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Don’t Complain About Police Corruption if You Support the Drug War

Time provides a vivid description of the extent of police corruption in the Mexican drug war:

Few rituals are more futile than the "housecleaning" of Mexico's police forces. So deep, broad and brazen is cop corruption south of the border that removing it makes eradicating rats from landfills look easy. Mexico stages quasi-annual purges of officers high and low — last year it was 284 federal police commanders — and yet every year it seems to find itself with an even more criminal constabulary. This year's scandals, however, are especially appalling…

Time then proceeds to recommend giving Mexico lots of money and technical assistance, while getting Americans to stop snorting so much damn cocaine all the time. It’s really just amazing that any thinking, breathing individual can even look at this and still prescribe 'trying harder' as the solution to this spiraling fiasco. Stop doing that. Just stop. You’re not helping.

Everyone knows pushing a few dollars around won’t do anything. We all know that, so shut up. Just admit you don’t know what to do…or call one of the many reformers who can provide a new perspective. But stop saying the same stupid crap over and over. It’s boring. And it’s wrong.
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I sent Time feedback to that article

this is what I wrote:
The more money we throw at Prohibition 2.0 the more corruption we see in our own government and our own law enforcement agencies. As well as in the governments and law enforcement agencies of foreign nations at whom we throw piles of money along with prohibition rhetoric, and make demands they are as unable to meet as our own government is unable to succeed at stopping drug trafficking and use. And all the while, the organized criminal cartels produce ever greater numbers of deaths and kidnappings, and ever more drugs. It is well past time to end the craziness and bring a complete and total end to the federal government's "war on (some) drugs"! Disband all federal agencies devoted to this failed policy, spread their employees around to agencies that need more bodies -- border control for instance.

then I asked to remain anonymous, for speaking out on this subject (or against the government in general), in today's world could get one a one way ticket to Guantanamo.

The cocaine war is racist.

If Philip Morris, and not Felipe, were the suppliers, Time reporters Tim would be talking about reducing addiction to COCAine COLA and Marlboros in the same paragraph. Also, how come these "fair and balanced" journalists think they can get away with telling only the government side of the story?

Fringe culture seducing our young white daughters

From the first opium ban in San Francisco through the movement ot ban alcohol to the drug war on ecstasy, LSD, marijuana and cocaine, it's been pictures of exploitive Chinese, German Americans, black thugs, Mexican laborers, ravers and hippies seducing our white daughters away from established culture of their parents.

The never ending split

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada Coppola nailed it in the movie Apocalypse Now and the only thing that's changed are the faces and the names.There are the drinkers and the smokers and they just can't get along or see the others point of view.It never seems to get any better except that there seems to be a little more fear among the straights and a whole lot of frustration among the drug users.In the movie it led to death destruction and betrayal of what should have been allies.The movie was just a reflection of what actually went on in the jungles in SE Asia.Lets not forget Air America, that went on at the same time.I would bet everything that it's going on right now in Afghanistan.People always blame the Taliban but they had almost eradicated the opium production during their rule.We've all heard of the CIA and their bales of cash in the mountains.The more things change,the more they stay the same.Guns for hostages and cocaine for guns.All this while prosecuting a futile and senseless drug war that has seen heroin purity go from 3% to 40% on Americas streets.Drugs are the most popular issue in rock music lyrics and OD's of stars of all kinds are far from uncommon.While the government goes after pot smokers ,heroin has made a huge comeback and methamphetamine is a plague on both our nations.If the drug war has done anything,it's made a lot of criminal organisations powerful and wealthy beyond belief.Just like the prohibition of alcohol did in the twenties and thirties.You would think a country would learn from it's worst mistakes.The drug war and Iraq prove that's just not the case.

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