out of the R.V and told us our friend said we had pot in the car... knowing that we did and assuming what he said was true, we admitted (another big mistake) at which point he called a K9 unit to come search our vehicle. the only thing found in the vehicle was about 1/16 of an ounce of weed and a pipe..

Now me and all 4 of our friends have to go back to Idaho, to appear in court with 2 misdemeanor charges, which will stay on our records forever, and pay a ridiculous fine.

I understand what we did was wrong.. but the punishment does not fit the crime. what they did is more criminal than having a 1/16 of an ounce of weed. where is the justice in that? 

So, I guess what they say about Idaho is true... It's sad that these uncultured goons have the right to harass innocent people like this. My court date is tomorrow, after that, I will never step foot in Idaho again.

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