The Drug Czar's Office Doesn’t Know What to Say about Marijuana Legalization

I've previously noted the reluctance of the current administration to actually debate marijuana legalization. When cornered, they'll say they're against it, but they won’t say why or offer any interesting observations about our marijuana laws.

Another great example appeared in this superb MSN piece on the merits of legalizing and taxing marijuana. The article goes on and on about the economic benefits of legalization, to which the drug czar's office replied with a shrug:

A spokesman for the drug policy office declined to comment, saying the office wanted to wait until the Senate has confirmed Obama's drug czar nominee, Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske.

This wait-and-see response may sound reasonable enough, but it's totally nuts when you consider that opposing legalization is literally one of the fundamental purposes of the this office as defined by law:

Responsibilities. --The Director-- [...]

(12) shall ensure that no Federal funds appropriated to the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812) and take such actions as necessary to oppose any attempt to legalize the use of a substance (in any form) that--

   1. is listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812); and
   2. has not been approved for use for medical purposes by the Food and Drug Administration;

That is all perfectly straightforward, and yet the office currently has no talking points prepared when a reporter calls for a quote about marijuana legalization? ONDCP has never been anything other than a clearinghouse for unhinged drug war propaganda. It is literally a factory for designing crazy arguments against legalizing drugs. So if they can't answer a simple pot policy question without the help of a guy who doesn’t even work there yet, then it's safe to say that ONDCP as we know it has been completely destroyed.

Once the new drug czar arrives, the office will no doubt regroup and formulate some kind of response to the thunderous cries for reform that presently surround them. I'm sure whatever they present will be deeply problematic. But it is simply delicious to witness even a temporary collapse of the once-great government drug war propaganda machine.
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Watching cnn this morning and noticed the piece about marijuana, then between 7:03am and 7:06am Robin and the weatherman Bob, had a pithy exchange about the online comments on her page.

Robin said "I don't know what this says about our audiance, or the online audiance, but we are getting a lot of favorable comments concerning this topic."

Have I not heard this exact comment by the President?

She was begging for anti marijuana comments on her site

I hope someone can find the clip of it, its amazing.


Lou Dobbs vs Barney Frank

Barney Frank broke it off in Lou Dobbs last night and it was beautiful, just wonderful to watch. Lou was speechless, could not respond at all. If anyone can find the clip, it speaks VOLUMES about what is happening in society.


Here you go...

Screwy Louie better watch out... Barney is making sense...

Screwy Louie better watch out... his senses may return and I can watch him again... w/o my brain exploding... from the sheer force of his farceness!

Barney Frank always makes the most sense when he is expressing simple libertarian traditions like personal responsibility & personal choice.

I guess it's a good thing Barney is gay and accustomed to fighting for his personal rights... alongside the libertarians!

Libertarians: Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal, and Pro-Choice on Everything! Including my drug of choice... thank you very much!


You people make me sick you're freaking BULLYS leave them alone!they are just trying to do their jobs to make America safe from drug dealers and drug users.The DEA is a very well respected group of officers and agents quit your little rambling about legalizion.Cause you know it will increase the crime rate if marijuana is legalized.They put their lives on the line to protect the innocent children and law abiding citizins of this great country.
they have saved millions of lives no innocence has died from their haNDS u sick murders

to the poster by the name "disturbing"

And you make me equally sick. I agree though, most DEA agents, cops, etc. are, in fact, just doing their job. And I bet theyve saved plenty of kids from some bad people, directly or indirectly.

However, the fact still remains that the War on Drugs is a thinly veiled war on civil rights. This is particularly true in the case of Cannabis since its a relatively safe, natural alternative to more destructive things like ALCOHOL. People should be allowed to choose for themselves as long as said persons do not harm others but themselves. If they do, throw the book at them.

And how does legalization of Cannabis = more crime? Prohibition CREATES AND SUSTAINS the black market. Take away prohibition and the gangsters lose. Look at it this way. You dont see Coors brewing Co and Anheuser Busch fighting in the streets of Golden Colorado with machine guns do you?

