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Marijuana Probably Won’t Give You Cancer in Your Testicles

Everybody’s talking about this week’s news that marijuana might increase your risk of some kind of horrible testicular cancer (especially dudes who smoke lots of pot).

Of course, as you might have guessed, the whole thing is wildly overblown, as NORML’s Paul Armentano explains.
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More lies

There we have it, another lie from another expert. Cancer caused by cannabis, who the hell was that expert? I'm 68 yrs old and remember Nixon calling for a war on drugs, and we know how great he was. But the one thing that bothers me, is no one ever brings up, that our present policy, keeps criminals in charge of our country's drug trade. Oh yes, we have a drug trade, and it is controlled by street gangs and cartels for over 35 years. Does this bother anyone else? We are a country of laws, yet our lawmakers, continue a policy of a full employment act for criminals. Legalize what is already happening, and make our cowardly "officials", take control or get out.

J.D. Lape' Monticello, Arkansas (870 723 1579)

Scientists?! (or more likely propagandists?)

Hey JD,

I thought there was a link between colon cancer and eating red meat! I guess we should just go kill all of the beef cattle and bury them. And, well I guess we should do the same for the milk cows, too! Because, we all know cow's milk is meant for baby cows, not humans!

I think the article does state it is a "weak link". I would, dare to, say that breathing the air has a weak link to all cancers! Everybody has to breathe, don't they?!

Comment posted by mlang52 on Wed, 02/11/2009 - 1:04pm

J.D. Lape` is correct in his statement ... and I agree with him. He must be a fellow member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) for those who need to check it out...which is EVERYONE

I am however , worried about your comments mlang52 ..... you might need to seek professional help.... LOL j/k .... but your comments are very ODD .... I'll leave it at that ... Peace!


I love steak and consume a lot of milk products! At least I will die fat and happy! Those are claims made over the years by "nutritionists" to tell us all not to consume such bad food items, that will ruin our health.

Weak scientific links can really sound irrational, to me. And all too often the "research" and scientific studies are often found to be faulty.

Consider these addiction rates. LEAP says they have been low, around 2%, over the past century. But ask an addictionologist/MD and he will tell you the addiction rate in our country is around 33%. I would rationalize that LEAP people know that users are not, all, addicts. But, I guess the guy who makes his living, at taking care of addicts would like more people, including anyone who would use "illegal" drugs, to be called addicts. It would only be good for his business. More reason to manipulate the statistics.

I am a member of LEAP as well! I used to "play cop" to try to keep the DEA happy! I hated "druggies". My attitude has changed, somewhat, now that I am a victim of the drug war.

The "Reduced Sperm Count" Study

This reminds me of the time when my mom parroted another "study" that marijuana reduces sperm count, 10+ years ago. However, my brother who has smoked for 20+ years is having kids at an alarming rate.

As far as me, I made up my mind in my 20's I didn't want to have children.

But my comment to her then, since I was being backed into a wall, was that all she needed to do was take a peek at the Bible. If God wants a couple to have kids, even a 70/80/90 year-old couple, they will; Abraham & Sarah. :-)

Thus spoke the SS:

...we know very little about the long-term health consequences of marijuana smoking, especially heavy marijuana smoking...

- Schwartz

Hmm... I wonder how they could get around that?

Oh wait, they can't do the very research they claim to want to do because they're busy publishing propaganda to keep everyone fearful of removing these racist, unconstitutional, unbiblical, and illegal laws.

To be fair to my mom, (she's

To be fair to my mom, (she's now 71) I sent her a link to a good LEAP video and she said "I am convinced" with regard to their philosophy.

So she's realized that she'd been duped by the warmongers.

Hmmm... I see an ad in the side bar... "RealAge," if you saw her you wouldn't guess she's in her 70s. But that shot of McCain doesn't deserve to be a GIF, gag. He looks at least 71.

Mis-applied Resources

A prominent evil are researchers who twist science to fit government policy- e.g. a highway traffic safety researcher who invents a 'math' formula that gives a max 'safe' speed in optimum conditions of 55 mph (at a time D.C/'s highway network was seriously being truncated).

Problems as such can operate in numerous different ways.

Marujauna and my jewels

What I do or don't do to affect the health of my nuttage is my own personal private agenda and no business of Big Government. Now about the much greater dangers that alcohol and tobacco cause, well who really has the time to recite all that horrible stuff. I have other web sites I need to blog @t. Lets start arresting adults who eat fast food so we can send kids the right message about a proper diet. A proven formula. Treat adults like kids. J. Velasco Brownsville Texas


come on , you don't really beleave this crap do you ? just more scair tactics. I have been smoking pot for more then 35 years now , OMG my testicles are going to rot off , roflmao . As far as marajuana rotting your brain? I wen't to collage held a 3.0 GPA,retired at 45 ALL the time smoking marajuana almost everyday , yeap sure rotted my brain didn't it? the truth of the matter is this government knows it's harmless (other wise they wouldn't hold 3 patents on it) the problem is , they (the government) would have to admit that they have been lieing to the public all these years and that would cause the people to loose trust in them
Well I have some news for them , NOT a single person that works for the goverment do I trust , they all lie cheat and steal , they are under the derangement that they make more money off it being illegal meanwhile dealers are getting rich .. I really would hate to see the government take controll of marajuana , they will manipululate it like they do with tabacco and alcohol

HAHAHA! I just went to one

HAHAHA! I just went to one of those left-wing lily liver pinko pro-drug communist legalizers George Soros loving blogs, and saw a comment by some hippie on welfare where he tried to convince his fellow tree huggers that the marijuana narcotic does not cause brain damage. But his spelling abilities contradicted his statement so much he might as well have quoted good scientific research that clearly shows marijuana causes severe learning deficiencies. YEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAW!

Spelling? Are you lost?

If memory serves me, Einstein had a problem with spelling. I know some physicians, who have a hard time with it, as well. Me, I claim the problem of being a "lefty" changed to "righty" by force as a kid. Dyslexia can make one type backwards, as well! I try to use spell check. Nineteen years of post high school education has not guaranteed that am able to type, or spell, correctly 100% of the time. Excuse me, for not being perfect! I admit the world would be such a better place if I were!

As far as the damage caused by THC, I think the limited scientific studies that have been "allowed", prove out the truth. But truth is evil in the land of lies!

Alcohol damages many more brain cells. You know, dude?


Lets continue fighting the drug war as we are! Then we, drug dealers, guarantee your kids, grand kids, etc., can buy all the drugs they want, easily, any time, at school! I hope you trained them well!

Just wonderingg!

k soo weed can't cause cancer but it kills brain cells and could damage other organs or things in your body.. bottom line its not good for you? :S i'm just wondeirng because my friend is trying it and i'm trying to tell her not too.... pleasee helpp! (:

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