Victim’s Rights in the War on Drugs

Pete Guither pointed out the other day that the Republican platform contains this vague statement on victim’s rights:

The innocent have far fewer rights than the accused. We call on Congress to correct this imbalance by sending to the states for ratification a constitutional amendment to protect the rights of crime victims.

I wonder if such a law would protect victims of armed robbery when police search their home, arrest them for marijuana, confiscate even more of their money than the robbers did, and ultimately decline to investigate the initial robbery for which they were called in the first place.

Victim’s rights is an interesting idea. Let’s talk about it after we end the drug war.
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Cops as robbers

In the last 10 years, I have been robbed at gunpoint, not once, but 3 times -- by the police.

My private property has been invaded and vandalized; my personal belongings taken and destroyed; my car stolen -- by the police.

I've seen grown men in riot gear -- the police -- point assault rifles at 5- and 7-year-old children; one brave officer even stuck his gun in the face of a one-year-old.

I have been threatened and intimidated; my friends beaten, Taser'd and murdered -- by the police.

They did this to protect me, you understand, from dangerous drugs. Or was it to protect me from dangerous drug users, who might steal my TV to trade for drugs? I keep forgetting.

Daring to disagree can be dangerous... to the evolved & devolved

Daring to disagree can be dangerous... to the evolved & devolved... but rarely to those rightfully responsible... the purveyors of prohibition... within the gangs of gods & governments!

Daring to disagree,

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

P.S. 'Truth is treason in the kingdom of lies' - Ron Paul (For President '08)

drug war


You can`t have a war without an enemy. Who did the government decide to classify as the enemy? Its own citizens of course. Keep it local and make everyone pay for it. Aren`t we having fun!?

Constitutional Amendment?

…to protect the rights of crime victims?  Why would anyone need a new constitutional amendment to protect the rights of crime victims?  What are the Republicans planning to introduce that isn’t constitutional already?

It might be a hoax.  The fact they’ve chosen the most difficult legislative path possible to enact new protection laws could mean McCain/Palin and the Republicans really don’t expect to change anything at all in terms of crime victims’ rights.

The new amendment might also be just more Republican gift wrapping on diseased fruit like the Patriot Act.  Perhaps the amendment at its core eliminates existing civil rights as a means of reducing the rights of the accused.  That would make more sense coming from the Republicans, and it would explain the need for a constitutional amendment.


Mafia ?

Sure is convenient that the cops don't have any big time drug dealers to go after like the Mafia, outlaw bikers, the clan, the bloods or the crypts. Instead it's folks sitting in their homes, guilty or innocent who are the drug dealers, based on the information from a confidential informant.

Then cops and swat can break into the homes of American citizens and shoot the dogs and any home owner who might reach for a gun thinking he has the right to defend his family. They need the practice so they can get the hang of it and do it more often.

Crime Victim's, yeah right !


this sounds like some underhanded attempt to get people on board with overturning roe v. wade. remember, aborted fetuses are considered victims to them. it is their rights they're clamoring over. Trust me, they don't give a hoot about violent crime victims, etc. just unborn babies.

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