Think about it disturbed. Your position makes zero sense.

Just doing their job?

What other job are you allowed to use that line as an excuse for crashing into the homes of non-violent people, throwing people in jail for years and serving as pawns for one of the most authoritarian governments on the planet today?

Very Disturbing indeed

It appears that this person gets paid through law enforcement of illegal activity regarding drugs. Somehow I cannot help but to think that his job is threatened and he does not want the change that is past due in coming.

Life is about change. The best time to legalize pot is while we are in this recession.

I can promise that no harm will come to the people apposing legalization which is contrary to the current law that puts ALL of the pot smokers AGAINST the law.

Instead of being against the law, let's change the law and let the law enforcement change in accordance.

If you are against the use of marijuana by all means don't use it. Do not penalize me for having a different point of view than you.

Legalize it now and decriminalize hundreds of thousands of American people. If your drug enforcement job is in jepeorady because of the threat of legalizing pot. Simply do what the rest of us have to do to survive. Find another source of income to support your families.

To disturbing

Disturbing, are you serious?
Do you not live in an area with high gang related, drivebys, murders, home invasions etc....

How do you think the gangster get their money? By selling lemonade on the side of the road?
They fund the gangs activities with the sale of mostly marijuana, and some cocaine.
Prohibition has not helped this country. Marijuana is widely available. Prohibition has helped the gangs and funded more murder...basically prohibition of marijuana has killed more people than the plant itself.

Disturbing by Anonymous

Just wait until the law breaks down YOUR door, shoots one of your loved ones, or you, or your dog and then says," OOPS" we got the wrong person

You and the DEA = Dumb Evil Assholes

Your ignorance of the facts, not to mention the law of the land, makes me sick.

The DEA are well respected? Where? Bet there are at least 30-50 million americans that would disagree with the nazi assholes in the DEA! In fact many polls show that a majority of americans support decriminalization over draconian and unlawful marijuana prohibition.

Yes, by all means, please, let's save the children from morons like you and the DEA!

Perhaps 'your brillance' can explain to us why the original, addictive, deadly, gateway drugs alcohol and tobacco are still legal in this 70+ year drug war... on some drugs?

Or why your government, which arrests 800,000 people a year on marijuana charges, obtained, in 2003, U.S. Marijuana Patent # 6,630,507 claiming: "Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties... cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants... limiting neurological damage following... stroke and trauma... or in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases... such as Alzheimer's... Parkinson's... and HIV dementia"

Or is more bullshit all you got child?

Disrespectfully Yours,
Pro-choice on Democracy

Truth is Treason in the Kingdom of Lies - Ron Paul

Obama will ?

Obama can only sign a bill into law or veto a bill.

If you want Cannabis legal, you and all of us will have to do it.
If we don't get active in this fight nothing will change. Every one of us has to get involved.

Cannabis will become legal only when we force our law makers to do it.

I say grow your own and any extra weed you have give away free to your friends who can't grow or to your local compassion club.

re:" disturbing" if you're really worried about crime...

do something about all the drunks running around killing and maiming innocent people, and beating up women and children. Marijuana is child's play compared to that. Marijuana prohibition creates crime by creating a black market and by forcing people to use alcohol if they want to get high even though some of them just can't handle alcohol. It forces people who only want weed to go to places where hard drugs will be pushed on them. And some of the black market dealers are all too happy to sell to children, and to entice children and others with free samples too

RE Disturbing

I guess imprisoning sick and dying people doesn't count as bullying?


youre lieing so quit it.the reason there is a black market cause you get pysically addicted to marijuana.and marijuana makes u more volient when your high unlike being drunk u act stupid.dont bring alcohol into this that has nothing to do with this i found five links that proves marijuana overdose is way more common. ( just check that out or go too( or ( they all tell you about the real dangers of marijuana and they have video proof.there are more emerency rooms treatments related to marijuana . i sure hope the law finds you and beats u users to death marijuana has been proven as a gateway drug. causes lung cancer.makes you retarded. and these are the long term effects.i've never smoked a "doobie" in my life or will i ever cause i know the dangers of marijuana and i report anyone whos been using it to the police cause their nothing but a nuicence and menace to socitiy.I HATE MARIJUANA USERS! they cause black men to look at white women and make them want to sit on the front of the bus. it pisses me off\


I think you are biased

Do more reading and educate yourself. Look at facts and figures. You sound racist.

