Legalizing Marijuana Doesn’t Mean We Have to Legalize Horrible Crimes

Calls for legalization in the aftermath of the Michael Phelps media frenzy haven’t met with much backlash, probably because the gold-medal winning bong-monger kinda breaks the mold as far as stoner stereotyping goes. So we should be grateful, if anything, for the few anti-drug zealots that are so unhinged, so consumed by reefer madness, that they feel compelled to speak even when doing so serves only to further expose and embarrass their crazy beliefs:

The recent incident involving Michael Phelps getting caught smoking pot has caused the age long debate to rear its head again on whether or not we should legalize or at least decriminalize our drug laws. The idea in attacking the drug laws is that people should be free to make their own decisions. The problem with that line of reasoning is that you would never be able to draw the line on establishing any law. Everything would have to be legal, including armed robbery, murder, assault, etc. In essence, it would be anarchy. [Shreveport Times]

Ok, I don’t think you understand. We want to legalize marijuana, but not murder. Does that make sense? Armed robbery, etc. would still be illegal. No one will ever try to legalize violent crime, so shut up and stop worrying about that.

It’s a shame what marijuana does to some people’s brains.
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I emailed them and

I emailed them and challenged them to publish a pro-cannabis article. It really is funny to see such reefer madness. Honestly, I think crazy articles like that actually strengthen our side, for when it comes to to analyze the evidence, we win. You here that friends, we will win!

They posted pro-legalization

They posted pro-legalization stuff that same day.

The pro-prohibition stuff posted by their DA and that other guy is pure insanity. The comment war has some golden moments of crazy talk too.

If we allow pot regulation, we have allow murder and rape?

I know people along that area of the Texas/Louisiana border aren't the deepest thinkers but I would expect a tid bit more from a district attorney.

Anarchy ≠ Chaos

Just because there's no longer a Big Man with a gun pointed at your head saying "Do what I tell you" (Authority in a Nutshell) doesn't mean law and the notion of justice suddenly disappears. It's cheap to equate anarchy with chaos, almost as cheap as equating cannabis legalization with homicide legalization. Did abolishing segregation laws include abolishing rape laws? Has repealing *any* unjust law led to the repealing of any just law? Does reason and logic mean anything to these people? The answer seems to be no.

That is some of the poorest reasoning I've ever seen

to belabor the obvious. If you're going to set up a straw man and then knock it down, like the drug warriors love to do, you'll have to do a lot better job than that. No one is advocating any slacking off on laws that keep people from violating the rights of others.
And of course the author of this gem refuses to distinguish between cannabis, which is clearly far less deadly and less of a hard drug than alcohol, and illegal hard drugs. Just lump 'em all together.

Marijuana Crap

All this crap against cannabis from ignorant people. It's a shame something as non-toxic as grass and something as helpful and enjoyable as weed has to suffer this type of bullshit. It will end once the money is taken out of the equation. End prohibition now.

End the Prohibition

Isn't it obvious that a person consuming legal marijuana harms NOBODY? Nobody dies, nobody is injured or financially disadvantaged or has their rights violated. These things can't be said when a person murders, rapes or robs.

And do they not understand that while millions of people are willing to *pay* for people to supply them with marijuana nobody pays to have somebody assault or rob them. This is why the criminalization of marijuana has created a huge, violent black market while criminalizing murder has not.

It is repugnant for prohibitionists to criminalize marijuana and then claim they can't legalize it because that'd mean they'd have to legalize every crime. Just lies!

free speech

Scott, I've been dismayed at how readily your "shut up" line shows up in your posts. That shows an incredible unprofesionalism and aligns you with Drug War Neanderthals and fascists the world over. Generally I like your work and am impressed by your clear-sightedness but really you've got to clean up your reactionary interjections.


I appreciate your concern. I try to only use it in rare cases, namely when responding to something so silly that there's no point in trying to respond in a serious tone.

But your criticism is fair. I'll think about it. I don't like to make hard rules for myself, because it gets exhausting covering the same issues over and over again, so I like to leave room for getting pissed when that's the mood I'm in. But I suppose there are usually betters ways to convey myself than the above.

do the math

start your paper out by introducing this scene which happens daily in this country:

A truck gets pulled over for a taillight being out. In the process the truck is searched and found to be carrying about a million dollars of high grade marijuana. The marijuana is reported to have been grown in an indoor garden somewhere in Oregon. The marijuana is confiscated for evidence, the driver charged and convicted. The marijuana is then destroyed, a once employed person is now imprisoned at taxpayer expense.

Contrast that with a legal market where the grower still profits but now pays taxes, jobs are created with distribution, marketing transporting and selling.


you people are fucking stupid ignorent liars yes legalizing marijuana means you have to legalize other crimes and murder becouse none of those crimes would happen if marijuana didnt exist


Just WOW!

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

No feeding the....


