The World’s Smallest Bag of Marijuana

Try reading this unhinged Boston Globe editorial opposing decriminalization in Massachusetts with a straight face. It is an exhibit in dishonesty and an insult to everything on earth that is actually truly dangerous. The whole thing is nuts, but this line really tickled my bullshit bone:

And despite their best efforts to paint an ounce of marijuana as innocuous, the fact is that one ounce of marijuana is worth about $600 and represents about 60 individual sales.

Seriously!? Do you even know what marijuana is? The average price is around $200 an ounce. And it's not sold in 1/60th ounce increments. You can’t even roll a joint out of that. You know what a joint is, right? Seriously, I would have thought there were enough preposterous reefer madness arguments already in circulation that you wouldn’t need to create new ones.

One of the great challenges facing those who advocate sensible marijuana policies is that of responding to crazy made-up nonsense over and over again. Sometimes our opponents just lie on purpose. Other times they simply don't know what they're talking about. And frequently we can't tell the difference.
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The beat goes on

The beat goes on. Don't prohibitionists know that their ignorance and bald faced lies are being recorded on the internet for posterity? These people will go down in history as being some of our nations most shameful double dealers. I hope they enjoy reading this as they sit there drinking and smoking their drug of choice. Bad laws don't make them right, as any patriot knows. Prohibitionist always avoid the reality that it's prohibition that causes more harm to our society than cannabis use itself. The issue of cannabis use comes down to a matter of freedom of choice. As long as no one else is put at risk, no one should meddle in peoples' private affairs.

They Don't Care

"Don't prohibitionists know that their ignorance and bald faced lies are being recorded on the internet for posterity?" They Don't Care. Ok, repeate that to yourself, they don't care. We can squck and squbble, we can force them to listen, but they just don't care. We are unto the tick on the bull's rear. Annoying but nothing more. Here, watch this "LL Cool J has thirty-seven nipples!" Is that true? I don't care, so it's easy for me to say. Go ahead and try it yourself, think of something you don't care about, walk up to a friend and make something up about it. It's easy.

Now imagine you have a position in witch you can get media coverage and you think to yourself "Hey, if I diss drugs, people will keep paying me." Now what do you say? Something sensible and pro bud? No, something crazy and nonsensicle, then you cash your six figure paycheck. Why? Because they don't care.

Oh, and incase you care to know. The math they used to get that number is $10 for every 0.47 grams. Considering your standard joint is about 0.5 to 0.7 for a fatty, they look to be paying damn near triple rate. Maybe they get these crazy ideas because their dealers hate them and rip them off.

haha yeah i bet their

haha yeah i bet their dealers are ripping them off. but seriously, cops and feds always break it down to "street value" to make their busts or whatever look bigger than they are. sure it is possible to sell an ounce for $600, but thats a lot of fuckin work sellin dime bags.
and .7 is no fatty.



You can get commercial Mexican compresso all day long in the Southeast for $100/oz. Some of it competes with $50/Qtr. U.S. outdoor. It`s cheaper in S. Central U.S. of course. The supply of drugs is abundant in America. Waging war against people getting high is a debacle of historic proportions. Good Green Bud should be available legally to adults for no more than $25/Qtr. How much hard liquor could you buy for $25? 2012.

It's not a war on drugs, it's a culture war

Against marijuana culture and other drug cultures; and also against minorities, especially black people. What they are afraid of is coffeeshops with big marijuana signs in front of them that their kids can see everyday. They don't seem to realize that many people in the country (for example, many who live in public housing projects), have people openly selling heroin in the street corner walking distance from their house, and that their kids play and ride their bicylcles right in front of the drug dealers. Not only do they sell drugs next to their house, but they also shoot each other over who can sell those drugs. That's the situation millions of americans are living in right now, and these people are afraid of coffeeshops?! Even less, they're afraid of not being allowed to arrest stoners for possesing an ounce?! They probably don't realize the amount of stoners who are high walking among them all the time, and how many they might actually talk to every day (and not just stoners, but cokeheads too). If they realized the amount of well-to-do-looking professionals that do drugs they might have to reconsider their prejudice.

shot over 20 bucks worth

You drug people always turn the story to arguing over a detail like how much an ounce is worth. Here's a guy who was killed last week over $20 worth. What difference does it make how much it cost in dollars? It cost him his life.

Fiance killed during drug deal, woman testifies
Friday, October 03, 2008
By Barton Deiters
The Grand Rapids Press
ROCKFORD -- Anger over marijuana prices preceded a shooting that left a father of two bleeding to death in front of his baby, his fiancee and his mother-in-law.

