DEA’s Medical Marijuana Raids Continue Under Obama Administration

Uh-oh. Looks like Obama has yet to deliver on his promise to end the medical marijuana raids:

Oakland, CA -- The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided a medical marijuana dispensary today in South Lake Tahoe, California, in the first days of the new Obama Administration. Even though President Barack Obama had made repeated promises during his election campaign to end federal raids in medical marijuana states, many high-ranking Bush Administration officials have yet to leave office. For example, still at the helm of the DEA is acting Administrator Michele Leonhart, who has been responsible for numerous federal raids in California, following in the footsteps of her predecessor Karen Tandy. Neither Eric Holder, President Obama's pick for U.S. Attorney General, nor a new DEA Administrator, have taken office yet. [Americans for Safe Access]

It’s too early to accuse Obama of turning his back on the patients he pledged to defend, but it’s a clear sign that the new president will have to take concrete steps towards ending the DEA’s controversial crusade in California. It won’t stop just because he said it would. He has to actually do something to stop this.

We’ll soon have new leadership at the Dept. of Justice and it will become perfectly clear to everyone what Obama’s priorities really are. Until then, we’re stuck with George Bush’s drug war under Barack Obama’s watch. The new administration has done its best to avoid publicly discussing marijuana policy, so let’s hope they understand that ending these raids promptly is the best way to avoid ugly headlines.
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holy sh*t!!

give me my 200 dollars back 'bama....


Soon we will be posting to a site for impeachment hehehe (I for 1 absolutly will if he doesnt come through)


It's too early? No. No, it is way past time for this "crap" to end. I voted for President Obama once. However this crap, might just be enough, to allow me to rethink my vote next time. Why do these kinds of thing continue, even though the "retard born again idiot", has returned to Texas? It's the "conservatives", the ones who think that making something illegal might stop whatever. Sort of like the pre Roe V. Wade era. Abortion was here and thriving and killing. But it was available almost everywhere. Drugs are available, are illegal, have been for over 35 years. Meantime we spend billions doing nothing but posturing. So folks, here's an idea. Stop supporting an ongoing criminal enterprise. Instead, lets demand that our government, take real control. Legalize all drugs, Our officials" would decide who sells and to whom. Collect taxes on every gram sold. Stop locking up otherwise good citizens for burning a plant.

medical marijuama is the only bone Obama is throwing cannabis

It's too soon to draw any conclusions, but the noise will be very loud and very angry if he caves to the drug war thugs on this.

Medical marijuama? I need to go back to proofreading school

sorry 'bout that.

Big Business

It's much to big of a business, Prohibition, to put thousands of SWAT teams out of business.

Will the Cannabis Prohibition insanity EVER end?

Maybe not.

peace and pipedreams

Hello, I'm john scott ridgway, who you might know from the radio show Peace and Pipedreams, a pot and revoltuion show that was cancelled a few months ago. You can now listen to our old shows by going to my website and hitting the links....

I am a novelist and a blogger, with experience in tv and am looking for like minded activists in Chicago to do a podcast comedic politics. I have hundred of stories.

I am also coming out with three new books in the next few months, and would be glad to read comedy for any organization raising money for pot reform.

[email protected]

I know Obama listened to us, and we worked hard for his campaign. He contacted me once during the show.... as did Hillary. I drove cab all during school in CHicago and know how bad the problem is in this town. Not to mention, I suffer from chronic pain from a failed spinal fusion and amb very educated, have hosted plenty of readings, and can write a mean speech.

It is time to get this war on the road.....


Boy I hate to see the bad publicity Obama will get if he let's the raids continue. He recieved gobs of his Votes for promising to end the raids and have a more Scientific view of Cannabis. That's why I voted for him. So let's hope his "Change" policy isn't a bunch of Hot Air like most Candidates. He also needs to take a stand, not just ignore this or "put it on the back burner" so he doesn't have to deal with it. If he does this, NO "change" will come at all...

In the campaign

Obama had career drug war politician John Kerry as a national security and foreign policy advisor. Kerry, in the late 1980's originated the idea of using military bases that were being closed post Cold War for drug user concentration camps. Kerry also originated the idea of shooting down civilian aircraft suspected of carrying drugs. Obama also has drug war fanatic 'Jim Crow' Joe Biden as his V.P.

I would not be surprised if Obama revises the Gitmo closing so as to hold drug prisoners since his $3-billion in new Byrne grant money, that is in the new economic stimulus package, will severely over-crowd American prisons with drug users in the next year or two.

Remember folks America achieved its first world record prison population under DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton.

" boss, Same as the old boss?"

Let’s hope that these raids are the last vestiges of the failed drug policy of the Clinton/Bush era. We need to remind ourselves that both Democrat and Republican administrations have contributed to this failed policy.

If the new administration continues this failed policy, many disenchanted voters will look at other alternatives in the next election cycle.

. . . . . . . . Do I hear the name Ron Paul?

Obama's acting drug czar

Was a lawyer who worked for the congress when it established the ONDCP and he helped write the legislation in 1988.

He also has donated money to drug warrior and now Vice President Joe Biden who coined the term "drug czar".

Edward Jurith bio

He runs the office of general council of the ONDCP that has argued all of the cases for the government against medical marijuana, needle exchange and other issues that the White House has come down on the wrong side of in the past twenty years or more.

For both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations he briefed the congress in support of interdiction programs in Latin America that have failed miserably.

Many in the drug policy reform community like to think that the raid on a medical marijuana facility in California just after the inauguration was a last vestige of the Bush administration, but Jurith had already been appointed acting director of the ONDCP on the 20th of January so there is every reason to believe that the raid was actually sanctioned by the Obama administration. There is little to nothing out of the White House to imply otherwise.


Anyone who thought drug policies would change under the new administration is incredibly naive. I still cannot understand how a rogue agency like the DEA accumulated so much power in a supposedly 'free' country. They have morphed into the US equivalent of the KGB.

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