Read it again!

No one can actually be this stupid! The "facts" are all disproven old wive's tales! And the racist remarks at the end are not coming from a stable mind! Just some troll trying to get a rise!


Use spell check. and "too" was improperly used.

the Black market laces Marijuana so you get hooked on chemicals. Taxed and regulated makes it pure.

No, weed is not laced with

No, weed is not laced with other drugs. That a myth.

and the other guy was being tongue in cheek.

Marijuana will make a black man look twice at a white woman. Also will make a black man step on a white mans shadow.

This some what paraphrased of what early prohibitionist
Anslinger said (sorry if I have misspelled anything)

Deputy Jameson should check out LEAP

LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) may be able to help you out.

Aside from poor spelling you primary problem seems to be the peers you listen to, the lies they tell, and most importantly the facts they withhold!

Try getting an opposing viewpoint. You're less likely to shot someone or get shot yourself because ignorant anger is dangerous to your mind, body, and soul. This assumes, of course, you haven't sold them yet to the highest bidder?


let's just say the uniformed such as yourself are part of the problem.I can pretty much tell you are one of those that lean over the bar bashing anyone and everyone that has smoked a joint. while drinking to the point we all know is not legal to drive home!
So in my opinion you are being very two faced.I would rather have 100 people working for me that smoke pot, than one drunk!
I have smoked for 30 plus years and never have I seen a pot smoker abuse there wife and kids.Fight for no apparent reason.puke all over themselves and wake up the next day and still be under the influence of alcohol at a high enough content to get arrested 12 hours later.Show up to work and put everyone else in danger.because they still cant even find there ass with both hands cause they are holding there head cause it's pounding.
So get off your high horse and get a life!

Disturbing's post


This may sicken you to read, but more than 12,000 current and retired police officers, DEA agents, judges, and prosecutors belong to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( ) . They all say the war on drugs is a failure. These are the very officers you mentioned. Some of the members of L.E.A.P. were the highest-ranking narcotics chiefs and captains in our country. Yet now, they say marijuana should be legalized because the war on drugs will never be won. Check out their website.

Sorry to ruin your day. The ONDCP and the White House should offer factual evidence that cannabis and its derivatives pose a more dangerous threat to society than alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs.

Ignoring the issue proves their lack of validity in continuing this war on U.S. citizens. Government regulation of marijuana - if done right - will reduce access to our children.

The new man just might have a plan

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske made enforcement against pot users the lowest enforcement priorty during his term, infuriating the Bushites and perhaps, just maybe, attracting the attention of Obama.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who is going to use is already doing so, meaning regulation and taxation will be a clear win for the nation and its citizens. Once the stigma of prohibition is lifted it is likely more folks will seek treatment if they wish to quit, and a huge amount of money will be taken out of the black market and put into the tax coffers.

Enforcement against real threats will get a resource boost and regulated pot is much less likely to be accessed by juvenilles. My 80 year old parents are tired of wasting money on the drug wars, and I think most everyone else is, too - except of course for the neo-con taliban who created this disaster and we're getting much better at ignoring them, aren't we?

Anyone with a functioning brain stem already knows the anti-pot proaganda is dead wrong,

Yes and No. The citizens made marijuana a low priority...

Yes and No. The citizens made marijuana a low priority through ballot initiative... Kerlikowske, to his credit, enforced the will of the people unlike many others officials that would have ignored the city law!