Fawn Gross struggled to maintain her composure Thursday as she testified in the probable cause hearing for 19-year-old Terrance Devon Seymour, charged with murder in the death of her children's father, Kris Matthews.

"He shot him in the back of the neck," Gross said, remembering the Sept. 19 incident.

Seymour and his cousin, identified by Assistant Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker as William Seymour, arrived at Matthews' Alpine Township apartment to buy marijuana.

They wanted 6 grams -- less than a quarter-ounce -- for their $20, but Matthews was only going to provide 4.5 grams, according to testimony heard by Rockford District Judge Steven Servaas.

The transaction happened in front of Gross, their baby, who was sitting in a car seat on a nearby table, and Gross' mother, Barbara Pellow.

Gross testified that, when the dispute erupted, Terrance Seymour appeared to pull out a gun. Matthews rushed both men, saying, "not in my house, cuz."

Gross said Matthews knocked the weapon free and was wrestling on the ground with Terrance Seymour when William Seymour punched her in the nose.

According to testimony, William Seymour first pointed the gun at Gross, leading her mother to pull her back, then, he walked to where his cousin and Matthews were struggling and shot Matthews in the neck.

Gross said William Seymour grabbed his $20 and followed his cousin out the door.

Defense attorney Steven Brunink pointed out during questioning that his client didn't pull the trigger, did not rob anyone and that the eyewitnesses never saw the gun in Terrance Seymour's hands.

However, admitted Southeast Side drug dealer Tommy Nash said he was the one who told the Seymours to go to Matthews' home at York Creek Apartments to buy some drugs and, later that day, talked to Terrance Seymour who said he robbed and shot Matthews.

Servaas ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to Kent County Circuit Court. The defendant faces life in prison if found guilty.

Given that testimony, Becker expects more charges against William Seymour, who faces a preliminary hearing on the assault charge.

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Blame the drug war

Seriously, how could you think for a moment that this refutes us? Tragedies like this are the constant consequence of our drug laws. The fact that people are being killed in the blackmarket really puts the risks of marijuana itself in perspective.

that is no argument

And, if a killing occurs over... a pair of shoes, need we outlaw expensive Nikes? ... a robbery that goes bad, we should outlaw CASH?

"Drug people" are logical, pragmatic people, not swayed by poor, myopic, ideological "arguments" such as that.

I really do hope...

...that" we" ,will be able to" finally illegalize " the peach. I've planted over 100 peach trees this spring,and I hope that "the peach" will be criminalized. Then my profit scale will be infinitely enhanced for my family. As you know, peach pits contain a"addictive, dangerous, substance",and therefore should be "controlled... for the kids".Afterall, just .00002 oz. of "peach pits" can kill , or lead to mental problems. As of this date, I will actively pursue a, "BLOOD PEACH" agenda.Of course, I expect "enforcement" to weigh in on this new "controlled situation"...for the kids. "PEACHBEGONE- TASKFORCES", should be initated to further this en-dea-vor. Thank you, e-NOUGH is e-NOUGH.

Re: shot over 20 bucks worth

This is what happens when you take a substance with a proven demand and remove it from regulated distribution channels. This is basic economics: The decreased supply causes prices to rise in order to achieve equilibrium. The increased price attracts more vendors (drug dealers) into the market in order to profit from the artificial price hike. Violence enters the picture because current anti-drug laws deprive vendors/customers of their property rights. Normally, the Justice system provides legal options to those who have been ripped off or stolen from. For instance, a retail outlet can call the police if they catch someone shoplifting and have the individual charged. A drug dealer does not have this option and must take matters into his or her own hands (street justice.) If the dealer doesn’t word will get around that he or she is “easy” and the problem will only increase.

If weed were re-legalized scenarios like the one above would become very uncommon. Regulated business would step in to meet the demand and increased economies of scale would cut violent and amateur vendors out of the picture. With prohibition out of the way, the supply would once again increase causing prices to fall. There would be no profit in marijuana for violent “drug gangs” and they would be forced to get real jobs or find other schemes. Customers would be able to either grow their own supply or purchase it through regulated business like corner stores or coffee shops. Most importantly, property rights would be restored and legal avenues would be once again made available for conflict resolution.

Media Deception

This is just another example of media deception.

Popular media outlets (unfortunately, The Boston Globe is one of them here in my neck of the woods) claim to be unbiased, reporting only the facts.

Scott's post points out a relevant example among the ridiculous number of times such bias and/or lack of fact checking occurs across all issues.

