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The Killing of Cheye Calvo’s Dogs is a Story That Won’t Go Away

Washington Post has a definitive account of the killing of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo’s dogs that took place during a botched drug raid back in July. It’s an impressive feature that references Radley Balko’s research and really nails down the faulty drug war tactics that brought this tragedy about. As upsetting as the story is, it’s vital that this incident becomes more than a footnote in the long and growing list of brutal drug war excesses that occur everyday in America and beyond.

An accompanying online chat with Calvo included this question:

Washington, D.C.: Mayor Calvo, thank you for courageously speaking up and telling the world about the tragedy perpetrated on your family. I know you have forcefully called for some incremental reforms on the state level, but don't you agree that we will continue to see innocent lives lost in raids gone wrong, billions of dollars wasted on arrests and incarceration, and empowering of violent criminal enterprises as long as drugs are illegal? Isn't the real solution to put drugs into a legal and regulated framework like we did when we legalized alcohol 75 years ago?

Cheye Calvo: Let me say first that I have never done drugs and have a fairly deep personal opposition to them. That said, I also have a serious problem with public policy by metaphor -- and the 'war' allusion is especially dangerous. Clearly, the current policy is a failure, and there needs to be a genuine public discussion here. A federalist at heart, I think that states should have greater leeway to try new approaches. There has to be a middle ground between outright legalization and a military state.

That sounds awfully reasonable and although I’d argue that anything short of a regulated market would continue to produce unnecessary violence, I think Calvo is speaking in a way many people can relate to. I think it’s this type of argument from this type of person that will eventually make a difference in the way the war on drugs is fought in our communities.
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Because people

are more willing to believe a dog did nothing wrong to cause the cops to shoot it. Unfortunately (due mostly to prohibition propaganda) people are less willing to give the benefit of the doubt to people who've been shot by the police. But let's take any aid or sympathy we can get for this cause, even if takes the death of some dogs to finally get to the masses who otherwise ignore our fight, because we're all druggies, doncha ya know and murdered dogs are always innocent in the eyes of people who love animals.

Frankly, the deaths of people and the wrongful murder charges brought against those who shoot (in what they believe is self defense) at intruders into their homes in the dead of night sickens me (as does the murder of dogs -- if somebody murdered my dog they better expect some kind of retaliation in, or out of, court).

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

So you say

So if an intruder breaks into your home, you would do nothing? Police are little men with big guns nothing more. They do very little to stop the dangerous Criminal. Police are gunned ho to arrest drug users or someone not respecting them who are not violent...They are lying and issuing false citations. How many innocent people are imprisoned? I would have been one. It's not only the Drug War we need to be worrying about. Its the immoral Cops being hired.

Here is names of Corrupt Cops In Multnomah County

Officer Bacigalupi #30878
Officer Sery #36878
all officers that worked or partnered with Bacigalupi #30878
Officer John Hughes #45063
So many more

All Judges & DAs in the Multnomah Court System

The War on the American Citizen

The Calvo case is one of many in the brutal War on the American Citizen...

President Obama's response about the War On Drugs :(

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