Pro-Re-Legalizingly Yours,

After his second post, I guess 'disturbed' is just goofing us

I was a little unsure after the first post, but thought I'd take it seriously.Now I'm almost, but not quite 100% sure, that it is a spoof. A successful one, if it is.

Common Sense

Did we not learn anything from alcohol prohibition?
Marijuana prohibition has been an indisputable failure. Legalize it and take the money out of the black market. Marijuana is less dangerous than either alcohol or tobacco yet both of those substances are legal (and should be). Every year our prison system releases violent offenders to make room for non-violent pot smokers. That is just plain insanity. Think of how better society would be served if our law enforcement efforts were directed more towards dealing with violent individuals. We would also save BILLIONS of dollars on prosecution costs and jail expenses every year.
There is also substantial evidence indicating marijuana has numerous medical uses as well.
This is a plant, legalize it and regulate it. We need to look at this issue using nothing more than basic common sense. Isn't it time to drop the "Reefer Madness" stupidity?


Ive been raided, they said I was selling marijuana, but this is totally false I only used marijuana and my 5 roommates also did. They said there was alot of traffic at my house, well DUH! I had 5 roommates to pay my mortgage and we all worked different shifts and had our own friends. They lied their asses off in police reports to make themselves look better. They said they knocked before they kicked my door in which was a lie. They made me hate my local gov't when I was gonna watch Obama get inaugurated on Jan 20th 2009 when they kicked my door in at 9am. Stop this war on drugs I would have loved to been able to keep my house for 5 years then sell it instead of it going into foreclosure because they say I am such a horrible person!

Maybe The Drug Czar’s Office Doesn’t Know What to Say Because…

The members don’t know yet if they will be allowed by the new Drug Czar to continue with the Big Lie tactic.

Having little or no practice telling the truth would certainly cause parts of their brains to shrivel from disuse, making the sudden switch to truth-telling nearly impossible.  Basically, I think they’ve forgotten how to do the whole truth thing.  No lies.  No truth.  Hence, the silence.


They dont know what to say about marijuana legalization:

Because they know that everyone knows marijuana was made illegal illegally with fraud and threats of violence toward doctors and public officials by terrorist corporations who hijack the government. The same terrorists who ignored the Constitution,Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and installed genocide and slavery .

Anyone who forces prohibition or wars against people and drugs

Are only recognized as terrorists.

Yeah, Giordano, they're going to have to decide how to play it

and when it comes to weed especially they've been seeing the same poll numbers and the same wave of media openness to debate and discuss (finally!) that we have.

I wonder what the poll numbers would currently be on hard drug legalization, both with and without a description of the arguments on both sides given in the question. Even if they're low, I'm hoping that the mixed bag Obama administration won't take that as license to use demonization tactics against hard drug users.

Marijuana legalization

It always confounds me to see just how many people are still fooled by the imaginitive, yet totally falsified facts, skewed statistics, and downright lies that the DEA and US government tells them to believe about marijuana use.
Equally strange is how so many Americans continue to ignore study after study showing how marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as it was purported to be since the 1920s.
The masses are simply blind and choose to ignore the true factual information about marijuana and the real damage that is done to society...from the government's ill-waranted choice to fight it.
Most Americans now favor marijuana legalization. It MUCH, MUCH safer than alcohol, and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH safer than cigarettes, yet many of the same people that have no problem with cigarettes or alcohol are steadfastly against OTHER PEOPLE using marijuana, despite how comparitively safe it is. Additionally, just recently, a study by UCLA concurred that marijuana does NOT cause cancer. It has PROVEN medicinal uses (anti-nasea angent, increases appetite, reduces pain, etc, etc.), yet the US govt. Classifies it as a schedule I drug ("those drugs which have NO medicinal uses")... and ("those drugs which are deemed to be the most dangerous and most addictive"), both are totally FALSE, yet the government holds to that invalid claim, and hence, so many misguided Americans do as well, and continue to abondon reason and replace it with ignorance.
It is time to wake up! Legalize it, tax it, and let others enjoy it, even if you do not want to. It is 2009, for God's sake!

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