What the media elites, who also don't care, are in denial about is the fact that people are communicating online, pointing out all of these examples of bias and zero fact checking, removing whatever media elite credibility that still exists.

It's this media deception that has allowed the truly baseless drug prohibition to survive for roughly a century.

Take away the media deception and you get what we have online, prohibitionists on the defensive, avoiding comments sections on their sites, because we can beat them hands down in any debate on the issue.

Once the public majority exposes this deception that continues to crumble as more people embrace the internet for information, it won't matter who occupies political office, because it will be political suicide to support this undeniable atrocity called drug prohibition.

Looks like that article came out of Michigan...

I guess some Michiganians are getting a little nervous and sweaty due to the upcoming vote on medical cannabis, which, by the way, looks likely to pass. That article is a perfect example of the blatant lies Prohibitionists will increasingly spout as they make their ignorant last stands across the US. I hope the tables turn far enough to put these puritan-Prohibitionists in prison for a long time.
Oh well, if medical cannabis indeed becomes law, I guess I'd better lock "the children" inside their houses, so they aren't massacred by AIDS and cancer patients in wheelchairs gunning everyone down with M249's in their violent bids to get legal cannabis. I know I'll be forever frightened of the Crohn's disease patient, who, once high on cannabis, thinks he is as good as whitey and thus entitled to rape white women! Will reefer madness never end?
The people here are correct - it's not the drugs or the guns, they are inanimate objects - it's when stupid people get involved that things go downhill. To me, the Prohibitionist is every bit as stupid and horrible a person as the idiot who shoots someone over drugs.
There is only one cure: legalize and regulate! Of course that involves RESTORING freedom of personal choice and personal responsibility, two things that the puritans in this country are NOT in favor of! I hate to see the government put in charge of anything, as that's when people start going to prison and forfeiting their houses and cars, but it seems to be working with alcohol!

What Marijuana is Worth

1/60th of an ounce is about 1/2 gram, which is what an average "nickle bag" is (five bucks worth), the smallest amount sold. The over inflated value ($600 for an ounce), usually made up by the police, is typical. They would rather say on the news they found $25,000 worth of drugs ("street value"), than the actual $2,200 that was spent on buying three pounds of marijuana (the police formula seems to be: 2x[$5x(.5g/1lb)]. The price for an ounce varies from ~$80 to $400+, depending on the type, area, and people you know. ~$100 for an ounce of regular marijuana is typical.

Re: shot over 20 bucks worth

I didn't get shot, but I lost my job, I'm homeless, the govt took my license away for six months, I have to do community service, take drug education classes, and I'm probation. All because of ten dollars worth of pot. I used to have everything and smoked pot every day for well over a decade. And then, I get arrested.. for ten bucks worth of pot. No prior record, not even a speeding ticket. The law destroyed my life.

Scott... small point. This

Scott... small point. This is an Oped, not an editorial. It is written by Gerry Leone and The Rev. Jeffrey Brown. And according to the note attached to MAP's archived copy in the Drug News:

Gerry Leone is the Middlesex district attorney. The Rev.
Jeffrey Brown is co-founder of Boston Ten Point Coalition

While not quite in the straights of anonymous 7:50 I too have lost my job because I smoked dope and got called on a random. I lost the best job I've probably had as an adult when the anti-ganjists brought about the closing down of Conde's Redwood Lumber. Probably one of the few jobs in the nation where we smoked our tips.

It never ceases to amaze me

It never ceases to amaze me the degree to which drug prohibitionists are ignorant - or feign ignorance - of the responsibility they have in the gross miscarriage of justice that is the War on (Some) Drugs.

Tell us, Anon 9:18, do you consider yourself a racist? I would wager that you would claim otherwise; most people would, even if they secretly were, as it's not considered very fashionable, nowadays. "Civil Rights' and all that, yes?

But did you know the DrugWar was begun by supposedly upright, pillars-of-the-community types...who thought nothing of using racial epithets to describe the targets? Did you know that they believed minorities to be sub-humans that needed constant 'supervision' (applied with billy-clubs, pistols, ropes and trees) when deemed 'necessary'? (Like when they 'got uppity'.) That said 'pillars of the community' crafted the drug laws of this country as means of social control of those they thought barely civilized?

Not a single shred of scientific evidence was ever entered as justification for the drug laws, only racial stereotypes. That's it. That's all.

Probably didn't know that you are supporting the actions of long-dead racist crackers, did you? And since you support those laws...then what does that make you?

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