I thought you said not to feed the trolls!! Got a real nut on here today, didn't we? The intelligent design of these posts just astounds me! Nothing like keeping a civil tongue and all!

Sorry about that

I read from the bottom up and that was the first post I encountered by him, I posted the don't feed the troll comment AFTER I posted the wow comment.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


I can hardly control myself when such insane rants, on both sides of the issue, come up. Terrorism will get us into the other war! Then, we will have to fight the government on both sides! They (government) don't understand their war on drugs, actually, is funding the war on terror. Since, they are so unsuccessful in the fight against drugs, they become the prime cause, for the funding of the war on terror! If not for, the continued war on smoking a weed, the cartels could be driven out of business!

what's being overlooked here

what's being overlooked here beyond the indignance of being called a supporter of terrorism, child molestation and nose picking is the statement that challenging the drug war is wrong because we are suggesting that "people be free to make their own choices." Wow, that's too novel an idea I guess. Maybe we should look to the Chinese communist government for ideas on how to stop that dangerous trend. Imagine having a country where people are free to make their own choices! We'd have to call it America!

Oh, and all you hate mongers with the profanities and sweeping statements about the "evils" of marijuana..Your grammar and spelling alone suggest you haven't progressed past 6th grade, let alone your inability to write a coherent essay. Even a pothead like me can tell that, or are you also against education? God forbid we equip people so that they'll be able to THINK about the choices they should be free to make.

No feeding the...

Hey Doc (mlang52) I didn't know you posted over here, good to see you again. Really, just seeing the contrast puts it all in perspective. WE are the ones who are supposed to be mentally impaired?

Yeah, I don't have any sense

I should be keeping the name anonymous! But, I don't feel I am on the wrong side in this issue. I was forced to take this stance!

Gateway Drug

Every person whose life has been destroyed by drugs started by using marijuana. Every violent drug crazed criminal started with using marijuana. Drugs are a driving force behind a majority of criminal's actions. So legalizing marijuana will have a direct impact on the rise of violent crime and property crimes. Yes, Marijuana is a gateway drug no matter what the unemployed, peace loving potheads will tell you. Peace,Love,Dope

gateway mya**

If your would do your research on the subject a little more your would see that MOST harder drug users/abusers start with either Alcohol or Nicotine.

gateway my ass

Or, even more likely, both. Not that I believe we should criminalize either tobacco or alcohol, we all know how well that has worked out with other substances.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

You know, it's the fact that

You know, it's the fact that people are lazy fucks, impaired, and the effect it has on your reasoning, problem solving, math skills and overall caring about things. Plus, I do agree about the taxing, they don't know how to. Aside from which, if you want it that bad, break the law. It's never going to change lol. Anyways, stop attacking other things that don't pertain to pot. "Oh, they're paying more attention to pot than to child molesting." shut up and stop defending yourself. If you smoke, go ahead, ruin your lungs, and waste your receptors.


they should legalize weed. you fuckers who think they shouldnt need to go get a blunt and smoke it first.. then come talk to me. YOU ARE ALL IGNORANT ASSHOLES! k thanks bye (:

Alrighty then, In MY opinion,

I think that the use of profanity to support your weak claims, on either side of the argument, seriously diminishes the whole idea of considering the topic from an intelligent stance. The inability to form persuasive evidence or examples to support your views is practically broadcasted to the entirety of any one who has the misfortune to stumble upon and read your incoherent babble. On the whole, the ideas presented here are clear and intelligent, but when I read the "fuck yous" and the "ass holes" being used as argumentative munition rather than the derogatory slang that it is, I want to weep for the idiocy of America, and man in general.

Cursing during a debate, or discussion, makes you sound like an illiterate and uneducated hill-billy.

so fuck you. (in every derogatory sense of the words)


fuck you.

weed is bttr thn ur bf =]

look, excuse the words. but seriously, go try it before you say anything.
i love how you wrote a whole paragraph for me =] lmao, go fuck yourselffffffff.

and as the hill-billy thing goes.. i think that you are a flamboyant retard.

&& i would also like to let you know that your a herb. thanks so much(:

yours truly,
the best druggie ever <3

Stop the entire drug war?

Stop the entire drug war? Ok, thats awesome. Lets legalize Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, Opium, Yeah!! See what potheads come up with. They are "unfairly arrested". Whatever. Why is it, that when you compare substances to weed you use ALCOHOL, when you should use LSD.... But hey thats me. A mild hallucinogen compared to a depressant. Thats logical..... So the marijuana fueled "studies", and the government "studies" need replaced by a NON Biased Study. I forgot you stoners become Carl Sagan when you smoke... HUH HUH HUH lets get some doritos and laugh at the events of 9/11 I saw some idiot stoners do that.... LOL. How about this, decriminalizing Marijuana. NO Jail time for certain amounts.

If Marijuana is Legalized, then the other drugs like it need to be legalized too. Like Shrooms and L.S.D.......... Nuff said....

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