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The Drug Czar Can’t Stop Panicking About Medical Marijuana

Here we go again:

Pete Guither couldn’t make it all the way through. I’m not even going to try. We’ve heard all of this before. We heard the same thing in Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Yet no one is demanding the repeal of those laws. Medical marijuana works and so do the laws that protect patients from arrest.

If you’re in Michigan, vote Yes on Prop. 1. Pass it on.

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San Francisco has the lowest marijuana use rate among youth

According to recent CDC survey of 28 cities and counties across the country, SF youth grades 9 - 12 had the lowest rate of past month marijuana use. Even though Prop. 1's only decrims mj for med patients, regulating the market works to improve the quality of life for teens.

Six Minutes Thirty-Two Seconds

That’s the length of time Walters spends speaking on medical cannabis, something he supposedly considers a critical issue in the drug war and loathes as a ‘stalking horse’ for marijuana legalization.

Walters’ speech is abrupt and script-like.  His arguments are declaratory and lack corroboration.  He seems disinterested in what he’s saying, and instead of infusing in his audience a leader’s enthusiasm in what he believes, merely tosses out the same hackneyed and discredited talking points he’s used for the last eight years, not to mention displaying a funky-looking marijuana dispensing machine that resembles a cheap balsawood stage prop painted flat black.  No attempt is made by Walters to intelligently counter the biting public criticisms leveled against his policies.

I spend more time composing a blog posting than Walters does in speaking and thinking about what he’s saying in his little speech.  But then for Walters, who needs little more than to stagger like a drunken sailor through the last few miserable months of his tenure as ONDCP director to land a fat government pension, it’s good enough for government work.



Johny were you always the teacher's little punk a** snitch? Sometimes I get a picture of how these little nightmares were as children. It ain't prettyI Hope that this guy gets to REALLY know what it is to die in pain while someone like HIM withholds care just beyond his grasp. Dieing of thirst while he ls lectured by the self righteous about how he must be making up how water might give him a little relief. We all know that only air will slake ones thirst. Dr. Dollar and the Great Leader have spoken. It is obvious that his political ideology trumps his HUMANITY.Party and power über alle. I pitty and abhor what you do in the name of the American people. Those who haven't been told they are dieing, That it will be painful and it will be messy, may not get how important a little relief from nausea and a little sleep can be. It is also hard to believe that their are those who would make it so complicated and difficult for the suffering to help themselves. All over a silly backyard weed prescribed by a Medical Doctor.. Facing Death is very hard. Facing unreasonable fear and ignorance while dieing is pitiful. When his Doctor comes in with that test . . . .The word compassion may come to mind.
Oh I forgot that is all just a ploy! You better hope that Jesus doesn't decide a little karma is in order and to switch you into their world. There will be aloud gnashing sound. Then again sockin your brains out with hydracodone might seem preferential to that Evil backyard weed that scars you so dramatically.
Hell! I don't even wish that on you though the world will be better without you.

Shot in the foot

I think it's gotten to the point where this guy is just helping the opposition, since his lies are absurd enough to be obvious to the average person.

I hope some of those people that were standing behind him are kept awake at night, thinking about the about the innocent people who will suffer if they are to continue to get their Federal money to buy toys. Cops who take blood money from immoral criminals like Walters will surely get no respect. Maybe the free body armor will make them feel better.

All of his arguments are now

All of his arguments are now easily and publicly refutable by video such as those at

All except one. There has been no organized video effort of which I'm aware to bring to light people whose lives have been harmed by the system.


Did he seriously say that marijuana is worse than all the other drugs combined? That is the biggest load of utter bs I have ever heard. Maybe the reason for kids on crack is hearing this guy referring to weed so badly. When kids let their curiosity get the best of them and decide to try a new drug, they'll do crack knowing its safer that marijuana. This guys got some serious issues.

sounds like bush and cant

sounds like bush and cant pronounce oregon you guys lost explain yourself after this life.

medical marijuana

we are a compssionate society as long as you have the money to pay for the drugs they approve pot is illegal because they cant regulate it if we could make oxycotin and vicodin they would be illegal to us as well no matter what medical benefits they provide the users why would the drug manufacturers want something that treats our pain that we can make grow or provide without lining their pockets the whole marijuana legality issues are summed up by this statement "follow the money" currently you either are subject to paying law enforcement or drug manufacturers for seeking relief from pain they both profit immensely from these laws and the changing laws makes them afraid they wont be able to buy another multimillion dollar home or another porche i can see why they fight so hard to maintain the status quo. The people of this country need to stand up and tell their politicians no we arent going to let you control how i treat my ailments these choices are mine alone (unless you want to foot the bill and if so then fine but no generic for me since there is no such thing as generic weed )it amazes me that marijuana is still illegal in most places anyway, reading about the overpopulation of jails and prisons and the states releasing violent criminals and child molesters and still trying to put ppl behind bars for selling something to someone who wanted to buy it or buying something for your own personal use is sheer stupidity all the money they spent on the war on drugs could have paid for more and better education to keep our kids off drugs and out of jail instead of as a burden on society but again follow the money someones profiting from the drug users and dealers in prison and those same profits are being used to fill our heads with propaganda to fuel their arguement but please please someone show me a person who can actually blame weed for ruining their lives from using marijuana not getting caught by the police with it as i belive is mostly the case

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